My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Completely Clueless

These phrases were an extract of Du Fus famous poem. Albeit uneducated, due to Yang Chens photographic memory, he had been able to gather and store copious amounts of information over the years.

These two phrases meant: the host has never welcomed anyone into his home, but is now willing to do so for a specific guest.

Applying the meaning onto himself, Yang Chen knew that this was Yang Gongmings attempt at asking him to return to the clan.

Yang Chen had considered the pros of returning to the clan. But once he returned, hed have to face Yang Pojun and Yang Lie. He wasnt going to stoop so low as to fake his feelings towards them. If it was not for Guo Xuehuas and Yang Gongmings interference, as well as Yan Sanniangs presence, he might have already killed them both.

Yang Chen suddenly missed Lin Ruoxi. She had always given him precious advice on his family problems. He couldnt wait to go back and see her.

After a long while of staring at the words on the paper, he put it aside. He slowly walked down the hill, hopped on a bus then hired a taxi to return to the Cai residence.

It would only take him a few seconds to reach the house had he decided to use his powers. But he did not feel like using them. Firstly, he was not in a rush to return. Secondly, it would make him seem like a ghost, popping in and out unattended to.

He believed that if Yan Sanniang didnt have to rush to prove his identity at the Cai residence, she wouldve chosen a mundane form of transportation too.

Living in the same world as other normal people, he didnt think teleporting was a proud skill to possess. In fact, using it would let him lose touch with the things that made this life interesting. Just like how a billionaire would not show off his wealth by wearing clothes worth millions, which was only done by people who got rich overnight.

It was well into the evening when he arrived back at the Cai residence. The sun was setting, covering the whole courtyard in a shade of red.

He walked straight into the living room and saw his mother-in-law Jiang Shan talking to Cai Yuncheng. Yang Chen massaged the back of his skull apologetically. Courting Cai Yan had already made her so angry. Taking away Cai Ning too? Theres no telling what she would do.

"Oh, Yang Chen! Why are you back so late? I was worried about you," said Jiang Shan, her face shining with delight. Walking towards Yang Chen with light steps, she asked, "Are you still mad at me? Well, let me make it up to you by providing you with a delicious meal! Lets forget about the past. Were family now and Im sure you are a gentleman!"

Yang Chen felt tongue-tied. He slapped himself across the face to make sure it was not a dream. "Aunt, whats going on?"

Jiang Shan gave a sudden roll of eyes and said, "Whats going on? Nobody asked you to treat us as strangers. I was just complaining that you dont see us as your family!"

"Huh?" said Yang Chen, still confused and lost.

Ignoring his confusion, Jiang Shan continued smilingly, "Look at your silly face! As the mother of Cai Ning and Cai Yan, I give you my blessing. But in return, you must not mistreat them in any way, understood?"

Yang Chen was now gaping at her with his mouth opened wide. He wouldve been less shocked if Ares were to tell him that he would stop fighting forever.

As if her admiration towards Yang Chen was increasing, Jiang Shan patted him across the shoulders in an elderly manner and said, "Ill go prepare dinner now. You can chat with Uncle in the meantime."

After she had left, Yang Chen fell to the floor on the account that his knees became too weak to hold his body up.

Speechless, Cai Yuncheng shook his head upon seeing the awed look on Yang Chens face. "Are you too happy or too scared of what had happened?"

Yang Chen gulped. "Both."

"No need to be surprised. When you were out, Yong Yes parents swung by one more time to inform us about the wedding cancellation. They had also mentioned that the military, along with the court case, would be settled without causing Ninger any trouble. They even wished for our families to have a closer relationship in the future.

"Your aunt now knows your true identity, which explains her sudden transformation. Too bad I only found out about her other side after we got married" said Cai Yuncheng, his voice full of regrets.

Rolling his eyes, Yang Chen finally came to a realization. "Does being a Yang make life this convenient?"

"Of course," replied Cai Yuncheng. He took this opportunity to further elaborate the benefits. "Youve left China a long time now. You dont understand the effects the four dominant clans have on Beijing. Anyone who has a connection to these clans become untouchable. Even the few politicians we have now are in some ways, related to the four clans. I guess you can say that the majority of votes are from these four clans, so in a way theyre in control of the most important decisions in China.

"Even though your aunt is from an ordinary family, she was born and raised in Beijing. She knows perfectly well that if you receive your inheritance, itd make you stand on top of the hierarchy. Having multiple wives will not be a concern then. After all, the Yang clan only has two sons. They would be more than happy to accept more grandchildren."

Yang Chen touched his nose.I have to admit, returning to the Yang clan would make my love life easier. I guess I will find some time to pay the clan a visit,he thought, the idea of returning tempting him.

As with Cai Ning, he couldnt have imagined it to be solved so easily and rapidly. But it worked out in his favor as he did not have to exert his powers to deal with the situation.

Right when Yang Chen wanted to take his seat to talk to Cai Yuncheng, the two sisters had emerged, looking very peaceful and happy amongst themselves. He relaxed a little knowing that they did not fight.

Without noting her fathers presence, Cai Yan sat on his lap and hooked her arms over his neck. "Pervert, lets go out to eat."

Yang Chen looked at Cai Yuncheng awkwardly, who was furrowing his brows, then shifted his gaze to the smiling Cai Ning, who was standing at the side. "Cant you behave a little? Youre making me shy already. Also, your mother is already preparing for dinner. Why eat out?"

"Today is a day worth celebrating! Dont tell me you dont have money in that wallet of yours. Its fine, Elder Sister will pay for us," said Cai Yan, standing up and dragging Yang Chen towards the door.

Without much resistance, he followed her to the door while turning his head to Cai Ning. "Youre going too?"

Cai Ning nodded her head slightly. "Yes, Yanyan wants to celebrate my escape from misery."

He thought,Makes sense.

Cai Yuncheng let out two coughs and said in a stern voice, "Dont create problems right after you got back in Beijing."

Cai Yan made silly faces at her father, then said, "Hmph! What can I really do? I havent been back here in awhile"

Cai Yuncheng merely waved his hands to let it go.

After leaving the house, the three of them entered Yang Chens car. Cai Yan rushed over to sit in the passenger seat and before even getting her seatbelt buckled, she ordered, "Navigate Sky Building using the GPS."

"Sky Building? What kind of place is that?" asked Yang Chen weakly. "What kind of food do they serve?"

Cai Yan smiled, and said, "Its a place with good food and alcohol. We can even dance and sing there if we want to."

With a sudden realization, he rolled his eyes. "Nightclub?"

"Yes but its considered to be a high-end place. You cannot enter without their member card," she said joyously.

"Then why did you lie to me just now?" said Yang Chen, his voice bored.

"Are you stupid? Why would I lie to you? If I had said were going to a nightclub, Father would have grounded us in the house. He also doesnt fancy the idea of girls drinking," she said rather embarrassingly.

Yang Chen felt speechless.Perhaps Cai Yan should not be Cai Nings sister, but Tang Tangs instead.

But giving it an extra thought, everything was almost settled. Tang Wans issue was mostly settled. The thing with Cai Ning was smoothed over rather nicely. He had paid Hui Lin a visit and he was about to return to Zhonghai. Before leaving Beijing, he figured it wouldnt hurt to have a little fun.

While journeying to the nightclub, Yang Chen asked curiously, "What did you guys talk about the whole afternoon?"

Cai Yan replied smilingly, "You want to know?"

He nodded his head rather sharply.

"Then I will not tell you." She wrinkled her nose while saying that.

Yang Chen turned around to hint at Cai Ning, "If the younger one doesnt talk, the older one will."

However, Cai Nings gaze was rested on the sceneries outside, without a single glance at him.

He suddenly panicked.Are these two thinking of ways to deal with me in the future? Guess I should attack first. Maybe I should find some time to get them both in bed.

With all these thoughts swarming his head, he eventually arrived and found the parking lot in front of the nightclub.

Without connection to high-end social groups, one could never find the opportunity to open such an elegant, exquisite nightclub. Even the parking lot appeared luxurious. He could only imagine what the insides would look like.

He drove his car straight to the door of the nightclub. A server was ready to take over the wheels and to park the car. It occurred to him how frequently Cai Yan mustve come to this place. She tipped the server a hundred yuan.

Yang Chen laughed. "Tell me the truth. Have you been accepting bribery?"

Cai Yan walked forward to link her arm with his and said innocently, "Dear, arent you going to reimburse anything I have spent? Im already yours after all."

He felt his facial muscles stiffen. Looking at Cai Ning who was trying to hold her laughter in, he said, "Ninger, would you like to hold my other hand?"

But Cai Ning couldnt get past herself to be so intimate with someone. She pursed her lips, and continued to move towards the door by herself.

However, after a mere two steps from where he was standing, there came a mans voice from behind

"Wait, wait! Let me enter with you!"

Hearing this familiar voice made his head burn. "Why are you everywhere?"

The voice belonged to Li Dun who was wearing a cheap-looking coat. But the guy still looked as energetic as usual. He laughed crazily, "I went to the Cai residence to look for you but you already left. So I had to follow you all the way here. This place is too expensive for me to afford, I still need to save up for my pursue on Tang Xin. So I thought I could follow someone who would treat me!"

Yang Chen had long gotten used to Li Duns shamelessness. He was too lazy to entertain the latter.

Cai Yan recognized Li Dun, though. She said coldly, "Mr Li could get a free entry by just showing up. Why would you want to waste my Yang Chens hard-earned money?"

Yang Chen had barely held his posture.Great, my money has somehow become hard-earned this time.

Due to his thick skin, Li Dun had no reaction to Cai Yans words. "Well, Ive heard about how Sister Cai Ning is finally rid of my useless cousin. She has even found herself a nice relationship to accompany her break up. Of course I must come celebrate!"

Looking at his face, he seemed to be on Cai Nings side, instead of his own cousins. This made her face flush.

Once they entered the nightclub, they proceeded to the largest open area to find an empty spot, which could allow them to enjoy the songs and dances performed.

It was pretty obvious that Cai Ning would not dance at a place like this. However, she had probably been here on some mission, so she wasnt too uncomfortable with the place.

When the four of them walked past the dance floor to occupy a milky-white sofa, the people around threw curious glances at them. No doubt the main reason was the beauty of the Cai sisters that stood out, even amongst all the stunning ladies on the dance floor.

But some people from the upper class had noticed the guy following the sistersLi Dun who was known to live a quiet life. Someone who rarely appeared in public. Given this rare opportunity, instead of focusing on the ladies, many men seemed to be plotting their strategies to approach him in a subtle way to avoid any offence. As for Yang Chen, he was still a stranger to everyone. They assumed that he was just a close friend to the Li clan.

Once seated, Cai Yan ordered a ton of food and alcohol. She then entered the dance floor, and danced her heart out with the youngsters that were there.

Noticing the dazed expression on Yang Chens face, Cai Ning said smilingly, "You should know that Yanyan is a very active person. But because she is a police chief in Zhonghai, she has to refrain herself from going to nightclubs, afraid of scandals revolving such behaviors. Hence, this explains why she would often visit the nightclubs in Beijing instead."

It only took a short time for his doubts and confusion to occupy his mind. Letting Cai Yans wild self be, he started filling his empty stomach with tempting pastries and fruits on the table.

Li Dun couldn’t care less about his ego. He filled up a glassful of whisky and ordered himself a steak, the noise and craziness around him did not seem to dull his mood.

Cai Ning ate some grapes silently, without showing any inclination that she wanted to dance. She seemed to be existing in a total different dimension.

Chewing on a piece of cake, Yang Chen noted, "Ninger, dont you want to join Cai Yan? Whats so fun watching the both of us eating?"

"I dont know how," replied Cai Ning while shaking her head.

"Whats there to know about? Its just shaking your backside. Look at Yanyan, shes like a dumb bear now. On the other hand, you are extremely graceful. Anything you do would look better than Cai Yan," he said smilingly.

Yet again, Cai Ning shook her head as if his words were not taken seriously.

He sighed. "Ive been wanting to say this to you. Im already considered way too mature for my age. But you, youre even worse than me! Youre like a pre-elderly person! If you continue acting this way, your sister will outshine you in no time."

Curious, she asked, "What does Yanyan have that I dont?"

"Tsk tsk," he laughed. "Youre quite confident, arent you?"

"Why wouldnt I be? Unless Im uglier than Yanyan?" Cai Ning said unhappily. No one would feel pleased to be compared to another person, even if it was her own sister.

He said, "Well, at least theres something Yanyan is really good at, but youre completely clueless about."

"What is it?" asked Cai Ning.

This had peaked the curiosity of Li Dun, who had raised his head to listen intently at the pair.

Yang Chen had put down everything in his hands and shuffled near Cai Ning while breathing hot air to her ears. "Babe, do you know how to flirt?"