My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Vow And Kitchen

It was near lunchtime. Seeing that their work here had come to an end, Yang Chen decided to drag Liu Qingshan to a restaurant without asking him first.

Green Dragon Resort Hotel had a standardized set of 5-star facilities. Undoubtedly, the restaurant mustve been top-notch too as Liu Qingshan was the one paying for the meal.

However, he held a charcoal-black face throughout the meal.

This was because, whether Yang Chen was doing it on purpose or not, he had ordered two bulky steaks for his mains. Not to mention he wanted it extra-rare!

Liu Qingshans appetite had gone down the drain after the gruesome scene which had happened during the meeting. Yet, Yang Chen was cutting into his bloodstained steaks and enjoying it!

But Liu Qingshan wasnt one who hadnt seen blood in his life. He tolerated the nausea that had arisen within his body and contained his anger; he finished his lunch while trying his best to refrain from showing his weakness.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, had intended to disgust him. This was what he deserved for showing off his capability.

Wiping the grease off his mouth after his meal, Yang Chen felt his phone vibrate. Lifting it up, he realized the call was from Cai Yan.

He already knew what that was about. He answered and asked, Is Chief Cai calling to command an army to march north of China?

Cai Yan burst out laughing. What command? Im calling to tell you Ill be arriving in Beijing at ten in the morning tomorrow. You better be punctual.

So fast? asked Yang Chen, startled.

What do you mean? Are you reluctant to see me earlier? said Cai Yan, dissatisfied.

Immediately, Yang Chen noticed where he went wrong. He thought Cai Yan would need another three or four days to reach Beijing so he could spend these few days with the stunning Tang Wan. However, now that Cai Yan was coming tomorrow, he would feel embarrassed had he looked for Tang Wan tonight again.

It was quite unfortunate. Had Cai Yans friendship with Tang Wan be as close as that of Rose and Mo Qianni, he wouldve been able to enjoy his time even more.

But thered be plenty of chances to have fun in the future. For now, he figured it was wiser to fulfill Cai Yans wishes.

How could that be? I was just a tiny bit surprised. Babe Yanyan, remember to bring a coat on board. The air conditioner is quite chilly. I dont want you falling sick, said Yang Chen in a serious, caring tone.

Albeit knowing he had just pulled a trick, Cai Yan felt delighted. She said, How fake. You mustve been having fun with another woman. You probably would have forgotten about our meeting if I hadnt reminded you.

He almost let slip of a how did you know?, but he managed to restrain himself. He said, defensively, Chief, this one is truly innocent. Ive been looking forward to announcing our relationship to your parents every day and its been driving me crazy.

Sitting opposite him, Liu Qingshan now had a helpless look on his face. He could tell that the person on the phone was Yang Chens other lover. However, he didnt think that Yang Chen would speak about it in front of himYang Chens father-in-law! This guy must really be shameless.

Liu Qingshan was even starting to suspect if he had made a mistake by sending Liu Mingyu into Yang Chens arms.

After blabbering on the phone for a while, their conversation finally ended. A woman who has recently gotten the taste of love would usually have endless topics to talk about. Even though Yang Chen was not sick of it, he was starting to get rather tired.

Thinking how it would not look good if he sent somebody else to fetch Cai Yan from the airport, he raised his head and smiled at Liu Qingshan. Father-In-Law, you see, your son-in-law is all by himself in Beijing. I have nobody to take care of me here. How about lending me a vehicle.

Liu Qingshan snorted and said, Cant you get a car?

Yang Chen sighed. Arent we family?

Liu Qingshan paused for a moment and thought,Now hes acting like were a family! Why then did he try to disgust me just now?!

But Liu Qingshan wasnt one to hold grudges. He understood that Yang Chen may well be his strongest supporter in the future. So, he ordered his employee to retrieve a car from the garage for Yang Chen.

The hotel always had to offer rides to VIPs, so they owned quite a number of luxury cars.

Yang Chen did not choose an extravagant one. He took a brand-new deep blue BMW Z4, which was worth only about eight to nine hundred thousand yuan in China. It wasnt considered too rare so it wouldnt attract all the unnecessary attention.

Taking into account the fact that Liu Qingshan had just killed off the upper management of his society, there must be tons of things for him to settle. Yang Chen bade him a simple goodbye and left the hotel.

Perhaps it was because he had gotten used to driving his M3 in Zhonghai, he felt comfortable behind the wheel of another BMW. Although the settings of this car provided was 3 seconds slower than the M3 from 0 to100 kilometers per hour, he didnt need that kind of acceleration in this busy city.

Thanks to the GPS installed in the car, he located the Tang residence easily.

Once back at the place, the maids shot Yang Chen with curious glances. He had left walking out through those gates. How was it that he could return driving a car? Did he leave to buy a car?

After he parked the car, he headed towards Tang Wans mansion. However, within a short distance from where his car was parked, he noticed a bunch of people outside a mansion. They seemed to be maids who were poking in on some fun.

He was worried that the rest of the afternoon would be boring so he too decided to stick his nose into the scene before him. He walked into the crowd, squeezing his way through. Then realized what was happening.

Li Dun was back again, in the mansion that belonged to Tang Xin and her father.

Wearing completely white suit and pants, he held a large bouquet of white roses and he was down on one knee in front of the entrance.

On the steps of the staircase stood Tang Xin who was wearing a simple dress. She had her brows furrowed and arms crossed while staring down at the kneeling Li Dun helplessly.

Tang Xins father, whom Yang Chen had met only the day before, was looking anxious and troubled at the same time, muttering things behind her back.

Yang Chen grabbed a male attendant and asked, Whats going on?

The maid replied in a respectful voice, Mr Yang, Mr Li came here to propose to Miss Tang Xin. But she refused to accept it and Mr Li Dun wouldnt get up. And his actions are driving Miss Tang Xin insane.

Yang Chen could barely stop his laughter from bursting out.Propose? This guy is getting so impatient!

He didnt imagine Li Dun to be such a faithful and loyal guy, shamelessly thinking that he too shared this characteristic. He walked forward smilingly and patted Li Duns shoulders. Old Li, everyone buys red roses to propose these days. Why did you get white ones instead?

Li Dun had seen Yang Chen standing there for a while but he didnt bother to acknowledge his presence. All he did was kneel quietly. He took a sidelong glance at Yang Chen and said softly, You think I wanted to? Damn! I dont know why but the price of red roses has skyrocketed lately. Its not even Valentines day. I was left with no other choice since it was out of my budget. So I decided to settle with white ones!

Yang Chen at this point was certain that this guy really was stingy. Feeling a little comforted about the ramen he had with Li Dun, he said, You cant just kneel here in silence. You should at least say something touching.

Li Dun looked like he was on the verge of crying. Ive already said everything I can. The only thing left to do is to pull my heart out of my chest. I wouldnt be kneeling here if words were enough.

Right then, Tang Xin bit her lips, seeming to have made a decision. She shook her head gently and said, Mr Li, please return. I really cannot accept your proposal.

Li Dun pretended like he had heard nothing. He answered, Miss Tang Xin, please marry me!

The maids standing around him were trying to refrain themselves from laughing out loud. It was the most entertaining thing they had seen in a while.

Tang Xins father was getting anxious. He thought,Why is my daughter so idiotic? Its a blessing that the eldest son of the Li clan wants to marry her. If it were not for Li Duns admiration, there was no way she would ever get a chance to marry into the Li clan.

Xiner! Stop the nonsense! Are you trying to get your father killed? Youd bring us a lot of benefits by marrying Li Dun! whispered the father in Tang Xins ears.

Teary-eyed, she said quietly, Father, is my marriage only about bringing benefits to the clan?

The father looked startled; he didnt know what to say. He then ran down the steps, attempting to pull Li Dun to his feet. He said smilingly, Mr Li, please pardon Tang Xins behaviour. It is my fault for spoiling her. Dont keep kneeling! People would think were terrible hosts! Lets discuss this further after you get up. Its her blessing to be admired by you! Were absolutely in support of your marriage with Xiner.

However, how could Li Dun be ordered by just anybody? No matter how hard the father pulled him, he wouldnt budge.

Father-In-Law! You dont have to pull me. I wont get up. I must stay here until Miss Tang Xin says yes!

The people surrounding them came a mixture of gaspsfather-in-law?!

Even the father looked stunned as Li Dun had such determination. Tang Xin didnt have the slightest bit of inclination to accept him, but he already addressed her father as his father-in-law?!

The father didnt know whether to laugh or cry. He looked at Yang Chen and remembered that Li Dun was his friend. He requested, Mr Yang, please talk to Mr Li. This is starting to get out of hand. I can already feel myself a lot closer to death!

Before Yang Chen could speak, Li Dun shouted, Father-In-Law, may you live a long and prosperous life!

This time, everyone laughed whereas Mr Tang seemed to be near a nervous mental breakdown!

Yang Chen touched his forehead and thought,Its embarrassing to be associated with this guy. Hes just too shameless!Li Dun had momentarily made him forget how shameless Yang Chen himself was.

At this instance, Tang Xin suddenly straightened up and became stern. Mr Li, I’ll tell you honestly. The reason I cant accept you is because theres already someone I love. So please stop wasting your time!

After she had finished speaking, everyone looked at her incredulously. Not only was this outrageously brave of her, but since when did the quiet Miss Tang fall in love with someone? And who was that person who could compare with the likes of Li Dun?

Li Duns face stiffened, the fire in his eyes dying down a little. Then, he seemed to be considering Tang Xins words.

The father frowned as he walked forward. Xiner, is it true? Which clan is he from?

Tang Xin kept her silence and had her head held low. She looked like she preferred it this way.

The father wanted to probe Tang Xin but was stopped by Li Dun.

Father-In-Law! Please dont prod further. It doesnt matter who Miss Tang Xin fancies. Im fairly confident I can defeat that person!

This statement had almost become a vow.

Tang Xin raised her head and looked at the enthusiastic Li Dun, causing their eyes to meet. His face was full of confidence whilst hers was a mixture of torture and helplessness.

However, this time, he stood up voluntarily and said, Miss Tang Xin, thank you for being honest with me. Ill leave for now. But this doesnt mean that I have given up. Ill come by even more frequently to prove my sincerity. I also understand you need time to consider. Ill go now. I still have work to do in the military.

He tore his suit off, revealing his short-sleeved army wear, his face becoming serious once more.

Li Dun greeted Yang Chen goodbye and strode off, his hands still holding the white roses that werent received.

Now that he had left, the maids left in suit. Yang Chen took a glance at the dazed Tang Xin and the muttering father, his face lighting up with a gleeful look.

It took Yang Chen a while to walk towards Tang Wans mansion. Once he entered, he found no maids around but a graceful back view busying in the kitchen.

Tang Wans hair was held up in a ponytail. A lace gown caressed her body and she wore a wrinkled, grey short skirt underneath. Her long, smooth legs were a work of fine art, a carefully crafted piece.

Just her back view alone could make his heart pump faster.

Noticing his entry, Tang Wan turned her head and smiled. She then continued plucking the inedible parts off the snow peas.

Why have you returned so early? Didnt you say you wanted to bring Tang Tang to visit your relatives? He stopped behind her and circled her waist, tightening his grip. Naturally, he was able to feel her skin with her clothes being the only barrier. He took a deep breath, inhaling her scent.

She bit her lips shyly and said, Dont start touching me right after you came back. We werent supposed to be back home so early, but Tang Tang wanted to take a nap so we had to ditch the plan. You may go entertain yourself first. Im in the midst of preparing dinner.

He switched his focus elsewhere, to survey his surroundings. The mansion was empty except for Tang Tang, who was sleeping upstairs. He stopped his hands movement and changed his tactics. His hands started massaging the sensitive spots near her stomach.

Tang Wan knew at once what he was up to. However, without much of a chance to object, she felt that the curve of her left breast was grabbed

She whimpered.

Her breasts and her tummy felt hot, as if on fire. Electricity pulsed through her body, where she was most sensitive. She could feel herself becoming wet, as if a dam had been broken through.

Itd only been a while since she had a taste of it. But now, her urges came flooding back once her body was teased, like a raging forest fire, explosive and burning.

After years of keeping her virtue, a sudden exposure to intimacy had left her breathless yet excited. It was like gasping for air after a few minutes without oxygen, she wanted more.

His hot, ticklish breath grazed the skin near the back of her ear. She couldnt restrain herself any longer and let out a moan.

Dont… dont do it here. Her whole body had melted, like chocolate, into him. Sweet and tempting, her body was paralysed, the snow peas dropping out of her hands.

Hearing her irresistible voice, he felt his skin crawl and his core tremble. He laughed evilly, Well wake Tang Tang if we do it upstairs. I think the kitchen is fine. Come, just climb onto the tabletop. Ill do the rest.

She took a peek at the vast surface of the white, plastic tabletop, imagining how shed look laying on top. The mere thought of it sent her into a frenzy, making her face flush in embarrassment.

I dont want

Youd still need to do it no matter how much you hate the idea. He couldnt care less about womens contrasting words. He picked her up in a swift motion and placed her atop the tabletop.

With a sudden realisation, she found her full, gracefully curved backside facing him. She didnt dare open her eyes while she buried her face in her arms, trembling from excitement partly from fear.

Right then, she felt the cool air brush against her skin. Her skirt had been lifted up, exposing her. Knowing what to expect, Tang Wan was filled with anticipation.

But Yang Chen wasnt in a rush. He took time to enjoy the view in front of him: her perfect curvature, and her squirming, fair legs. Her struggles and excitement had enticed him further, making it harder for him to resist. And just as he finished enjoying the view, he gave in.

When the fire had finally entered her body, Tang Wan was in cloud nine. It was like entering a never-ending, endless abyss, drifting continuously into the unknown