My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 558

Chapter 558: The Abnormality In The Yang Clan
The Abnormality in the Yang Clan

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Looking at the impassive Yang Chen, Yang Pojun felt an indescribable ache. After much investigation and personal observation, he felt that he had a better understanding of Yang Chens identity and background.

Although he didnt wish to admit it, he had thought that he would never see his eldest son in this lifetimeyet today it would seem like his son was a more recognized figure than he was!

So much so that if the Yang clan wanted to maintain their position as one of the four great clans a hundred years after Yang Gongming, Yang Chen might be the only person capable of doing so.

Especially since Yang Pojun had lost in the general election, and his father Yang Gongming had lectured him over Yang Chen more than onceno matter how dumb Yang Pojun was, he understood that Yang Chen was of great importance to the Yang clan.

Of course, Yang Pojun also felt that if it wasnt for Yang Chens sudden appearance causing many to find out about his disgraceful past, he might not have lost the election in the first place!

Therefore, Yang Pojun didnt want to let his relationship with Yang Chen deteriorate, but was still unable to put on a good front with Yang Chenwhen he had gone to find Guo Xuehua, he was blocked by Yang Chenwhat an example of a paradox.

He had spent half of his life and energy thinking about how to make the Yang clan glorious, so when he considered his position as Yang Chens father, the value and benefits of Yang Chen were still the priority. Yet he had never considered how he felt toward his own son as a father, much less how to make up for the paternal love Yang Chen lacked.

Yang Pojun himself didnt see anything wrong with his past decision to place Yang Chen in an orphanage. For the sake of the Yang clans general situation, he had made a difficult decision in a difficult time, thinking of wider interests beyond his own.

It was exactly because he could only think of how to advance his own position that Yang Pojun was unable to understand why the wife he loved so much would leave him.

It must be said that this was the grief of this high-level military familys younger generation.

Where are you going? As these thoughts flashed across Yang Pojuns mind, he blocked Yang Chens way and asked coolly.

Yang Chen frowned as he stopped his steps. He said indifferently, Stand aside.

I was briefed of the general situation from your aunt. Yang Pojun gave him as deep stare. You want to kill someone so viciously over a mere businessmans daughter. Do you not understand that the people you will offend will not take this lightly? Did you know that at their backs is one of the four great clans, the Li clan?!

Yang Chen was not interested in this mans nonsense. Initially, he was going to consider preparing some backup plans to mitigate the Li clans possible counterattack, but Yang Pojuns cold and somewhat threatening tone made the scarlet in his eyes surge up immediately.

The more you want to stop me, the more I want to kill!

Its a good thing that you came; it saves me from having to stop a car. Plus, the military license plate is cleared for high-speed pursuit. Yang Chen glanced at the jeep behind the soldier and directly headed for it.

Yang Pojun didnt think that Yang Chen would not even reply, would even want to seize the vehicle to chase down his target. Yang Pojun became furious at once, his face darkening. Ingrate! How dare you?! You want the Yang clan to have a fall out with the Li clan just because of you?!

Yang Chen turned suddenly, his eyes full of cold distance and killing intent. Let me make it as clear as possible to you, I have no relation at all to you. If you dare to say another word, Ill cripple one arm of yours; if you say two words, Ill cripple both; three words and Ill break your neck!

Despite having witnessed bloody battles at the frontlines of battlefields, Yang Pojun had never seen someone look at him with such a savage, sinister expression!

Just as if he was in a corpse-ridden wasteland beneath a gray sky, unable to find any sign of life, and despair emerged from the depths of his heart!

He didnt know that if he wasnt Yang Chens birth father, and was involved with so many people by Yang Chens side, what he had said just now warranted him a death sentence where he stood!

However, it appeared that Yang Chens warning had its effect. Yang Pojun stood where he was with a white face and didnt utter half a word.

A few soldiers were burning with rage at first. This young man was way too arrogant; they must help their senior teach him a lesson.

Who knew that as soon as Yang Chens gaze swept across them, their hands became weak, and they had no energy to lift their guns, much less block Yang Chen.

As Yang Chen walked past, they parted way for him automatically, letting Yang Chen find and then board a jeep.

They watched helplessly as the jeep started and drove off with no regard for them...

In Beijing, the courtyard of the military district where the Yang clan was.

In the sprawling backyard garden, there were carpets of green grass embroidered by masses of flowersit was clearly tended to everyday.

Yang Gongming, dressed in grey, old-fashioned clothing and capri pants, was sitting on a rattan chair, holding the morning newspaper in his hands. He wore a pair of presbyopic glasses, and was carefully reading the news of different areas.

Beside the old man was a white porcelain cup, with a faint fragrance and white steamit was freshly brewed tea.

The whole courtyard was very quiet. Although the old mans benevolent appearance was a calming one, those in the Yang residence knew that when Yang Gongming was reading quietly, no one could simply disturb him, with the exception of one person.

Wearing simple clothes and a wrinkled face, the old lady Sanniang walked out from between the verandas pillar, carrying a plate of fresh green bean cakes, and gently placed it on the table beside Yang Gongming.

Yang Gongming put down the paper and gave her a warm smile. You must be tired, please have a seat. I havent chatted with you these days.

Doesnt Master want to read the paper? Sanniang smiled sweet-temperedly, and the wrinkled smoothed out on her face.

Over half this paper is filled with fake news. Whether or not i read it, is just a way to pass the time. Yang Gongming put the paper to one side, and asked, Do catch me up on whats going on these days. An old man like me doesnt get out muchI cant be a frog in a well.

Sanniang nodded, and sat on the other rattan chair.

In this courtyard, there was only she who had the right to be on equal footing with Yang Gongming.

There isnt much happening in Beijing these days. Once the election was over and the Yan clan became stronger, Yan Qingtian, being someone with finesse, distributed the benefits each party should get. Its just that Ning Guangyao was serving another term as the premierthe Ning clan is steadily maintaining their political hold. Conversely, I heard that the eldest Ning son Ning Guodong had come across some trouble, and stays at home all day. Yet no one knows why; there were rumors from the outside world that he was sick, but I didnt pry too much.

Hmm hmph, the Ning clan could be said to have peaked with the generation of Ning Guangyao. Ive met Ning Guodong a few years back; the younger generation is not broad-minded enough. It would be hard for them to be very capable. If Ning Guangyao collapses one day, thered be no one from the Ning clan who can take over. The pinnacle of something will passthey might have to take their names off the four great clans, Yang Gongming said leisurely.

Sanniang didnt comment on that, and continued while smiling. Speaking of the younger generation: the second son of the Yan clan, Yan Buxue, was injured by Young Master Chen over a small matter. Although hes healed now, rumor has it that he is coming up with ways to deal with Young Master Chen. Its just that his older brother, Yang Buwen, had suppressed the matter. Speaking of which, Yan Buwen indeed is something of a gifted leader; hes not only capable at development, his strategies are also thorough and accurate, as he knows himself as well as his opponents. Its only a shame that compared to the Li clans Li Dun, Yan Buwens character is largely lacking.

However, Yan Qingtian is a good grandson, its just that if he doesnt lead the Yan clan to a glorious peak, then it would surely fall hardit really depends on their luck. Im actually more fond of that Li Dun, its too bad that he is quite the forceful man, and is lacking in flexibility. He is commanding but has no grace; otherwise, his prospects would be limitless. I also dont know how that old fox Li Moshen could bring up grandsons with such discrepancies. Yang Gongming gave a hint of a smile, then switched the topic. That youngster Yang Chen is a restless one. When he wiped out the Zeng clan, the girl from the Cai clan was troubled as a result; and perhaps now he will have to put up with the Yan clan, too.

Sanniang gave a rather bitter smile. Its not that Young Master causes trouble on purpose; the main cause of it is the trouble brought by the women by his side. On this matter, hes really different from Master and Master Pojun.

Yang Gongming gave a wide smile; naturally he knew what she meant. The people of the Yang clan, no matter how they behaved, were easily infatuated, whether it was himself, or Yang Pojun, or his grandson Yang Lie; they would channel all their affection to one woman and one woman alone.

It was only this eldest grandson who was abandoned since young who had a string of women, each an outstanding beauty.

Perhaps the heavens knew that the Yang clan had such dismal numbers and created such an abnormality.

As Yang Gongming saw it, having a lot of women might affect their family tradition, but todays era was far removed from the era of his years.

In those days, even a premarital pregnancy was viewed as an immoral, shameful act. In todays world, most marriages were dependent on whether the woman could get pregnant, and pregnant marriages were a common sight!

Being the top child of a prestigious family, people would think that youre pretending to be virtuous if you only had one woman in your lifetime. Conversely, if you kept a lot of women, they would think it very normal!

Therefore, although Yang Gongming felt that this grandson Yang Chen was somewhat overdoing it, he wasnt averse to it.

Master, I have something Im not sure if it is right to tell you of, Sanniang said doubtfully.

Yang Gongming waved his hand. Between us, what is there that cant be said?

Master, although Young Master Chen is rather close to Madam these days, he doesnt acknowledge the relation between Commander and Master Lie. Under these circumstances, do you really want to let Young Master Chen take over as head of the household? Sanniang asked.

Yang Gongming picked up the porcelain cup and took a sip, placing it down before sighing. It would be most ideal if he was willing to; if hes not, I can settle for second best and let Pojun succeed me, although he obsesses over things too much The only thing to blame is how the Yang clan owes him so muchits pardonable if he isnt willing to return. But I have this indescribable feeling that this child will return one day.

The expression in Sanniangs narrowed eyes changed erratically; finally she gave a faint sigh. I will try my best to allow your wish to be fulfilled.

Yang Gongming shook his head and said lightly, Sanniang, youve often said that all the living things in this world have their natural order, and we mustnt demand. I dont count on things being satisfactory either; sometimes going with the flow might be the right thing to do. Besides, my bones are still healthy, so Im in no hurry for now.

Just then, from a nearby passageway, a servant ran over nervously holding a wireless phone, saying respectfully, Master, Madam has called suddenly, insisting that you answer.

Yang Gongming was puzzled over why his servant would run over with no regard for decorum; once he heard that is was his own daughter, he understood. This Yang Jieyu had never really spared him any trouble. He thought that she would calm down once she was married in Zhonghai, but in these twenty-plus years she still called every few days; if it wasnt to lick his boots, it was usually hinting for help.

It was because it was his daughter that he indulged in her somewhat; if Yang Pojun was the one to behave like this, he would be ruthlessly trampled on by Yang Gongming!

Picking up the phone, Yang Gongming wasnt too happy. Girl, what are you going to ask for now? Cant you save your old man some trouble?

On the phone Yang Jieyu was panicking. Dad! This time Im not here because I am in trouble, its your precious grandson, that youngster Yang Chen, whos going crazy!

Yang Chen? Yang Gongming felt his nerves tightened instantly. Listening to her tone he knew that things were bad, but he still said calmly, Tell me in detail, Im listening

A minute later, Yang Gongming hung up the phone and passed it to a servant, allowing him to leave.

Although she wasnt near the phone, Sanniang seemed to have heard everything clearly, not knowing whether to weep or laugh. Master, we were just saying of how Young Master Chen was constantly in trouble because of womenindeed, you test what you speak of.

Yang Gongming muttered to himself for a while, shaking his head while saying lowly, This youngster thinks that hes undefeatable just because he went on a killing spree in Europe and defeated two feathered creatures. Li Moshen will shield not just his name, but also his grandson That is the favourite of Li Moshens precious daughter, why would he sit this one back?

Theres no time to lose. Li Moshen knows Young Master Chens identity long ago, and also knows one of the few members of Hongmenghe wouldnt waste time. With his method, if his grandson really was killed, he would purposely blow up the matter regardless of the facts to the matter. The information with the Security Bureau would be enough to cause astonishing waves across China. Whether its to unite the other clans to oppose Young Master Chen, or oppose the Yang clan. Whatever it is, it is enough to cause chaos to echo throughout the whole of China.

If thats the case, the Hongmeng Messenger might be compelled to confront Young Master Chen. After all, the Li clan is key to maintaining the bureaus balance. Its best if I make a trip to Zhonghai. Sanniang stood up.

The Hongmeng Messenger Yang Gongming gave the old lady a complicated stare. If youre seen by them, then what do we do?

Sanniang lowered her head with a smile. One can hide for a while, but not forever. Young Master Chen is already occupying the divine position of those people; his identity alone is taboo to them, giving rise for a reason for them to take action. If it wasnt for Young Master Chen being a tough opponent due to him cultivating the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture at the time and approaching that shapeless obstacle, the Hongmeng Messenger would have killed him based on the previous messes he made alone.

If there really was political unrest in China because of him If we wait for the Hongmeng Messenger to make their move, it may be too late to save Young Master Chen.

But you

Yang Gongming still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Sanniang. Master, theres no need to say anything else. If we wait, it may even be too late to save me.


As soon as he spoke, Sanniang immediately disappeared from the courtyard without a trace of her shadow left, just as if she had never appeared!

If Yang Chen had seen this scene, he would certainly turn pale with frightwasnt this magical ability the same one he saw the Hongmeng Messenger, Ling Xuzi, used at the seaside?! The only difference was that Ling Xuzi had covered a short distance in an instant, whereas this Sanniang had disappeared to who knows where without leaving the slightest trace of her existence!

Yang Gongming wasnt too surprised, and only turned his head to look at the overcast southern sky. Giving a slow sigh, he stared off into the distance as if he was commemorating and regretting something