My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Thatd Be Very Difficult
Chapter 56: Thatd Be Very Difficult

Yang Chen smiled and nodded towards Wang Ma, then turned to speak to Xu Zhihong, Young Master Xu is really diligent, you came even earlier than I, her husband.

Xu Zhihong seemed unfazed as he smiled amiably and said, Mr Yang sure knows how to crack a joke. The friendship between Ruoxi and I has lasted for years; I hurried over once I heard she fell sick.

Oh Yang Chen had an expression of enlightenment, then moved forward with a strange smile and said, Since Young Master came to visit, you must have brought something like a visiting gift, right?

Xu Zhihong inwardly cursed shameless and said, I only brought some fruits. He pointed at the fruit basket on the side table, I know Ruoxi doesnt like extravagance, so I brought something simple to represent my heartfelt wishes.

Yang Chen walked to the basket and picked up a red apple. He weighed it in his hand, and spoke in disappointment, Its a real apple huh.

Xu Zhihong puzzlingly asked, Of course its a real apple, what do you mean by that, Mr Yang?

Hehe. Yang Chen regretfully said, I thought that for a rich man like Young Master Xu, the apples sent by you would be made of gold. Who knew that it would be just an ordinary apple, without any meaning to it.

Xu Zhihong could only feel his lungs expand. How is this mans brain grown!? Golden apple!?

Wicked guy! Lowly person! Rogue!

Mr Yang sure knows how to make jokes, haha. Said Xu Zhihong as he laughed forcibly.

Lin Ruoxi who sat on the bed kept refusing to turn her head to look at the 2 men, yet at this moment she faintly glanced at them. Seeing the appearance of Xu Zhihong forcibly laughing, her lips moved slightly.

If it wasnt for taking into consideration the Xu familys might and their business cooperations, Lin Ruoxi hoped that Xu Zhihong would disappear from this world. After all if it wasnt for him pushing Lin Kun, Lin Kun wouldnt make such a mess out of things. He caused her originally exhausted heart to become even more haggard, which was why she is on the hospital bed now.

It was a pity that it was impossible for her to do something overboard to Xu Zhihong. This was why in a sense, Yang Chens actions were what Lin Ruoxi wished to see.

It seemed that Yang Chen didnt plan to leave the matter at that, he waved his hand and said, Im aware of Great Young Master Xus capabilities, something like a gold apple definitely isnt a difficult thing, its just a question of whether Young Master Xu is willing. Although something this expensive isnt much to Young Master Xu, in the end it isnt good to casually give it to people youre not close to. Therefore us husband and wife will not insist for it, we are deeply grateful to Young Master Xu for giving us a real apple.

After speaking, Yang Chen grabbed a tissue, wiped the apple in his hand, and took a big bite out of it. In an enjoyed manner he said, Not bad, very sweet, Young Master Xu is even good at picking apples, looks like it wouldnt be a bad choice if someday you switched your job to a fruit farmer.

Xu Zhihong nearly fainted from anger, he had met shameless people before, but has never met someone this shameless! Being spoken to by this rogue, and in a few words he became a miser, a scrooge, a selfish person, and And even became a fruit farmer.

I came to visit a patient! Not to receive a scolding!

Also, fuck that sweet apple! How can it possibly be picked by me!

Of course, Xu Zhihong wasnt stupid to the point where he would say I had someone else buy the apple for me. Wouldnt that indicate that he lacked sincerity?

Realizing that he would go crazy if he continued staying, Xu Zhihong smiled with his skin but not his flesh as he said, I still have a meeting this afternoon, so Ill not disturb you from recovering. Ruoxi, I will come again to visit when Im free. He immediately walked out of the room after he finished speaking.

Wang Ma who had been enduring for a long time finally couldnt hold back, and with a Puchi she laughed out, Young Master youre really good at talking, that Xu familys Young Master would most likely be angry for days.

Yang Chen munched on the apple while saying, He wont, if he really stayed angry for a long time over a matter like this, he wouldve given up on Ruoxi long ago.

Sigh Wang Ma turned to look at Lin Ruoxi, who was so silent as if she wasnt in the room, Im going out for a while, Young Master should chat with Miss.

After the thoughtful Wang Ma left, Yang Chen annihilated the apple in his hand, and sat by Lin Ruoxis bed. He smiled and said, My good good wife, Ruoxi, this apple is pretty good, how about I peel one for you?

Lin Ruoxi remained expressionless as she stared out of the window, as if she didnt hear anything.

Yang Chen nodded with satisfaction, This time you didnt stop me from addressing you this way, theres improvement. Furthermore, you silently consented that you wanted to eat an apple, and even know how to act like a spoiled child, an even greater improvement. To reward you, I will personally peel an apple for you.

Although she had already gained knowledge and experienced the ways of this contracted husband many times over the past few days, in the end Lin Ruoxi still felt that she underestimated this fella.

I havent even spoken half a sentence, and became a spoiled child!?

Cant you speak in a more decent manner? Lin Ruoxi sighed, and turned her head back. Hoping to speak with Yang Chen properly.

Decent? Ive always been decent. What is there indecent about a husband peeling an apple for his wife? Yang Chen smiled as he took hold of a fruit knife, the shiny fruit knife in his hand consecutively spun in a beautiful 360 degrees, as if it was glued to his palm.

Lin Ruoxi didnt have the mood to speak anymore, but when she saw Yang Chen reveal this skill, she couldnt help but curiously watch him carefully.

Yang Chen grabbed an apple which looked good from the outside, and grasped the fruit knife in his other hand. After a brief pause, the fruit knife rapidly peeled the apples skin.

Yang Chens hand was very fast, so fast that Lin Ruoxi, who was in close proximity couldnt see his movements clearly. She could only see the small fruit knife turn into countless lights surrounding the apple and circling it for a short period of time.

It was like peeling an apple became a piece of art, just like a clay sculpture or a wood carving, where before the final moment, you wouldnt know the how the final result would turn out.

In less than 30 seconds, Yang Chen stopped moving his hands, and moved the peeled apple to Lin Ruoxi, Here, your husband gives his wife a prize.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the peeled apple in front of her eyes, blankly stared for a moment, and soon felt an indescribable feeling well up in her heart. Unconsciously, she became silly

At that moment, the originally rosy apple lost most of its skin, but on the peeled apple, were some thin leftover skin, forming a few beautiful red words. Wish Wife Good Health

Lin Ruoxi noticed her eyes getting moist, and immediately controlled her emotions. She said, You only know how to do such unorthodox and senseless things, even this apple you peeled is so sappy.

Hehe. Yang Chens thick skin blushed, Actually I also feel its a little sappy, so its better that you quickly eat it, my good good wife. Do you want me to feed it to you? With that said he moved the apple towards Lin Ruoxis porcelain-like smooth lips.

Ill do it myself. Lin Ruoxi quickly grabbed the apple off Yang Chens hands, but when the apple was in front of her eyes, she saw the bright red words on the apple, and hesitated. She found it somewhat difficult to open her mouth.

Yang Chen said, Is it difficult to bite off such a good looking apple? Its alright, I can always peel another for my familys Ruoxi, but what should I write on it

You need not let your imaginations run wild. Lin Ruoxi immediately replied, I was just wondering whether you washed your hands.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi begin to nibble on the apple he peeled, Yang Chen didnt continue teasing her, and only felt that the way this ice mountain-like woman held the apple with both hands and nibbled on it looked pretty cute.

Thank you. Lin Ruoxi suddenly spoke softly.

Yang Chen suspected that he heard wrongly, What?

I said, thank you, thank you for everything youve done for me. Lin Ruoxi raised her head, with eyes like the clear autumn, I realized that I dont hate you as much as before.

Yang Chen bitterly smiled, You need not thank me, if one day you become fond of me and promote me from a temporary husband to a permanent one, I will thank the heavens.

Lin Ruoxi did not angry from those words, she instead pondered for a moment, and seriously replied, Thatd be very difficult.