My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 643

Chapter 643 Pocket Money

It was approximately midnight in Beijing. The lights in the Li residence were dim and barely covered a tiny space where three silhouettes encircled the study.

On the desk were tiny cups of freshly brewed white tea. The fragrant aroma engulfed the air around it radiating a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Li Moshen sat silently on his desk seat. In one hand was a copy of the paper, and the other was his personalized clay cup, which he took intermittent sips from.

On a separate end of the desk was Li Yunpeng, who was constantly staring across at his son Li Dun, visibly anxious with a tinge of blame towards him.

Li Dun acted all innocent as he sat with his leg crossed, presumably faking a nap with his eyes shut.

Li Yunpeng eventually broke the silence as he said to his son, Are you serious about this girl from the Tangs?

Li Dun right then opened his eyes and gave a strong nod. I recall telling the both of you, and I am pretty sure you heard it loud and clear.

You Li Yunpeng was perplexed as he shook his head. Son, I hand picked so many better girls for you but not once did you bat an eye. Now you just had to fall for this Tang Xin girl. Need I remind you she is not as simple as she plays herself out to be?

Li Dun shrugged. All I know is that a girl that couldnt care less about me when we first met, even to the extent of despising me, must not be ordinary. I could easily have guessed that shes hiding something that she wouldnt want the world to see.

Then why would you still go after her? Li Yunpeng frowned.

Because I have feelings. Like any normal human, I will chase those feelings, Li Dun replied with a bright smile.

Is this a joke to you?! Li Yunpeng raised his voice.

Alright, alright Li Moshen, slightly agitated, decided to finally put down his newspaper and intervene. Can the two of you just let me enjoy silence for a minute? Whats the point of this conversation, yelling and all.

Li Yunpeng anxiously replied, Father, this is regarding the little rascals future marriage. How can I not worry about it?

Back in the days when you married your wife I was also anxious. But you ended up marrying her anyway, and you later had this exact little rascal you were talking about, didnt you?

Li Yunpeng was caught off-guard. He quickly picked himself up and said, How is that the same? Back then we were in unallied families and that was the only problem between us. But this Tang Xin is

Li Yunpeng was about to finish his sentence before he understood that it was still an unproven rumor.

Li Moshen shook his head and said, Whats the difference? The men of the Li clan have always done things to great lengths for the ones we love. Regardless of how he fell for Tang Xin, now that hes already deeply in love, are you going to lock him in to stop him?

Li Dun laughed loudly. See, the old man knows better. Either way you couldnt lock me in even if you try.

Dont be too full of yourself. Li Moshen snorted. Your love interest Tang Xin has quite the background. Even if its still a secret now I can tell you why she hates you so much

No! Dont! Stop it!

Li Dun vigorously opposed his grandfathers idea, as he explained, I dont want to know the reasons, or the secrets behind it. When the time comes for me to find out, I want to hear it from her. Besides, if you both have kept it from me thus long, it must surely not have anything to do with our clan. So why should I care?

Hmph. When the day comes, dont blame us for not warning you. Li Yunpeng was clearly not fond of the situation.

Come on Dad. Whatever it is, shes still the first woman your son has ever fallen for. She might even be your daughter-in-law, so do you really have to curse her this bad? Li Dun grumbled.

Daughter-in-law? Hmph, if that day actually comes when you can get Tang Xin as my daughter-in-law, I swear to disregard all her past deeds. But that is if you can. Li Yunpeng was not buying it.

Just you wait! If I visit her every day to ask for her hand, I believe that day will surely come when she finally accepts my proposal!

Li Moshen was fed up with the arguments between the father and son. He abruptly cut into the conversation. Alright, alright. Whats the matter here? Duner is no longer a child anymore. How long are you going to keep him under his tight leash?

Li Yunpeng finally halted his fuss, with a deep frown he grabbed onto one of the tea cups and gulped down some tea.

Li Moshen turned to Li Dun. You had a duel with Yang Chen today, didnt you?

Li Dun was instantly re-energized at the question, as he excitedly replied, Gramps, guess who won?

Li Moshen sighed as he replied, Nonsense. Of course you lost. Doesnt take a genius to figure that one out.

Tsk tsk, so boring Li Dun felt dejected. To be honest, it was less of a duel but more like a childs play time to him. Throughout the entire duel he never even lifted his feet. He was just toying with me the whole time.

Naturally, Li Moshen replied with a mysterious smile. Currently Yang Chen reigns supreme to all beings but one. The rest of us can do no harm towards him. Do spend more time with him whenever you are free to improve your cultivation, or to improve the relations between the Yang and Li clans. Whichever the case may be, it will be beneficial to us.

Li Dun yawned. Itll be a problem on its own to expect Yang Chen to return to the Yang clan. But I dont mind all of that; hes a nice person, without all that two-faced nonsense. Ill treat him to another meal at the noodle stall then. Got to save up the rest of my money to buy Tang Xin some presents. Speaking of which, Gramps, now that Im going after this girl, cant you just spare me with a little more pocket money?

Get out!

Even at the edge of spring, the weather in Beijing was still chilly nonetheless.

The morning rays shone through the sliding doors onto the brown oak floor, creating a sense of warmth and zest.

On the spacious king-sized bed was a gorgeous female figure tightly embraced by a muscular man. Her long and alluring legs spread over the mans thighs. The only thing keeping the rest of her supple skin from the morning air was a brown linen blanket.

Her dark hair glazed on the side of the pillow, hiding half of her mesmerising face. All that could be seen were a pair of supple, pink cheeks.

As the sun gradually rose, the man forced his eyes open. And with that salivating mouth of his, he cracked a proud grin.

Lowering his head, he could see the gorgeous beauty sleeping in his arms. Yang Chens focus gradually shifted down to her cleavage. He was captivated by its unbelievable depth formed by the curves of her supple, captivating breasts.

The nude upper half of her body was glued tight to his, initiating an exhilarating feeling in his body.

The thought of them working tirelessly in bed till the wee hours of morning was still fresh in his head. The thought of it only made his crave for so much more.

But Tang Wan was still rather inept in her experience. And if it was not for his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture treatment upon her, she could never have lasted until midnight.

Her skin was immensely soft and supple, even for many women much younger than her. Her body was at the peak of womanhood, accentuating her curves. Yang Chen could only think of the Queen of Wales, Catherine, who could be placed on the same end of the spectrum.

But Tang Wans oriental allure was distinctively different from that of a passionate western charm like Catherines.

Men were mostly regarded as sexual beings. Regardless of what the consequences may be, when the urge arrives, nothing else would matter.

Tang Wan appeared to have had a pleasant dream, as she lifted her head and gave him a mesmerising smile. Her mature and feminine allure paired with the naivety of a young woman alluded a distinct, irresistible charm.

Yang Chen stared at her puffy lips and couldnt resist to give her a kiss. Smooch!

Tang Wan felt like she was bitten in her dreams and instantly woke up. She looked around drowsily before she started to get a grip on where she was and what had just happened.

She was not at all shy of her current position or the things that happened. After all, she had left those adolescent years behind for a while now. She was now a much more confident person, not to mention the vigour she recently discovered she had. She wasnt too worried about letting down her young lover now.

After Yang Chen stole a kiss, she lifted her head and got another kiss from him.

Did you sleep well? Yang Chen wrapped his arms around her before gently asking.

I was not quite sure when I fell asleep, but waking up right here definitely feels like a dream. Tang Wan closed her eyes as she calmly replied.

Yang Chen was curious about her answer. Why a dream?

Because it feels too good to be true.

Yang Chen kept his silence, he wasnt quite sure what she meant. It might be that her requirements were set too low, or that he was just taking advantage of her.

Yang Chen Tang Wan was barely awake as she forced her eyelids open. I missed you.

Yang Chen was confused. But Im here, whats there to miss?

Even if you right beside me, I still miss you. I really really do Tang Wan embraced Yang Chen tightly on the waist. I dont care if you laugh at me. But every day since I gave birth to Tang Tang, I had always been hoping for the day I can finally meet a guy that likes me, and to wake up in his embrace.

Even if I always tell Grandpa that I dont want to marry, that I can just live with my daughter and my brother, I tell him that just to stop his worry.

Yang Chen gently patted Tang Wan on her shoulder.

You know, I really wanted to melt into your being. Because I really dont want to get out of this bed. I know Im going to miss it so bad, Tang Wan earnestly mentioned.

Yang Chen laughed coyly. Why make it sound so frightening? Why dont I just eat you clean, thatll be faster!

Tang Wan saw the look on Yang Chens face and quickly knew he was up to no good. She immediately shook her head and emphasized, No, the suns already up. What if Tang Tang were to stumble upon us like this?

The kid is more understanding than you think. She knows that you have always dreamt of a man for yourself. Come on, if youre not moving then I will! Yang Chen gave a sinister grin as he flipped open the blankets, exposing her in her full glory. He then pushed her down as she hesitantly struggled, ready to continue last nights activities.

At the brink of invading her secret territory, Tang Tangs mellow voice resonated into the room.

Uncle! Mom! Wake up!