My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Best Friend
Chapter 54: Best Friend

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The person who entered even breathed carefully, as if afraid of waking up Lin Ruoxi who slept on the bed.

Yang Chen knew from the footsteps that it wasnt Wang Ma, he puzzlingly turned around to look at the person who entered, and was flabbergasted.

Why is it you!?

Mo Qianni first asked in amazement, and widened her cute and limpid eyes, making her lovely and charming face seem extremely enticing under the gloomy lights.

This is my question as well, why are you here? Yang Chen frowned, after all the relationship between him and Lin Ruoxi had been confidential; if Mo Qianni finds out, it might bring many unnecessary troubles to the both of them.

While the 2 of them were still bewildered, the door once again opened. Wang Ma dragged in a suitcase, wore a smile and said, Miss Mo, this is the Young Master I mentioned, it is all because of Young Master that Miss was able to hold out till now.

Wang Ma Mo Qianni pointed at Yang Chen with disbelief, and nearly cried out from the shock, You Youre saying Yang Chen is Ruoxis husband!?

Why, are you shocked? Since Wang Ma already let the cat out of the bag, Yang Chen was no longer willing to pretend, he made an evil smile and asked, Or you could say I hurt Miss Mos heart, as she discovered that she lost her chance to have something happen between her and an outstanding man like me.

*Spit!* Mo Qianni clenched her teeth, panted with rage and said, Im just puzzled, why would Ruoxi suddenly marry you without a word, and even chose a rogue like you as her husband! You must have used some kind of trick or scheme!

Wang Ma saw the two at each others throats the moment they met, and hurriedly stopped them saying, Alright alright, Miss Mo, Young Master, this is still a ward, the two of you are the ones closest to Miss, its better to argue less and be more amiable.

Yang Chens mouth twitched, and he asked, Wang Ma, why would you come here together with her?

Wang Ma smiled and explained, When I returned home to grab the suitcase, Miss Mo called to ask if Miss was home. Young Master may not know this, but Miss Mo and Miss have known each other for a long time. They were frequently together when Old Mistress was still alive. Now they are also working together in Yu Lei International. Which is why their relationship is very good, in the past she also came to eat in our house often, and only came less frequently after Old Mistress passed away. Which is why when Miss Mo asked about this, I didnt conceal the truth. When Miss Mo heard that Miss was hospitalized, she insisted on coming with me to see her.

Its unexpected that Mo Qianni and Lin Ruoxi were actually best friends. Thats right, when he saw them in the company, he realized that his wife and his superior had a very good relationship, so it turns out that they were close privately.

Then Id like to thank you for your concern, Miss Mo. Ruoxi has already passed the dangerous period, if you feel tired, you may return home and sleep with ease.

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, although she still felt gloomy and annoyed that a person like this became the CEOs husband, this wasnt the time to discuss about such things. Walking to the side of the bed, she carefully examined Lin Ruoxis pale face, and with worry she said, If you want to sleep you can do that on your own, I want to stay here and accompany Ruoxi.

Its not like shes your wife, what are you accompanying her for. Yang Chen joked.

Fuck! Mo Qianni blew her top, You better not think highly of yourself just because you became Ruoxis husband, weve known each other for 8 years, you dont know a thing!

All I know is, if you continue speaking so loudly, my darling wife is going to be woken up by you. Yang Chen helpless made a gesture telling her to be silent.

Mo Qianni immediately covered her mouth, stared at Yang Chen and spoke softly, I finally understand why Ruoxi was so firmly against firing you, as it turns out you cannot be fired

That is me being serious, responsible and capable. Yang Chen winked at Mo Qianni, Miss Mo, dont forget to give me a bonus at the end of the month, I managed to recover 400,000 dollars.

Bringing up this matter, a pit of fire reignited in Mo Qiannis heart, she coldly snorted, and no longer paid attention to Yang Chen. She pulled a chair over and sat by the bed as well, and didnt speak a word more.

Wang Ma who was in the corner sorting out her things saw this scene and could only sigh.

A silent night, with the moonlight like a clear spring cascading through the wards window, seeming comfortable and serene.

It was already midnight, Wang Ma who had finished sorting out the clothes and other essential items hesitated for a long time before deciding to return to the villa at Dragon Garden to wait. After all, someone had to look after such a big house, and conduct various chores. Moreover, there were specialized nursing personnel in the hospital. She could also accompany Lin Ruoxi during the day, so staying overnight wasnt really necessary.

In the ward, other than Lin Ruoxi who was sleeping soundly, there was only Yang Chen and Mo Qianni who sat on opposite sides of the bed, keeping silent.

After some time passed, Mo Qianni truly couldnt endure the dead atmosphere and said, How did you get married with Ruoxi, she never said a word about this to me before.

We originally intended to keep it under wraps, but since youve already found out, I hope you wont reveal this to anybody. Said Yang Chen.

Im no gossip girl. Im more of a sister to Ruoxi. Mo Qianni was somewhat dissatisfied, In contrast, you suddenly appeared and became Ruoxis husband, is it because you used some immoral scheme?

Yang Chen laughed, From what Wang Ma said, the two of you knew each other since young, you should be more familiar with her than me, right?

Thats right. Mo Qianni said, When I was young, it was Ruoxis granny, who was also the previous CEO that helped me, which is why I am who I am today. Ruoxi is my dear sister, and also my benefactors flesh and blood, I definitely wont allow anybody to harm her!

Yang Chen ignored Mo Qiannis gaze which was full of wariness, and continued by saying, Since the two of you have known each other for so long, who do you think is more intelligent, you or her?

Shes smarter. Mo Qianni was very upfront, she rolled her eyes at Yang Chen and said, Although I dont really like to admit it, but since young till now, she has always been a cut above me in everything we do. All I want is to do my part, and help share her burdens in work.

Then do you think that she wouldnt think of what you are able to come up with? For us to get married, I had my own reasons and she had hers, its none of your business. Said Yang Chen.

Mo Qianni clenched her teeth and said, If you dont want to say it then dont, youre full of fallacious reasoning, and you curse without vulgarities. You better not think that I cant manage you just because youre Ruoxis husband, Im still your superior!

All I do is play some high IQ games, and chat with your sisters during my leisure time. Let me give you some advice for your own mental well-being, if you dont give me trouble, I would be too lazy to bother you. Yang Chen shook his head and stood up, Its already late, I still have things to do tomorrow, Miss Mo, if you wish to go home I can give you a lift, but if you wish to continue staying, remember not to catch a cold. With that said, he wore a weird smile as he glanced at Lin Ruoxi, and walked out of the room without turning back.

Mo Qianni swung her little fist behind Yang Chen, she wanted to stamp her feet and curse a little, but in the end she still endured.

Not long after Yang Chen left, Mo Qianni made a long sigh, she felt that it wasnt worth getting angry over a person like that, and extended her hand to hold Lin Ruoxis. She softly muttered to herself, Ruoxi, why did you choose a rogue like this as your husband, even if its to put up a signboard and cheat others, you dont need to torment yourself like that, right?

Actually its still alright

Mo Qianni was stunned, she raised her head to look. It was unclear when Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes. Although Lin Ruoxi had a tired complexion, she still woke up, and looked at her gently.

Ruoxi youre awake? When did you wake up? Mo Qianni was pleasantly surprised.

Lin Ruoxi weakly revealed a slight smile, obviously extremely intimate with a rare friend like Mo Qianni, He left, so I woke up.

Could it be that youve long been awake, and deliberately waited for him to leave? Mo Qianni didnt know whether to laugh or to cry.

If hes here, I dont dare to wake up. A complicated expression flashed through Lin Ruoxis eyes, she didnt speak more after that, and closed her eyes to recuperate.