My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 588

Chapter 588 All The More Difficult

Having devoted a considerable amount of her time for charity, Guo Xuehua was pleased to find out that Lin Ruoxi shared that same passion.

Yang Chen felt downhearted as he realized he was done for. Guo Xuehuas words made him want to dig a hole and bury himself in it. He lowered his head, unable to speak.

Zhenxiu, being a fearless girl, was overjoyed to observe Yang Chens suffering. Smiling, she said, Aunt Guo, Brother Yang is actually quite busy as well. Except Sister Ruoxi, he has many other women. It must be exhausting for him to travel all day.

How nice, Zhenxiu! Do you hate me? Why are you making the bad situation worse?!Yang Chen almost cried.Its unreasonable that Im bullied this way!

As if the situation wasnt bad enough, Lin Ruoxi who was sitting beside Guo Xuehua revealed a look of pity after listening to what Zhenxiu said. She looked like she was wronged, but dared not speak out.

Guo Xuehua noticed it and her expression turned dull as well. Feeling a heartache, she subconsciously caressed Lin Ruoxis hair in consolation.

If it wasnt for the guilt she held for Yang Chen, and the fact that he was not brought up by her, Guo Xuehua wouldve given him two cold hard slaps on his face!

He managed to get such a great wife already. Why isnt he practicing restraint?she thought.

Evidently, having been moved by Lin Ruoxis kind heart, and pleased by her obedience, Guo Xuehua had forgotten that she used to find Rose and Mo Qianni more suitable as Yang Chens wife. In regards to Lin Ruoxis behaviour in the past, Guo Xuehua reasoned that it was due to a lack of communication and a distant relationship. Since they werent familiar, it was only natural that Lin Ruoxi behaved shyly.

Currently, Guo Xuehua felt that no other girls was more likeable than Lin Ruoxi!

Yang Chen once again realized that things were going sideways. Lin Ruoxi was indeed a highly intelligent businesswoman. Once again, he felt the pain Xu Zhihong and Zeng Xinlin mustve been through when they were defeated by Lin Ruoxi. That woman was certainly merciless. She made him struggle to even stand up.

Erm Mom, of course I know Ruoxi is great. When I was driving home, I realized I havent gifted Lin Ruoxi anything since we have gotten married. So I guess Ill bring Ruoxi out to get a diamond ring, said Yang Chen with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and looked at Yang Chen doubtfully. She apparently didnt believe that Yang Chen would suddenly get her a diamond ring.

Guo Xuehuas eyes shone, thinking that Yang Chen was finally improving as he somehow knew that every woman liked shiny diamond rings. She then thought of something and frowned. When Ruoxi brought me and Zhenxiu to the shopping mall, I realized that pretty much everything is there, including jewelries from Tiffany and Co. Do you think Ruoxi will care about a small diamond ring?

Yang Chen got speechless.What luck do I have! Why did I dig a hole only to fall inside myself?!he thought.

Lin Ruoxi had just bought luxury items worth tens of millions, but he offered to get her a diamond ring. In comparison, his suggestion was worthless!

However, Lin Ruoxis words made Yang Chen fall into an abyss once again. Mom, please dont blame Yang Chen. She held Guo Xuehuas shoulder and said softly, If it is a diamond ring Yang Chen bought for me, it is not the cost that matters but the thought behind it that counts.

If Yang Chen heard something like that from her back then, he would certainly be drowned in joy. However, she was no different from pouring oil on flame at this moment. She stabbed yet another knife into his already damaged heart!

Expectedly, Guo Xuehua was touched again, feeling that Lin Ruoxi was indeed understanding. Wang Ma and Zhenxiu felt moved as well. They didnt expect Lin Ruoxi to treasure Yang Chen so much.

Yang Chens disloyalty currently seemed much more absurd that it already was!

Frowning, Guo Xuehua said to Yang Chen, You heard her, didnt you? Ruoxi is speaking for you. Dont you feel sorry for her? Yang Chen, it is not my intention to keep nagging you. But you should really should reflect on your behavior.

If youre really getting a gift for Ruoxi, forget about anything ordinary. Even if Ruoxi doesnt mind, well feel that shes mistreated. You should avoid making her angry, and treat her with loyalty.

Yang Chen wanted to cry but he ran out of tears. From Guo Xuehuas words, it was obvious that she had given Lin Ruoxi all her support. Asking her to meet Ma Guifang should be all the more difficult!

Mischief filled Lin Ruoxis eyes when she saw how dispirited Yang Chen was, as she didn’t get an opportunity like that often. Soon, she stood up and walked towards Yang Chen. Gently, she said, Its fine, Hubby. I know it might seem a little hard for you. Im sorry for not treating you good enough back then. I really understand how you feel.

Ruoxi! You mustnt tolerate him too much! yelled Guo Xuehua. Its exactly because youve been overly tolerant that he has messed with so many women.

Yeah, Sister Ruoxi. You must fight for yourself! Zhenxiu was just like a little devil with horns when she cheered form the sidelines.

Yang Chens bones almost melted while he almost lost his soul. Lin Ruoxi appeared pitiful and wronged, as if bullied. However, to him, she was like an undefeated queen looking down at him from above!

Lin Ruoxi seemed to have tortured Yang Chen enough. From the pile of bags, she picked one from Armani.

It was an Italian ancient brand specialized in high-end, tailor-made clothing for men. Lin Ruoxi took a casual suit out from within. It could be seen from its craftsmanship that it was delicately made and luxurious.

Hubby, dont just stand there looking sad. Look at this new clothing I got you. Do you like it? Ill put it on for you. Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen expectantly.

Wang Ma smiled as well. Yeah, Young Master. Miss has an excellent taste. Please try it on.

What else could Yang Chen say except thank you? He removed his coat and let Lin Ruoxi put the new clothing on for him.

Guo Xuehua was delighted to see the intimate interaction between her son and Lin Ruoxi. Previously, she had sewn a scarf herself and requested Lin Ruoxi to put it on for Yang Chen, but today she had taken the initiative to do so.

Yang Chen, Ruoxi and I picked the shirt for you. Its a little more than a hundred thousand. There are not many wives in this world who are willing to gift their husbands like this, Guo Xuehua said. Basically, she meant the same thing as beforeBrat, you should be appreciative!

When Yang Chen wore the casual suit, he looked much more pleasant than before. Back than when he was abroad, he used to wear designer clothings similar to the one he was wearing now. Now that he was wearing it again, he seemed to have gone back time, allowing his aura to flare up a little differently.

Lin Ruoxi tidied Yang Chens collar for him and looked satisfied. You look great.

No matter how good I look, Ill never be able to match you, my dear wife. Yang Chen forced a smile.

Lin Ruoxi pretended to not understand what he meant. Smiling sweetly, she proceeded to fetch him a newly bought Vacheron Constantin watch.

Yang Chen was repeatedly stunned to see Lin Ruoxis elegant smile. He used to wish that he could see the smile more often. Now that it was before him, he felt miserable.

After that, Lin Ruoxi took out a bunch of clothing, perfume, scarf, and leather shoe for everyone. She made the items worth tens of millions in total seem really insignificant.

Yang Chen tried his best to cooperate, pleasing Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma. He wasnt too interested in highly priced items, but he couldnt help but admit defeat to Lin Ruoxis yet another perfect plot.Am I really able to convince her using roses and diamonds like what Tang Wan said?he thought.

Until midnight, the family arranged and kept the large piles of stock. They just had some dim sum and went upstairs to sleep.

Guo Xuehua and Zhenxiu went up to rest first, while Wang Ma followed after she was done washing the bowls and chopsticks. Only Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were left to carry the miscellaneous items and clothing to the store room upstairs.

When they were almost done, on the second floor, Lin Ruoxis forehead was covered in sweat. She elegantly wiped it with her hand and said to Yang Chen, Alright, Im going to bed now. Good night, Hubby.

Wait, called Yang Chen before Lin Ruoxi turned around.

Hmm? Lin Ruoxi looked at him with her slightly reddened face. Is there anything you need?

Yang Chen hesitated for a while before smiling vaguely. Is there no room for negotiation?

Lin Ruoxi was slightly stunned. Keeping the smile on her face, she looked like she had returned to day one, looking like unmeltable ice. With a cold gaze, she said, Ive given you the answer through action, havent I?

Yang Chen took a deep breath. Nodding, he said, Yeah. I shouldnt have asked.

If you dont need anything else, Ill go to rest now. Im very tired today, Lin Ruoxi said indifferently, staring at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Alright, Ill stop disturbing you then.

Lin Ruoxi said nothing, and instead walked towards her room.

Right before Lin Ruoxi opened the door, Yang Chen suddenly thought of something. He said, Ruoxi, Ill still get a gift for you. Something that you truly desrerve!

Lin Ruoxis body shivered for an instant, but she didnt turn back. Silently, she opened the door and walked into her room.

Standing on the dimly lit staircase, Yang Chen gazed upon the deserted walkway, letting out a long sigh.