My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 534

Chapter 534: Descent
When they heard Liliths cry, almost everyone understood what Cruyff meant. Many of them glared at Sargeras immediately. Turns out, it was Lilith who was the one responsible for all the mayhem. Sargeras, as her father, must have been the one behind this!

Lilith was outside the hole made by the light beam, wearing a sexy leather jacket. On her back, a pair of scarlet bat-wings made of blood were slowly disappearing.

And in her hands was a long oblong box covered in metal!

As expected, while everyone was in the meeting, Lilith had snatched it from the French Special Forcesthe Sword of Thanatos!

You planned to fly off the island with the sword using your Blood Wings? Although the Venture clan is the nobility amongst the blood races thirteen clans, youre not above doing dirty deeds. You are fitting of your titles as the disgraceful blood race, mocked Cruyff.

Lilith had landed on the roof, a small part of her back injured by the Holy Light. Clutching the box, she lashed out. Weve been fighting for over ten centuries and all you can do is bullshit. Are you idiots?!

Lilith didnt try to escape. She knew that since she had been discovered, escape was impossible. All she could do now was heal herself and prepare for battle.

But Sargeras wasnt as worried, and stood up leisurely with a smile. I never did think that this would work from the start. Otherwise I wouldve brought more than just Lilith. With only two people in attendance, it is quite obvious when someone is not present. So theres no need to think yourself very clever, you baby.

Im curious too if Prince Sargeras is indeed so confident in his abilities. Did you really just bring one elder besides yourself to seize the divine weapon? Cruyff scorned.

Sargeras gave a strange smile. Unless a certain someone is willing to stop me; otherwise I dont think there would be too much resistance.

As he spoke, Sargeras glanced vaguely at a seat behind him, but that so-called someone just played dumb shamelessly.

Humph. Sargeras, you rather underestimate us. The large, middle-aged man who had been accompanying Cruyff stepped forward. His Eminence Cruyff has surpassed the previous cardinal; today, you and you daughter wont escape!

In the back, Yang Chen blinked. He himself had seen that man, who was the leader of the Crusaders during the fight for the Holy Grail in ZhonghaiGabriel. He was quite the capable crusader. Although he was suppressed back then, he and Lilith had fought rather equally.

Today, there would be more support provided for him with the Cardinal Cruyff here. With that, Liliths side would instantly be hindered by Gabriel.

Sauron and the members of Sea Eagles and Zero saw that Yang Chen hadnt made any moves, so they also sat steadily in their own seats. As long as Yang Chen didnt order anything, they werent interested in participating.

And Abbess Yun Miao, who was by herself, was even more direct, taking a seat by Yang Chens side matter-of-factly, not wanting to have any part in this feud.

At this moment, Fodessa and the rest of the Security Bureau were at a loss; having seen the Cardinals Holy Light, they were completely mystified...

This whats this Holy Light? Why does it look like a laser cannon? Even the specially made metal and concrete had become dustwhat if a person touches it? Theres no doubt that it could even penetrate through our most secure carrier!

Though Fodessa and the rest had impressive power levels, in the face of such an inhuman level of combat, they could only watch silently. It didnt matter that they were the hosts, or that they were extremely put out.

As for the rest like Takamagahara and the Sword in the Stone, they were ready to battle at any moment, but were in no rush to help out either side.

The thousand-year enmity between the Vatican and the Dark Parliament must culminate in a huge battle. Naturally, both were willing to fight until both had sustained heavy losses, and then collect whatever winnings that were left

However, a few of the narrow-sighted agents from other organizations were beginning to act pettily...

A few Scandinavian secret service agents had rushed back out after finding no one in the passage. Seeing the Vatican and the Dark Parliament facing off, and Lilith alone holding the box on the roof, they became upset.

Normally, they wouldnt have the guts, but the divine weapon was a huge temptation throwing them into a craze!

Your Eminence Cruyff, you guys take care of the blood race prince, well handle that female vampire!

These agents who had fought a long time in snowfields were just as skilled as Sea Eagles. In a single leap, they were already many feet up on the roof!

Liliths eyes had a sinister look as she smiled coldly. Idiots.

Still crouching, Lilith abruptly pulled out the moon-like Massacre Blade from behind her. Before the agents could attack, a blood-red strike flashed out!


After a crisp slicing sound, blood shone and splattered as the three Scandinavian agents who wanted to surround Lilith were sliced in two at the waist!

Even if Im slightly hurt, youre still no match for me. With a cool snort, Lilith looked down toward Sargeras. Father, are you fighting or not? My wound has healed. I cant wait to see what kind of stuff this sword is made of.

Some organization members below who had wanted to fight were now gasping in shock. They had never fought with the blood race and didnt expect the other party to be this powerful.

In a flash, the seven present adults had given up seizing the Sword of Thanatos. They didnt come here to die.

At the back, Yang Chen observed carefully the black box in Liliths hand, and then began focusing attentively on everything around him.

Your Majesty Pluto, is there really a divine weapon in that box? Sauron asked curiously, for they had no idea whether the weapon was real.

Yang Chen nodded. I can feel its divine power, its faint but authentic, and its an oppressive one. Even if its not the Sword of Thanatos, it wouldnt be too far off to assume that it is still a divine weapon. In Zhonghai I came across the Holy Grail which had a radiant aura. This thing has a similar level of energy to it.

I heard that the Holy Grail and the Gods Stone were taken by a mysterious deity, surely it wont happen again? Sauron asked worriedly.

Yang Chen sighed. All I can do now is watch closely. Whether he appears, or could be stoppedI dont know.

Yang Chen was not being modest. He had always felt that the fellow who had seized the divine power on the Holy Grail and the Gods Stone was stronger than him. If that guy didnt appear on his own accord, Yang Chen definitely couldnt detect him.

Just then, the Vatican began their attack!

Victorious Light!

Between the Cardinals flying sleeves, two pure-white light beams fell on Gabriel, and an armor of light could be faintly seen around Gabriel.

Gabriel, Ill let you deal with that elder vampire, Cruyff ordered solemnly.

Gabriel knelt on one knee in a knights bow. Yes, Your Eminence!

After that, Gabriels body was like a white arc of light as he suddenly rose up. From behind his back he pulled out a great rusty sword which was surrounded by platinum halos, and dashed furiously towards Lilith on the roof!

Lilith, who was holding the box, looked serious. She didnt dare to clash against him or strike back, and immediately dodged him.


The great sword sent shards of metal and cement flying, causing the hole in the roof to widen a few feet. Quite a few areas of the roof began showing large crackswhat astonishing might!

Seeing all this made Yang Chen slightly taken aback. Gabriels speed and strength had been magnified over twofold from the last time they had met.

Apparently the mighty Cardinal of the Vatican had priceless value indeed, being able to make a soldier change so completely in such a short time with a mere blessing technique.

Watching his own daughter, tangled up with Gabriel, having only one hand to wield the Massacre Blade while holding the black box, Sargeras felt a nervous shiver, and couldnt help but frown.

Prince, place your focus on your opponents. You may not make it out if you dont. Cruyff had become solemn.

At the same time, the two young blonde men standing wordlessly behind Cruyff began to corner Sargeras on both sides.

Although their eyes were fixed steadily on Sargeras, they looked empty, as if they had no souls at all.

Sargeras tittered. No wonder you only brought three others. So besides the leader of Crusaders, youve brought two other holy bodies...

You should be afraid, because this is definitely not what you think it is, Cruyff muttered.

You think I havent seen the Vaticans holy bodies? Its nothing new to me anyways. As Sargeras spoke, a blackness began rising up and pulsing like a live animal around him!

The demon blaze Cruyffs eyes flashed with shock. Is this the demon blaze of the legends, many times stronger than even the high-level blood blaze? As expected of the third-generation blood race, the ones closest to gods youve mastered even the blood techniques of the legends

Seems like the baby has some knowledge.

The blackness had the energy of flames, and began burning as it clinged on to Sargerass body. It had no temperature but the surrounding spectators instinctively retreated far away, because this strange energy emitted the odor of hell itself, turning them into total cowards!

Besides Yang Chen, Abbess Yun Miao finally couldnt help but ask, puzzled, Those two youths from the Vaticanwhy do they look like dead bodies? What are holy bodies?

As Yang Chen watched Gabriel and Lilith clashing in mid-air above the roof, he explained, As I understand it, the Vaticans holy body refers to the body of human disciples who have completely pure souls void of any evil. If theyre strong enough, they may undergo the light possession techniqueAngels Descent.

Angels Descent? Abbess Yun Miao was terrified. Dont tell me that

Yang Chen nodded. Thats right. Although we dont know where the angels come from exactly, they can actually allow angels to possess these bodies temporarily, and in that period have the powers of angels. Angels are no gods, but their divine power is authentic nonetheless. Ive only heard stories but have never seen it. However, the descended angels will also be different depending on the souls strength. Anything lower than a four-winged angel, which is the middle rank, would be totally harmless to an ancestral dark creature like Sargeras

As Yang Chen was explaining, a dazzling shower of white stars began falling like meteors around Cruyff and the two holy bodies!

The whole place was lit up in this white ray. Everyone was staring dazedly at the Vaticans triangular areano one had ever felt such pure holy aura!

Humph, here it comes Sargeras felt discomfort even within the black demon blaze, but he didnt act hastily. For he knew that during the deployment of the Angels Descent technique, the strength of the luminous light was surging at its most explosive point.

If he attacked now, his actions would be slowed down enough for them to dodge any attack.

Sargeras thought, Even if theres two four-winged angels, plus Cruyff, with a bit of time I could wipe out all of them.

But in the next second his heart gave a fierce shiver!

As the two young men floated up in the air, two rays of golden light came from the sky, making them seem like they were plated entirely in gold.

After that, under everyones astounded gazes, a mass of light emerged from behind their backs...

With a twinkle, the milky-white light softly, gently blossomed with allure, like giant transparent petals!

Six six wings? Sargeras couldnt stop himself from mumbling.

Sargeras, who had lived over a thousand years, stared at the two suspended angels with six extending wings each, and momentarily forgot the situation he was in.

While battling with Gabriel, Lilith noticed what was going on below and gasped in shockbut in this moment of distraction she was stabbed in the back by Gabriel!

Seeing the huge shift in the scene, Yang Chen couldnt help but whistle as he chuckled. It would seem that Sargeras got more than he bargained for. Six wings Even if theyre not the highest level seraphim, cherubim, or thrones, they still hold extraordinary powers. Based on his expression, I guess that Sargeras has never seen the Vatican summon six-winged angels.

Looking at Yang Chen revelling in their misery, Abbess Yun Miao, Sauron, and the rest broke out in a cold sweat...