My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Let Me Tell You Something

All the audience heard were the explosive crashes of the two golden swords after seeing their rays. The swords of holy light caused a huge blast that covered Yang Chen entirely in that blinding blaze of light!

Your Majesty Pluto!

Even Sauron and the rest who had the utmost faith in Yang Chen couldnt believe that Yang Chen was caught in that strike!

Many of the onlookers felt their knees buckle. That convening mass of light was like an explosion contained in that small area, only some of the energy had escaped, disintegrating dozens of meters of the ground around Yang Chen!

The Vatican certainly isnt holding back the contempt theyve accumulated over thousands of years indeed, mumbled Nurarihyon standing in the Takamagahara crowd.

Prince from the Sword in the Stone clenched his fists as he looked at the astonishing power of the light and hissed, Even this demon would not be able to withstand that

As for Sargeras and his daughter, they were distressed. They didnt expect that the six-winged angels had been holding back. Liliths eyes were filled with tears of pain and regret.

Almost no one present expected Yang Chen to survive, because the strength displayed by the two angels had completely exceeded their imaginations.

However, just when they thought it was all over, that incomparably startling silhouette appeared once again in the midst of the light mass!

As the dust and light finally dispersed, Yang Chens figure gradually became clearer.

He was standing there, indifferent, without a single scratch!

Hehes completely unharmed?!

That was the only thing on everyones minds!

The shock they received from this scene was much more intense than the all-out attack struck by the angels earlier!

Yang Chen said nothing, and as everyone, including Cruyff, watched in shock, he took one step closer to the cardinal.

Cruyff was muttering, How could How did he defend How...:

The two six-winged angels had also not expected Yang Chen to walk away without a scratch. After flying up into the air, the swords in their hands condensed some more and became one size bigger as they prepared to attack again.

Quick! Kill him quickly! He must have used all his powers to block the previous attack!! Cruyff could only think of this possibility: that Yang Chen had used all his strength in his defense, and his indifferent expression was only a bluff to buy him more time!

Cruyff recited a few blessings continuously, increasing the speed and attack power of the angels nearly to their peak.

Yang Chen ignored everyones stunned expressions, and simply took one step after another as he idly approached where Cruyff was standing. Yang Chen had a half-grimace on his face, his eyes holding a hint of mockery and vicious fun.

At the back, Sauron and the rest became emotional and fired up at the same time, and almost couldnt help dancing around in joy.

Thats His Majesty Pluto for you, I knew that no one could defeat him!

Our faith wont just collapse like that!

Its the Revenants Walk, hahah, Sauron, how many years was it since we last saw it?! Haha

Listening to these mercenaries and assassins talking, the astonished Abbess Yun Miao frowned and asked, Whats the Revenants Walk?

Sauron gave a rather mysterious smile. Its a battle tactic that His Majesty Pluto liked to use back in the day. As his audience weve given it the name Revenants Walk. Although, His Majesty Pluto has been quite adverse to this name himself.

A battle tactic? Abbess Yun Miao became more curious.

Yup. Sauron nodded and said proudly, Back then, whenever His Majesty Pluto came across a powerful opponent or faced attacks from all sides, he would use this method of non-retaliation and withstand the attacks repeatedly. Meanwhile, he would just keep walking through the attacks, slowly moving towards the leader of his enemies.

His Majesty Pluto has mentioned that he wanted to let his opponents knoweven if he just stood still and let them attack without retaliating, they were still no match for him! Make them lose their conviction completely and descend into the pit of despaironly then is it a thorough victory!

Therefore, were used to calling his steps towards the leader to take his life the Revenants Walk.

Abbess Yun Miao felt a tingle in her scalp and turned to look at the figure approaching Cruyff step by step, finally realizing the extent of this mans intensity during his time abroad.

Listening to his colleagues discussing, Sauron still said doubtfully, However, His Majesty Pluto didnt release his seal this time. What powers did he actually use in blocking an attack so strong that it tore apart spacetime?

The defensive capability just demonstrated by Yang Chen had already surpassed the impression that this group had toward his powers.

This time it was Abbess Yun Miao who smiled delightedly. Thats the internal energy we train in China. The one that Yang Chen used was the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture of our Shushan Sect, and the power that blocked that attack was the True Qi of the Xiantian Full Cycle state.

After listening, Sauron and the rest glanced at each other but still couldnt understand, what was this internal energy, or this Xiantian...

As they were discussing, the two six-winged angels had finished gathering their strength and were ready to strike again. Yang Chens lack of injuries was a blow to their dignity!

The two beams of light, carrying thunderous might, fell again on Yang Chens head. The ground which had been destroyed through and through was once again shifted as rocks and debris fell all over the place. The venues ceiling, due to this twisting tearing strange force, swelled and ruptured!

Are they trying to sink this tiny island?!

Many of them were already yelling in rage, because that eye-piercing light had made them unable to see a thing!

Kill him! Kill him!!! Yet Cardinal Cruyff had descended into a frenzy, shouting his head off, enjoying the sight of Yang Chen being submerged in the surging holy light.

But in a few seconds, after the blaze had faded, Cruyffs heart turned cold completely!

Yang Chens lazy figure was seen as before, as if he was taking a stroll in a garden, grinning at the cardinal as he walked over.

If one observed closely, one would see that surrounding Yang Chens body was a faint ripple of energy. Although the ripple seemed gentle, it prevented anything outside from even touching Yang Chen!

Only Abbess Yun Miao could recognize that it was a protective layer formed by Xiantian True Qi, which was achievable only after ones internal energy had reached Xiantian Full Cycle!

In fact, when he was in Japan understanding the ninth passage of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, Rebirth, Yang Chen had felt himself that this Xiantian True Qi had an incomparable might, comparable to that of divine power.

When he was battling Ares, he had relied on the True Qi to break Aress frozen spacetime, confirming that the internal energy will overpower divine power at a certain point. He got further proof when he met Ling Xuzi from Hongmeng.

Although it wasnt like the divine power which could warp spacetime or shatter mountains in a second, internal energy, when used in a refined manner, could surpass the crude strength of gods.

Thus, in the face of the Vaticans wild power, Yang Chen had simply chosen to use the Revenants Walk which was admittedly an old but effective move. While proving his own deductions regarding internal energy, he was also illustrating to others the difference in their capabilities, so that they wouldn't pop up in front of him out of ignorance, looking for trouble.

Presently, Cruyffs face was ashen, and the two angels had also stopped their attacks.

At the back, Sargeras, Lilith, Sauron, and the rest had already seen the outcome, and were relaxed.

Cruyff began retreating, one step, two steps. As Yang Chen came closer, he became more cowardly.

The current situation was vastly different from what he had expected. The primitive fear of humans once again began to flourish.

No Its impossible How are you still alive... Cruyff swallowed heavily, and directed Gabriel and the two angels with a loud command. Go! Attack! Dont let him come over!

He no longer cared about losing his self-control, because he could see that in Yang Chens eyesYang Chen saw him as a walking corpse!

But Yang Chen was not interested in Cruyffs hollering, and kept inching closer step by step toward this previously arrogant, red-robed old man.

The two six-winged angels were about to try again, but they were unable to keep it up, because Yang Chen was too close to Cruyff. If they attacked hastily, Cruyff might sustain some of the damage.

Plus they had used all their strength in the attacks but still couldnt kill Yang Chen. Despite being six-winged angels, they couldnt sustain such extravagant use of their holy powers.

Besides, they were only angels who had descended and possessed these bodies. The continuous overexertion of their powers caused their wings and light to become dimmer. Everyone knew that the time of the Angels Descent was almost up.

And at this point, Yang Chen was in front of Cruyff...


When Cruyff retreated, he tripped over a rock fragment and fell to the ground, and was no longer able to grip the Lance of Longinus steadily!

Yang Chen tilted his head and clicked his tongue, sighing with a mocking expression.

As he bent down, Yang Chen grabbed Cruyff by the collar with one hand, and lifted the cardinal off the ground as if he was taking out a pile of trash.

Fixing his eyes on Cruyff, Yang Chen said mildly, Why so silent? Where was the man who was so bold in his claims to be able to slay a god?

Cruyff gulped wildly, and his face began shivering, his eyes filled with fear and panic.

Even if Yang Chen was pointing a lance at him, Cruyff wouldnt have reached a point of not daring to speak out of fear, for Yang Chen had withstood such shocking attack power. Closing in step by step, it was like blow after blow from the Grim Reapers sickle, chipping away at his spirit, until there wasnt a single shred of his calmness and confidence left!

This was a thorough, extreme stripping and trampling of someones dignity!

This man was basically like the existence of Sataneverything he just did made Cruyff unable to summon any energy in defense!

And the hardest thing to defy was that this demon had succeeded!

It was like there were hundreds of kilograms of lead bricks hanging from Cruyffs legsthat was how he was suspended with his body stiff, not daring to move a single muscle.

The smile on Yang Chens face became cold, and his eyes were like black crystals, icy yet unfathomable.

Before you die, let shed some light on the matter.

The reason why I could become a god wasnt because I held the divine power, but because...

Even without releasing the seal, I am Still. A. God.