My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Ive Seen You In School Before

All of the clothes that were originally in his wardrobe were now gone. Not a single one of the clothing he had owned previously was there!

The clothes that now occupied the wardrobe were a completely new set of clothing. They came in various colors and designs. It included, but was not limited to, short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts made of many different materials such as pure cotton, mercerized cotton, linen, and even silk. All of which were washed and neatly folded up in the closet

Just as before, the clothes were all branded goods from all around the world. This entire wardrobe of clothes would have costed at least two to three million yuan minimum.

He took the ready-prepared clothes by the bedside and did not take any clothing from the wardrobe when he went to shower the previous night. Yang Chen had no idea when Ruoxi managed to switch out all of his clothing.

Yang Chen scratched his head. He was extremely puzzled. He walked out of the room with his upper body naked, with the intention of finding out from Wang Ma who was sitting on the sofa downstairs. He asked, Wang Ma, why have my clothes been replaced?

Wang Ma lifted up her head puzzled with his question. They were replaced the day before yesterday. How is it that you just found out?

Indeed. It must have been changed earlier.Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Why replace all the clothes so suddenly?

It was Miss who made someone send them over. It happened when you were out. Miss said that summer is coming soon so she replaced your clothes with ones that provided better cooling. I was the one who hung them up together with Miss. It took quite some effort, Wang Ma said with a smile.

Yang Chen stood blankly at the top of the stairs, unable to say anything.

Lin Ruoxi bought and hung all these clothes for him? Besides, she also thought of replacing his clothes now that the seasons are changing?

Whereas the day before yesterday when she was getting all these clothes for him and hanging them up, Yang Chen was at Liu Mingyus place. He didnt return home that night

And yesterday, Yang Chen even misunderstood and accused her for monitoring Mo Qianni

Within Yang Chens heart, a surge of warmth followed by a cold bitter chill clashed from within. He even had difficulty breathing.

When a humans emotions are at their peak, regardless of how profound ones cultivation is, remaining calm would still require quite some effort.

When he pictured the sight of Lin Ruoxi reaching up and bending down to hang his clothes one after another, Yang Chen could feel his head warm up while his heart was being repeatedly stabbed with needles.

Silly woman, what have you done to me. Yang Chen sighed bitterly in his heart, and walked back to the room.

After taking a quick shower and changing into a new set of clothes, Yang Chen left the house with the glutinous rice balls. Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma didnt ask anything as well. They just looked at each other and smiled.

At the top of Yu Lei Internationals building, inside the CEOs office, the room was well lit with bright white lights. It was as though the night never came for that room.

Behind the enormous desk, Lin Ruoxi was staring at her computer, screening through multiple documents. Her icy facade rendered her beautiful face emotionless. She was like an ice statue, not knowing what tiredness and fatigue were.

Someone knocked on the office door. Lin Ruoxi didnt raise her head. Instead, she just said in a flat tone, Come in.

Her assistant Wu Yue who was wearing an old-fashioned suit walked into the office. She was holding a cup of black coffee on a tray. The fragrant aroma wafted through the entire office room.

There was a look of concern in Wu Yues eyes. She gently placed the cup of coffee on the office table. Boss Lin, its almost half past eleven. You havent even had your dinner yet. If you continue like this

I asked you to make me a cup of coffee. I didnt ask you to lecture me. Lin Ruoxi interrupted her.

Wu Yue didnt dare to continue. She frowned a little and let out a sigh. With nothing else in mind, she turned around to leave the office.

She had only taken a few steps when Lin Ruoxi said, You should go home. I dont need you on duty anymore.

Wu Yue stopped in her steps. She let out one of her rare smiles and turned around shaking her head. Its not an issue. I am Boss Lins assistant. If Boss Lin is not leaving, I must not leave as well.

I told you to go home. Just listen. Or do you think it is time that you were transferred to a different position? Lin Ruoxis tone was much more serious this time.

Wu Yue did not feel attacked by that statement regardless of how it sounded. She just took a look at Lin Ruoxi resignedly. Then Ill be leaving. Boss Lin, please leave for home to rest soon too.

Go ahead.

Wu Yue didnt stay any longer. After a whole day of work, she would be lying if she said she wasnt tired. She was already so tired when she was just an assistant. It was difficult for her to imagine being the CEO. She was impressed that Lin Ruoxi could continue working late into the night without even showing any signs of fatigue a little.

Back when they were in university, the first time Wu Yue bumped into Lin Ruoxi was in a narrow path on campus. The lady dressed in white with beautiful black hair appeared as graceful as a fairy under the green shades of the trees and in the warm sunlight.

That woman made a lasting impression in Wu Yues mind. Just like many others in the university at that time, she found it hard to believe that there could really be such a woman in this world. A woman who made other women feel so insignificant with just a look.

Later on, as time passed, many people started to take interest in Lin Ruoxi. And it was only then that Wu Yue learnt about Lin Ruoxis background. From then on, although she was one year Lin Ruoxis junior, Wu Yue had shadowed the most prominent girl in university closely. Even when Lin Ruoxi had quit school halfway through her graduate studies to take on the CEO position at Yu Lei, Wu Yue was still worrying about her in school.

Sometime after that, Wu Yue herself gave up on her graduate studies. Nervously, she came to Yu Lei to become Lin Ruoxis assistant. Wu Yue had always been curiousthere were so many Master graduates, PhD graduates, and talented people that could immediately be appointed a very high position if they had gone to other companies. Yet Lin Ruoxi chose none of them, and instead chose Wu Yue. A fresh university graduate.

Even though her grades were outstanding, she wasnt exactly qualified enough for the position of the CEOs assistant in a multinational corporate.

Wu Yue ferself knew that she had never spoken to Lin Ruoxi at all before that. She could clearly recall their first conversation when she asked Lin Ruoxi about her decision in making her the assistant.

Ive seen you before in school. You ran for the students union president position. That speech of yours was not too bad

This was Lin Ruoxis reply. It was very succinct, without any variation in her intonation at all. Yet, warm tears started rolling down Wu Yues face on the spot.

Wu Yue had spent more than a month to prepare her speech for the presidential election. Countless nights were spent repeatedly practicing and making adjustments. But in the end, she was not selected. All she could do was weep in her room, as if she had been forgotten by the entire world.

However, the person that she had always admired actually remembered her. She recognized her!

From then on, Wu Yue no longer had any fear or anxiety. She mastered her job as an assistant very quickly. Many in the company did not like her inflexible and rigid style, but she disregarded their opinions. As long as Lin Ruoxi was satisfied with her performance, it was good enough for her.

Wu Yue walked out of the office room, gently closing the door behind her.

After Wu Yue had left, Lin Ruoxi finally lifted her head up. She stared at the main door of the office room blankly for quite a while.

Lin Ruoxi let out a long sigh as she nestled her head between her hands and closed her eyes.

She had been working from morning till almost midnight. Roughly twelve hours in total. Not mentioning her other duties, anyones eyes would feel tired after staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time.

But she had gotten accustomed to it after all this time. She had been supporting this gigantic business empire alone for all these years. Because she knew that no one else would do it if not her.

She took a look at the time on the computer. It was indeed half past eleven already. Lin Ruoxi touched her stomach. It was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable due to gastric pain.

Out of nowhere, Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt upset. If it wasnt for the fact that she was avoiding a certain someone, she would not have chosen to work overtime and skip dinner. She could have done her work in her study room at home instead.

It technically wasnt against the rules for Wu Yue to bring some food into the office. But if others were to hear of the CEO having to munch on snacks alone in the office, wont that be quite a hit to her pride? She still had to care about her face to her subordinates.

At such a late hour, she would be too ashamed to eat even if she returned home. She didnt dare to eat supper outside on her own either.That cruel man is to blame for all of these!Lin Ruoxi bit her lips angrily.

She took another look at the black coffee that was still warm beside her. Lin Ruoxi had no desire to drink it at all. She shook her head, and was about to continue reading when she heard knocking sounds on the office door again.

Lin Ruoxi could tell that it wasnt Wu Yue. Immediately, she raised her guard and asked warily, Who is it? Her fingers were already on top of the button under her office desk that was placed in case of emergencies.

The door opened. Yang Chen stuck his head through, beaming, Babe Ruoxi, its me. Its already so late but you havent gone home yet. I came to fetch you.

Seeing that it was Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxis eyes let out a chilly look. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, she yelled, Get out!