My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 592

Chapter 592 In One Aspect

Yang Chen was clueless as to what troubles Zhenxiu faced at school. He was currently preoccupied thinking about his problems with the Liu family. .

When he was in Liu Mingyus office, he proposed to treat her parents to a meal for a chance to bond with them. But unfortunately, unexpected events occurred which caused him to mercilessly give Liu Qingshan a slap in the face. He could only imagine just how pissed Liu Qingshan was.

He didnt know if Liu Qingshan would inform Liu Mingyu about it or not. Yang Chen felt a slight headache, worried that his position as her man would start to be shaky after fighting with her father, as Liu Mingyu could get upset about it.

Yang Chens phone vibrated inside his pant pocket. He took it out and had a lookit was a call from Liu Mingyu!

Yang Chen sighed and picked up the call. Smiling, he said, Babe Mingyu, why are you calling me so early? It sure looks like youre missing your hubby already.

Liu Mingyu kept quiet for a short while before saying softly, I called home this morning and told Mom that youre thinking of treating them for a meal. However, she told me what had happened yesterday between you and Dad. Apparently hes still really mad now. May I know what happened?

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He was fortunate that it happened to Liu Mingyu. Even in difficult situations, she was still calm and reasonable. Had it happened to Cai Yan instead, she would have acted out a lot differently due to her bad temper.

Yang Chen didnt plan to hide anything from her. He briefly explained what Liu Qingshans man Gao Yue had done, together with why Liu Qingshan was so mad.

After listening to his explanation, Liu Mingyu answered gently, Alright, I understand now. Since thats the case, why dont we find a date where we can go over what happened and what we can do about it. Hes still my father at the end of the day regardless of the things he has done and will do.

Yan Chen asked, Youre not mad at me for angering him, are you?

Nope. Why would I be? Ive met Gao Yue before. I could tell then that he wasnt as normal and composed as regular people. All you did was talk straightforwardly, and Im not an unreasonable woman. Im willing to listen as long as you are willing to explain it, replied Liu Mingyu mildly. All that we could do now is move on and repair broken bridges. You cant just avoid seeing my family from now on, can you?

Yang Chen felt a little moved although her tone was plain. Liu Mingyu was essentially saying that Liu Qingshan was her family despite his dark background, and she hoped that Yang Chen could ease up knowing that.

Yang Chen let out a sigh of relief. As his woman spent so much effort in communicating with him, he promised to lower his stance and talk to Liu Qingshan.

Liu Mingyu was pleased that Yang Chen understood where she was coming from. It had also proven her importance in the mans heart to a certain degree.

Lastly, Liu MIngyu said, Im almost done decorating my new home. You may come and have a look one day. Ill even let you try my cooking.

I get full for staring at you. Why would I still need food? teased Yang Chen.

Youre getting ahead of yourself again. Im ending the call, complained Liu Mingyu before she ended the call directly.

Yang Chen was stunned. He couldnt help but wonder whether to laugh or cry. He wasnt even told where the address of the new home was; how was he supposed to look for her then?

However, after a while, a message was sent to Yang Chens phone which made him smileLiu Mingyu had texted him the address. Women were often known to act in mysterious ways. Of course, to them, they were romantic most of the time.

Yang Chen wasnt in a hurry to indulge in the village of softness. As he was free this weekend, he wanted to quickly go home and talk to Guo Xuehua about meeting Ma Guifang. He wanted to delay this meeting as little as possible in an effort not to displease the latter.

When he reached home and walked into the living room, he saw that Guo Xuehua was lying on the sofa and watching the television alone. She was deeply immersed in the Korean drama suggested by Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen sighed helplessly. Walking forward smilingly, he said, Mom, wheres Wang Ma and Ruoxi?

Guo Xuehua finally regained awareness. She felt satisfied when Yang Chen asked about Lin Ruoxi. She went out with Wang Ma to buy groceries. I heard she wants to learn how to cook which surprised me quite a bit. She used to work through the weekends back then. It sure looks like she has become more thoughtful.

Yang Chen felt relieved. Since Lin Ruoxi wasnt home, the conversation could be held more easily.

Mom, I have something to discuss with you. Yang Chen smiled brightly, trying to please her.

Hmm? Youve always acted on your own in the past. Why do you need to discuss with me this time? You didnt get yourself into trouble, did you? asked Guo Xuehua worriedly.

Yang Chen quickly waved his hand. I didnt. Its actually considered a thing. I hope I could get your support, Mom.

Stop beating around the bush. Theres nothing that you need to hide from your mother. Guo Xuehua said with a smile.

Yang Chen scratched the back of his head. Clenching his teeth, he said, Can I ask you to meet a mother-in-law of mine and my other woman?

Guo Xuehuas smile slowly solidified before it finally dissipated. She gazed upon Yang Chen for quite a while with complexity, restraining herself from getting emotional. Whose mother is it? Is it Rose or An Xin?

Yang Chen looked deeply embarrassed. Its its another one.

What?! Guo Xuehua exclaimed, getting up from the sofa violently. She pointed her finger at Yang Chen as her entire body shivered in fury!

Had it not been the guilt she held for Yang Chen, having reunited with her son after more than twenty years, Guo Xuehua wouldve definitely given him a beating. Being a parent and a woman, she found his behavior highly unacceptable!

Shit,he thought, not expecting Guo Xuehua to get so emotional. He quickly said, Mom, please calm down. Lets talk it through calmly

Whats there to talk about?! Guo Xuehua shouted at the top of her lungs, almost losing control of her emotions. Yang Chen, Mom is begging you this time. Please dont mess around anymore! I could and had to accept Rose as your lover since she saved my life. I can tell An Xins love for you is sincere as well, so I kept a tight lip about it.

To be honest, solely by accepting these two ladies, Im already embarrassed enough in front of Ruoxi. But now another lover of yours popped out?! Are you even trying to live peacefully here in this family?!

Theres actually more than one. Little Yu, the police chief Little Yan, and the mature beauty Tang Wan are all waiting on us If shes reacting this way when I merely mention Little Qianqians mother, I can only imagine the road I have ahead of me,he thought.

Yang Chen continued, Mom, Ive promised her mother already. It has not only been a few days since I met her daughter. And what were doing is not just fooling around as well. The same goes to Rose and An Xin; I like them with all my heart. I cant just get rid of them, can I?

Downhearted, Guo Xuehua sighed deeply before sitting down, as if she had depleted her energy. She rubbed her forehead and said, Yang Chen, youre actually a good man. Mom didnt get to raise, but Im pleased that youre a responsible man, not to mention youre actually outstanding

Compared to your cowardly father whos afraid to recognize his own son, youre really impressive.

Yang Chen stayed quiet, knowing that Guo Xuehua wasnt done yet.

However, today, Mom has no choice but to tell you something. Guo Xuehua stared at Yang Chen in agony. Your disappointing father Yang Pojun is inferior to you in every way, but hes definitely better in one aspect…

Yang Pojun is born in a wealthy and powerful clan, and he has achieved a ton at a young age. He even managed to become the general in the military district of Jiangan. This is a rank very few people in China hold.

But his heart has set itself on your mother decades ago. He has never cheated on me, nor did he do anything inappropriate to our marriage. He even tolerated and protected me.

Except the after period after we found you, Yang Pojun never even yelled at me before