My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Absolute Power

Li Dun did not wait for Yang Chen to reply. He continued with his attacks, this time with full force. The entire room was present with fragments of Li Duns presence!

Li Duns punches went from loud pops to booming pounds resounding in the whole area!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Countless clones of Li Dun appeared like computer graphics in sci-fi movies, embodying the immense heat of True Qi as they struck straight towards Yang Chen from all directions!

Yang Chen couldnt help but marvel at Li Duns cultivation. If it wasnt for him, Li Dun would have been the strongest in all of China among the ranks of Xiantian. He would reign supreme over the younger generation.

Yang Lie might be improving at an unprecedented rate, albeit under the influence of medication and Kunlun Sect. But in actual fact, his combat skills at this point might just be half that of Li Duns.

But a gap is a gap, and Yang Chen wouldnt lose a fight out of courtesy. Now that Li Dun had already demonstrated the peak of his powers, it was about time Yang Chen ended the duel.

At this moment, Li Dun like a meteor, channeled a fiery punch directly from the stratosphere aiming towards Yang Chen. If the punch missed Yang Chen and connected with the ground instead, there would be a hole several meters wide bored beneath!

Yang Chen lifted his hand with immense speed and instantly grabbed onto Li Duns wrist!

In the split second of which all of that happened no one on the ground could get a clear sight. All they saw however, was Li Duns body being dragged across the sky and tossed to the ground right next to where Yang Chen stood!

Li Dun was terrified. All that effort to accumulate his strength into that one punch amounted to absolutely nothing as Yang Chen effortlessly plucked him off the sky!

Without my right hand, theres still the left!

Having practised Tantric Buddhism, Li Dun gathered his internal True Qi on his left fist, which as a result seemed like glowing-hot steel, and threw a punch right into Yang Chens chest!

Even though it was just a friendly match, Li Dun was not planning to hold back. He knew that something like this wouldnt hurt Yang Chen too severely.

But he evidently underestimated Yang Chen


The punch went right into Yang Chens vital organs!

Yang Chen responded with inaction as he received the punch which amazingly enough, amounted to absolutely nothing. The True Qi dissipated into the air, and not a single mark was left on Yang Chens body.

Yang Chen cracked a grin, as he grabbed Li Duns right hand and flipped him over like a wrestlers smackdown!

Li Dun was nothing more than a flopping fish, as he flipped over Yang Chens head and straight to the dirt.


A loud, dull thump was heard as Li Duns torso collided into the marble floor of the arena. The entire training ground shook to its core as dust and debris engulfed its radius. A pit was created in the process.

If it was just any ordinary person, they would have ended up as minced meat by now. Yang Chen knew that anyone protected by Xiantian True Qi would only sustain some bruises at most.

The entire venue went dead silent. The only sounds that could be heard were the gulps of the men from Blunt Blade as they quivered with uncertainty.

Li Dun remained on the ground as he blankly stared at Yang Chen from below, unable to phrase his thoughts into words. It was the first time in his entire life he had lost with both eyes open. Any thoughts about the match would have to wait until he could comprehend what had just happened.

Yang Chen on the other hand was wondering if he was allowed to smoke in the area, since he hadnt been smoking since he came to Beijing. Now that he was more relaxed after blowing off some steam, he drew out a cigarette and lit it.

He stared downwards and said with a smile, I dont know if its true, but I think theres a reason the master named this team Blunt Blade. Trust me, it wasnt random.

A sharp, prized sword might be able to slice through the toughest of metals. But a thick and blunt weapon possesses an overpowering intensity that could decimate everything at sight.

Your right eye enables you to unleash a large array of skills. But it still couldnt close the gap between us. No matter how much you attack me, as long as I wield the supreme energy to suppress you, all your effort would still be futile.

That elder I suppose has left wisdom in the naming of your squad. The idea is to stay humble and be always eager to improveabsolute power is the key of your squad in becoming the greatest in the world.

Li Dun upon hearing what Yang Chen had to say stared blankly at him for the next few moments. He then gave a bitter smile. I lost. Fair and square.

Yang Chen nodded with encouragement. Well you dont have to think of yourself as weak. Im able to achieve what I have today because of all the extra effort I had to put in throughout the years. You should be proud of yourself to be able to achieve all that at such a young age.

Yang Chen was trying to lift Li Duns spirits even if the gap between the both of them were in unmeasurable terms. He believed that encouragement was the best he could do now.

Li Dun responded with an eye roll. From what I know about you, Im pretty sure youre younger than me.

Yang Chen turned bright red.Crap, I always forget that Im still a pretty boy. Tsk, must be the women around me that have me stressed out all the time. Itd be great if I could enjoy my youth messing around!he thought.

After witnessing crystal clear the difference in their might Li Dun thought that he should stick to being friends with Yang Chen and stop calling fights he couldnt win.

After Yang Chen helped Li Dun out of the pit, they left the training hall. The army scattered off as to give way to the two exiting men. But this time it was not to salute their captain, but from the awe of Yang Chens demonic presence!

Nonetheless, people who were trained to join special forces had learned to hide their fear, despite how incredible their opponents may seem!

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were too nowhere to be seen. They were not there to witness the duel, suggesting that they might have predicted the outcome of the battle so they were hardly interested to watch.

Li Dun might be bruised and in sore all over his body, but he was in no way seriously hurt. The duel however provided Li Dun with an opportunity to witness Yang Chens renowned prowess.

As it was sharp at noon, Li Dun suggested, Since you rarely come to Beijing, why dont I host you for a bit? Lets go for lunch. My treat.

Ever since Yang Chens arrival in Beijing he had spent a good number of hours at the hospital for Tang Wans treatment, and was subsequently invited for a duel by Li Dun. A meal was the exact thing that he needed right now. Even though he wasnt hungry, he believed it was always a good habit to consume meals on time. So he answered, I heard theres this place in Beijing called Heaven on Earth thats pretty good. Should we go there?

Li Dun hesitated, before he patted Yang Chen on the shoulder. Previously Premier Ning mentioned at the conference that we should reduce governmental expenses. Heaven on Earth is without a doubt over the budget line, so why dont we go to a new place? I like Northwestern cuisine, strong flavours and a spicy kick. I know a really authentic place. Lets go there instead, shall we?

Yang Chen honestly wasnt demanding in terms of what they were going to eat. After all it was Li Dun thats paying, so if he wanted Northwest cuisine then Northwest cuisine it was. Northwest cuisine? Is it like the chicken dish dapanji?

Li Dun replied with glee, Skip the chicken. For a friend like you, we should get meat. Something like beef or mutton!

Yang Chen liked the sound of that!

A little more than ten minutes later, they arrived at the place named Northwest Eatery. Yang Chen nearly threw a tantrum at the sight of it!

You meant this place? Yang Chens finger was trembling as he pointed at the store banner. It was a picture of cows and goats on a green field

It was called Halal Lanzhou Noodle Shop.

What he never would expect was that a member of one of the four dominant clansthe first grandson of the Li clan to invite him to a noodle parlor.Li Dun mentioned meat. Technically, there is meat here. But I literally could finish it in one quick biteYang Chen thought.

But since the little money spent on the meal was Li Duns treat, Yang Chen tolerated with it. After all, if the son of a major clan could enjoy a noodle parlor this much, why couldnt he as well?

Gulping down two huge bowls of noodles Yang Chen felt it was about right to call it a day. He started to organize a schedule in his mind.Tang Wan will need some rest after she returns home so I could still visit her tomorrow. But since I have some time left maybe I should go over to Yu Lei Entertainments Beijing branch and see what that kid Hui Lin is up to.

Hui Lin recently released a new album, and was also expecting her very first solo concert. It was safe to assume that she was quite busy. He understood she might be lonely these days, so it should be a good idea if he paid her a visit. Else he would have to genuinely apologize to her for coming to Beijing and not visiting her.

Li Dun, I need you to take me somewhere, Yang Chen demanded with no hesitation.

Li Dun was gulping down the remaining spoonfuls of broth, as he mumbled, Sure. Where to?

I need to go to Yu Lei Entertainments Beijing branch, Yang Chen said.

Li Dun heard his request and immediately pulled up his phone to do a little research. It is on the easternmost side of the 5th Ring Road. It will take a minimum of half an hour for us to get there. If I take you there I will still need to drive back home afterwards. What a waste of fuel! I think its a better idea for you to call a taxi.

Yang Chen grunted, Is everyone from the Li clan this thrifty?

Goddamnit. Even if you dont use the Hummer, cant you at least arrange for someone to take me there?!

Li Dun patted Yang Chen on the shoulder. Regardless of whether or not other people do their part, minimizing the usage of Earths resources starts from us. Even the rest of us at the army are environmentally aware. Im sure you are too.

Yang Chen at that instance understood one thingthe word friend sounded so perfect when everyone was still acquaintances. But now that they got closer, it became such a problematic word!

Yang Chen was done talking to Li Dun, he rushed to the entrance and immediately called a taxi. Sky Dragon and Ye Zi couldnt always babysit him even if they were willing to. Yang Chen wouldnt feel comfortable with it anyway.

But Li Dun was annoying enough to follow along. He passionately emphasized right before Yang Chen got into the car. Be careful! Dont get ripped by the driver!