My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Half A Month
Chapter 53: Half A Month

Midsummers night descended late, enveloping the city of Zhong Hai with what seemed to be gentle darkness, only the dazzling neon lights allowed the pedestrians to see each others faces.

Along the bi-directional 8 lane highway encircling the city, one could see the countless traffic that looked like shooting stars, some were entering the heart of the city, while some were leaving the oppressive concrete garden.

On the roadside greenery in the north of Zhong Hai and along the Yangtze river, were thinly spread street lights that had insects dancing around the lights. This was a quiet scene that was hard to come by, even though that moment still had the scorching heat like daytime.

Close by was the meandering river that seemed to have no end, like a belt of jade that fell from the firmament, mutually echoing with the Milky Way in the skies, and mirroring a long string of white buildings by the river

This was the most expensive hospital in Zhong Hai, the quiet and secluded environment let their patients recuperate better. But similarly, the bills that came with it were so high that ordinary folks would jump back in fright.

At this moment, in the hospitals Intensive Care department, on a spacious and serene corridor, Yang Chen and Wang Ma sat on a bench specially placed for people to wait, quietly waiting for something outside the Intensive Care Unit.

Yang Chen had remained taciturn for a long while, before he was finally a little impatient, and dug his hand into his pocket to extract a cigarette, but he suddenly remembered that this was a hospital, and could only put it back angrily. Sighing, he stood up, and paced back and forth.

Young Master. Wang Mas eyes were red, she had cried not too long ago, and spoke with worry, Young Master, why havent the doctors and nurses come out yet? Miss shouldnt have any life threatening issues right?

Dont worry, although Im no doctor, I still have some medical knowledge. Ruoxi will be fine. Yang Chen consoled her. The scene of him sending Lin Ruoxi to the hospital in the evening replayed over in his mind, and he too had difficulties setting himself at ease.

Right after Yang Chen had dropped Lin Kun into the garbage bin, he turned around and immediately saw Lin Ruoxis legs turn weak as she stood on the lawn and fell onto the ground.

Like a bullet, Yang Chen sped towards Lin Ruoxis side and held her, and he noticed that she was unconscious!

His past experiences allowed him to remain calm, unlike the flustered Wang Ma. He calmly took out his phone, called for an ambulance, and carried Lin Ruoxi back into the house.

After a simple check, he discovered that Lin Ruoxi had a high fever, so he immediately had Wang Ma bring over a cold towel and other first-aid items, and took care of her until the ambulance came and brought her to the hospital.

Due to the string of incidents, Yang Chens heart was in a mess. Although this woman who was as cold as ice and who had no understanding of expressions never gave him a look with kindness or happiness, but once something like this happened to her, Yang Chen helplessly realized that he was truly worried for her from the bottom of his heart.

Is it because she resembles her too much? Or is it because she is my legal wife? Perhaps, it is only because of her.

While Yang Chen was in a state of emotional disorder, the Intensive Care Unit was opened, Wang Ma moved up to hold onto the doctors elbow and asked, Doctor, hows my familys Miss?

The doctor wore a soothing smile, Dont worry, the crucial time has passed, and the fever has been brought down, a good rest is needed next.

Thats goodThats good Wang Ma was so happy that she shed tears again, Thank you doctor.

The doctor took a look at the information on his phone, and in a reserved manner he asked, Excuse me, does Miss Lin have a lot of pressure from work recently?

Wang Ma blanked for a moment, and honestly replied, Thats right doctor, my familys Miss has always been working very hard, however these days she works overnight frequently, is there a problem?

Miss Lins body is very weak, according to our diagnosis, it should be caused by excessive pressure from work, and psychological burdens. The doctor frowned as he said, This times fever is also because the bodys weak, and was suffering a cold. She mustnt have had good sleep. At this rate, even if shes fine this time, there will be repeat occurrences, and when that happens, this sickness will take its roots, and the body will be totally worn out.

Wang Mas heart jumped up to her throat, Doctor, what What can we do? My familys Miss must be cured

The doctor smiled and said, Dont worry, this isnt too big of an illness, the patient only needs to go through a period of good rest. If she can stay in the hospital for about half a month and take chinese medicine to recuperate, then complete recovery is possible.

Wang Ma revealed a distressed expression, Half a month Im afraid that Miss wont agree .

She must agree. Yang Chen dully inserted these words with a tone that did not allow negotiation. Then, to the doctor he said, Doctor, other than recuperation through chinese medicine, what else needs to be done?

You are

I am Lin Ruoxis husband, my names Yang Chen.

The doctor revealed astonishment, but immediately smiled and said, Oh, I apologise, I had no idea Miss Lin was married. If Mr Yang has free time, you may accompany your wife to the hospitals garden to breathe in some fresh air, the patients psychological burdens need to be stemmed as well, the recovery of the body is not enough.

Yang Chen nodded, looking profound.

Taking control of a company like Yu Lei International that was the top of the pyramid in the fashion industry at such a young age, without any kin at home, while all her only living kin, her father does is create trouble without any kind of contribution. In the business world she had to deal with so many sly enemies, yet her social life was so lonely and helpless. Moreover, being coveted by young masters of rich families like Xu Zhihong, for this woman to endure until now, she is worthy of reverence from the bottom of ones heart.

After seeing off some medical personnels, Wang Ma sighed, and said, Young Master, since Miss must be hospitalized, then Ill go back to retrieve some essential items. It wouldnt be good if Miss wakes up and isnt able to get anything she needs.

Thanks for your trouble Wang Ma. Yang Chen sincerely smiled. Actually, Lin Ruoxi wasnt completely alone, at least there was someone like Wang Ma who watched her grow up by her side, and took care of her.

Wang Ma shook her head, a little touched, All Im doing is little trivial matters. If it wasnt for Young Master, Miss might be forced into a dead end by Master. Young Master is the one who did something worth noting, for Miss to choose Young Master, that truly was a decision that cannot be more correct.

Unable to deny, Yang Chen laughed at himself, if it werent for him truly having a skill or two, Lin Ruoxi would most likely be pushed into dire straits by Lin Kun. She coincidentally insisted on marrying him, and unexpectedly she struck 1st Prize there.

After Wang Ma left, Yang Chen softly opened the wooden door of the ward, and entered it with gentle footsteps.

The room was dark, with only the bed lamp emitting a gentle glow which enveloped the pure white sickbed.

Lin Ruoxis black hair was scattered all over, her usually cold and beautiful face now seemed weak. She was silent with closed eyes, and her breathing was normal, but her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, as if she was having a bad dream.

Does she face problems even in her dreams?

Yang Chen sat down on a chair beside the bed. He gazed entranced at the unconscious woman in front of him while deep in thought.

Her figure, her face, and her character were all so similar to that person

Gradually, Yang Chen lost track of time.

*Knock knock.*

The wards door was suddenly knocked twice, and before Yang Chen could turn his head, somebody had gently opened the door and walked in.