My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 526

Chapter 526: Dont Be Too Arrogant
Don't Be Too Arrogant

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Yang Chen had long sensed Liliths presence approaching the cruise ship, but what he didnt notice was that the unfathomable Prince Sargeras had also arrived with her.

If Lilith, a pureblood vampire who was over two hundred years old, was already considered such a swaggering senior expert, well, her father Prince Sargeras, who looked no older than her elder brother, must have powers beyond comprehension.

Between the gods, if one of them wanted to conceal their presence, it would be undetectable by the rest.

But this didnt mean that those weaker than the gods were incapable of that concealment. In fact, once one reached a certain level, it wasnt uncommon for them to be able to hide from god-level beings.

As Yang Chen observed, he thought, Even if Prince Sargerass power is inferior to mine, he has reached the level of a demigodalong with the physical superiority of the blood race and the long history of blood techniques, it wont be easy to defeat him, even for me.

Unless Yang Chen released the seal; otherwise, no one would win.

It was known that although the demigod-level Cain was the ancestor of the blood race, the generation widely regarded as the golden era was embodied by Prince Sargerass generationthe third generation blood race. They were the ones that people widely regarded as the complete evolution of the elite pureblood race.

The clearest proof was in how these thirteen descendents of Cain personally killed their eldersthe second generationand obtained the right of supreme rule over the blood race. As such, the secret sect Camarilla and the demon society Savath of today were under the management of their own children.

Furthermore, they were a tenacious species who had survived Noahs great flood. Over time, their strength grew and accumulated; by the first sign of human civilization, they were already hailed as the generation which came closest to the gods.

If Yang Chen hadnt received the power of gods, and was just an ordinary deity, even he might not be a match for these third generation purebloods.

Yang Chen gave Lilith a friendly smile, then exchanged an interested glance with Sargeras. Lilith has mentioned your noble name, but I never thought youd look so young. In terms of maintaining youth, the blood race is indeed the envy of everyone, the gods included.

Sargeras stood forward with unusual politeness and shook Yang Chens hand. In that one grasp, they felt the difference between Yang Chens warm hand and Sargerass cold one.

When Lilith returned to the clan in China to execute her duties, she mentioned that shes met Your Majesty Hades. What a beautiful twist of fate. Perhaps Your Majesty Hades might not have known that I did have the pleasure of meeting the first Plutowe were rather close in fact; only that was over six hundred years ago. At that time I hadnt even met Liliths mother. Whod have thought that, in one blink, the second Pluto would be here before me, Sargeras spoke with a calm smile.

Although Sargerass tone was casual, everyone around did not feel relaxed at all.

Six hundred years ago?!

They knew that the blood race had an extended lifespan, but Sargerass age especially shocked Fodessa and the other humans.

They didnt even have the capacity to process those matters about the first or second Hades, or Pluto.

Lilith saw that her father was talking to Yang Chen without including her, and couldnt help but tug coyly at Sargerass sleeve. Lets go, Father, were wasting time here.

Shooting a helpless glance at her, Sargeras stroked her long soft hair in a doting manner and smiled. Alright, my little princess. Youre too impatient.

Your Majesty Pluto should follow. This bunch from the Sword in the Stone are meaningless, its not worth babbling with them, Lilith told Yang Chen.

Behind them, Lola and the rest had darkened expressionsalthough they knew the other partys strength, such blatant arrogance was still an affront to their pride.

Humph, demon from the Dark Parliament, dont be too arrogant. The blood race is strong, but that doesnt mean were afraid of you. The world as we all know is still under the rule of us humans for a reason. Prince stepped up and glared at Liliths back.

Lilith turned and shot him a disdainful glance. Talk to me only after your hair is fully grown, Kiddo.


Prince reddened and was about to burst out, but was stopped by Storm Lola.

Lola said to Sargeras with a modest smile, Prince Sargeras, as far as I know, youre no longer directly in charge of the sects operations. Why would you come all the way for this secret meeting?

Isnt it obvious? The Sword in the Stone is here, the Vatican has sent its peopleisnt this all to seize the Sword of Thanatos? On the surface its all about defeating Apollo, but who among us are so oblivious to the actual reasons? Without waiting for Sargeras to reply, Lilith had interrupted.

Sargeras heaved a sigh and looked at Lola apologetically. I only have this one daughter so Ive spoiled her since young. Please dont mind her. Naturally, one of the reasons Im here is to see the Sword of Thanatos for myself. Also, Ive not left my estate for almost a century, so I took this opportunity to travel a bit and see the things im missing out on.

At Sargerass reply, Fodessa was downcasted. These people obviously dont even acknowledge France as the official host.

The main purpose of this secret meeting is to deal with Apollo and the Realm of Godsbut these people are actually focused on the control of this divine weapon. Is the security of France, of Europe, really not even worth mentioning?! Or do they simply not consider Apollo a threat?

After exchanging a few casual lines, everyone began boarding the ship.

Initially, Sargeras and Yang Chen werent in the invitation list, but after everything that was said, Fodessa didnt have the courage to stop them at all. Anyway, since they knew each other, he would just treat them as special guests invited for the meeting. At this point Fodessa could only go with the flow.

At around six in the evening, all the invited organizations and individuals had boarded the ship, allowing Fodessa and the rest of the Seventh Bureau to heave a sigh of reliefat least the first step went smoothly.

The facilities of the super cruise ship Louis XVI were rather lavish. It was brought here specifically for the meeting. All the guests immediately went to rest in their luxury rooms.

Because it was still undetermined if this meeting would take only a day or a few, the cruise ship was turned into a temporary lavish guesthouse, to compensate for the negative surroundings of military islands in the English Channel.

Yang Chen was also assigned a luxurious single room, but he wasnt interested in waiting and watching TV lifelessly. This trip to Paris was partly for pleasure; even if this was a secret meeting, he wasnt going to just focus on how to apprehend possible robbers.

Therefore, following the signboards on the cruise ship, Yang Chen went to the entertainment lounge to satisfy himself with a few drinks, since he hasnt gotten the chance to drink given everything that has happened in the past few days. It would also be nice to meet any old friends and chat a bit. After all, he was going back to China in a few days and didnt know when hed be back in Europe again.

The cruise ships interior layout was enormousit took Yang Chen almost five minutes to find the ships rather high-class karaoke lounge, which was also close to the bar.

From the flashing neons at the entrance came the sound of infectious dance beats. The combination of jazz and blues induced a strong tempo that made Yang Chen instantly upbeat.

However, just as he was about to walked in, he felt that something was wrong!

Yang Chen quickly dodged to one side and avoided the entrance.

In this instant, a huge figure flew out the from the lounge like a human cannonball, tracing a straight trajectory right onto the steel wall opposite the entrance!


The impact of body and steel caused a crash with deafening reverberations.

Yang Chen lowered his gaze to see a man wearing a sleeveless cowboy jacket and tight black trousers. The man was lying face up with a bleeding wound on his forehead.

Based on his looks, he must be of the blood race from Latin America. The man had a fierce panthers head tattooed on his shoulder, and his body was bursting with muscle.

A panther? Yang Chen recognized the mans origins, he must be one of the world-famous mercenariesthe Panther Mercenary Group, whose headquarters was situated in the Amazon.

Why has something so violent as this happen just as they board the ship?