My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Divine Light And Doubts

Although the island wasnt destroyed by a nuclear explosion like so many of them had expected, the cruise ship Louis XVI had left the harbor long ago!

When Yang Chen and the rest followed Fodessa to the harbor, along with the few special forces soldiers and officials left on the island, they realized that they were left in this situation.

Hmph, what a bunch of cowards. Nothing happened at all, so why did they run away so fast? Lilith was supporting her father as she pouted her lips, fuming.

Sargeras giggled. His Majesty Pluto scared them off so that as few people as possible know about the identities of Apollo and Artemis.

Yang Chen looked back and smiled. In this world of humans, its better off for both parties to have each others identities remain secret. He turned to Fodessa. Deputy Director Fodessa, Im still able to cross the sea even if theres no ship, but my friends here cannot. You must have a reserved ship, dont you?

Fodessa nodded straightaway. Thats right, we have a backup cargo ship, Yangerm Your Majesty Pluto. Please wait a moment, Ill pilot it myself right now.

To Fodessa, Yang Chen was a great benefactor, for without him Fodessas family would have been done for, and the whole of France wouldve slipped into that traitor Depneys hands!

Even if Yang Chen didnt do these things for him or his country, it still didnt affect Fodessas gratitude.

While Fodessa was off to get the ship, Sauron brought forward the black box containing the Sword of Thanatos. Your Majesty Pluto, what should we do with this sword?

Yang Chen gave it a complicated glance. He had initially thought that he could use this sword as bait for the mysterious person, but there wasnt even a damn shadow. He waved his hand. Hold on to it, and after you get back to Paris, let the Sea Eagles take it to the Forgotten Realms and give it to Ron for safekeeping. But its just an ordinary divine weaponan ordinary person wouldnt have much use for it. I dont have much use for it.

Sauron was stunned. Your Majesty, you wont go back yourself for a visit?

Yang Chen laughed softly, and said regretfully, I wont be back this time. After all Im here with my wife for the fashion week, and after that I have to head back to Chinatheres no time for delays. Plus theres a lot going on in China at the moment, so its not a good time to leave for too long.

The master of the Tang clan was sick, his own headache required inspection and treatment, Cai Yan wanted him to bring her back to Beijing, and the Dragon Group Recruit was nearing the end of their training...

And Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma and the rest of the family were waiting for their return. Yang Chen didnt think that under these circumstances, visiting old friends was a good option.

The smiles of Sauron and the rest faded away, but they respected Yang Chens decision.

After more than ten minutes, Fodessa had piloted a cargo ship himself to pick up the people at the harbor, and they headed to where the warship was.

As they reached the area where the sea was still frozen over for hundreds of meters, they felt chilled to the bone.

The pure white frost was like a giant Northern ice floe which had floated here.

The scene on the monitor was already shocking enough. Now, seeing it with their own eyes, they didnt dare to think of how this field of deadly ice was cast!

All of you may stay. Ill finish up there and return quickly. Yang Chen knew that most of them on the boat wouldnt be able to take the temperature there, so he leaped from the deck alone and landed on the surface of the sea.

They watched Yang Chen bobbing along with the sea as if it was flat ground, and soon he was out of sight.

Yang Chen appeared on the warship which was more like an iceship now, landing in front of Stern and Alice.

The incestuous siblings were cuddling each other. The surrounding cold was naturally harmless to them, and Lin Ruoxi, Harry and his mother were still lying under the shield.

As for Depney who was frozen still in icehe still maintained his previous pose.

Yang Chen circled Depney a few times, as if observing closely something.

Hades, I dont get it. Whats there to investigate about this old man? You made us wait for so long. Stern twitched his mouth.

Yang Chen gave him a sidewards glance. Arent you curious? Even if the bow he was using was a defective divine weapon, its a divine weapon nonetheless. Any human expert, even if theyre the worlds best special agent, wont be able to truly bring out the power of a divine weapon. But Depney was able to regardless.

With that bow, he ended three military bases unexpectedly. Although theres a chance it was just his bravado, he undoubtedly has the capability to handle this common divine weapon.

The Cromwell siblings frowned. Although they too found it strange, they had never thought why.

Yang Chen stopped his pacing and stood before Depney. Look carefully. Even though hes frozen in ice dozens of degrees below zero, his blood is still flowing. This itself is already beyond the limits of human beings.

With that, Yang Chen placed a hand on the ice and interjected a stream of True Qi.

Crack crack...

After a series of clear echoes, the ice around Depney was shattered into pieces on the floor!

Indeed, as Yang Chen had said, Depney didnt remain rigid after the ice shattered, but fell back on his butt as he panted, his body covered in cold sweat.

Hmm, this could mean that this idiot might have a bodily constitution beyond hthat of regular people. Alice knew best how cold her ice wasit couldnt possibly be endured by humans.

Yang Chen smiled nastily, and squatted while looking at Depney. Tell us your true origins. You cant just be an idiot impersonating Apollo. How your body became like this, how you knew of the gods, how you obtained the two divine weaponstell us, so that you will die with some closure.

Yang Chens meaning was clear: no matter what, he must die! The only difference was whether it would be in comfort or pain.

Depneys eyes were full of unresigned resentment. He picked up the detonator and was about to press the button, before suddenly realizing that it would be pointless to do so, for there was no one left of the island.

Depney hurled the detonator in uncontrollable rage, smashing it to bits!

Yang Chen was in no rush. Looking at Depney panting with his lowered head, Yang Chen was assured.

After a long while, Depney said hoarsely, Its... the divine light.

Yang Chens mind gave a sudden surge. He had never thought that this would be the reason!

Divine light? You were shone on by the divine light? Yang Chen couldnt help but be excited!

Depney sneered. What, you dont believe me?

Yang Chen pondered for a moment. Keep talking. Ill decide.

Over thirty years ago, I was captured along with other youths of the same age to an underground research base in Madagascar to be used as test subjects. Im am sure you are well aware of the organization and their experiments, Depney said.

Zero Of course Yang Chen knewhe had been one of their test subjects too!

It was Zero who used the Gods Stone to change his body, and because of that he was capable of becoming a god. It was also the cause of the tragedies of past years.

Back then, Yang Chen had personally destroyed Zero partly because of his resentment towards all they had done to him.

And he had only reestablished the new Zero to stabilize the assassins systemization, and there were no more experiments on test subjects.

Depney continued, Actually, I was a failed experiment, and I thought that I was dead Those mad scientists thought I was dead too. I dont know if it was because of their slip-up, or some problem had arisen in some part of the experiment. Perhaps when they made preparations for my exposure to the divine light, there was some deviation in the margins In the end, I climbed up from the pile of corpses

Depneys story was actually very simple.

When he was young, he was exposed to the ray of divine light just like Yang Chen, only some abnormality had occurred. Although he didnt have the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture as a secret survival tool like Yang Chen, he lived.

Although the experiment was incomplete, the new Depney found out that his body was much, much stronger than normal humans.

His heart was initially full of hostility, and he wanted to return to the base to seek revenge. Yet when he had successfully risen to the rank of Director of the French Security Bureau, he received news that Zero had been destroyed.

With complicated emotions, he returned again to the base of Zero, which had been destroyed by Yang Chen, to ascertain the truth for himself.

But unexpectedly, he stumbled upon a hidden chamber exposed by its recent destruction!

In the chamber, he found various documents on the gods, as well as the longbow and the Sword of Thanatos!

What happened next was just as Yang Chen had deduced. After getting the weapons, Depneys ambition grew, and he secretly established the Realm of Gods and took the name of a god. He took a desperate risk with the intention of controlling the European Union and other international circles.

Depney was worried about being thwarted by the gods, but his own interests had taken over him. Plus the divine weapons were with him, and his confidence grew especially after the successful demolition of the first military base. After that, he stopped worrying about other things.

After listening to Depney, Yang Chens brows were tight. He didnt doubt the veracity of Depneys story.

The words of a dying man were always sincere.

It was just that, now that there was someone like Depney, would there be others like him in the world who had lived through the divine light?

It was impossible that there would be many skills like the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, but it couldnt be the only one in the world either. If there were others who had ways of surviving, or lived through the divine light by luck, wouldnt they also have strength beyond imagination?

Depney was merely shone on by divine light and wasnt a complete success, yet he could already use divine weapons. It was evident that the power of the Gods Stone was that strong.

Yang Chen was even beginning to faintly suspect, Is the mysterious person who seized the Gods Stone and the Holy Grail someone who was exposed to the divine light like myself?! And may not be an actual god?!

As he pondered these matters, Yang Chen turned to look at Stern and Alice.

Stern understood Yang Chens questioning look, and shrugged. Theres no point asking us. The function of the Gods Stone is still a mystery to us. Otherwise the first Hades wouldnt have carried out so many experiments.

Yang Chen turned and gave Depney a smile. Thank you. Ill send you on your way now.

You cant you just spare me? Depney begged pitifully.

Yang Chen didnt waste his breath. He raised his hand, and a palm filled with True Qi came smashing down!

Even if Depney had been shone upon by the divine light and had an exceptional constitution, he was only a flesh-and-blood body in the end, so how could he withstand the blow?

In a flash, Yang Chen was looking down at a headless corpse, and he shook the stain off his hand. To be frank he didnt feel much, because his doubts had only increased after the questioning.

But just as he was in this puzzled mood, Yang Chen turned around and discovered something ominous

Lin Ruoxi has awakened?!