My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 66

Chapter 66: So What If I Saw All Of It
Chapter 66 So what if I saw all of it

This chapter is still quite NSFW

Department Head Ma felt scorching hot all over. He no longer gave a damn about being filmed. His big mouth started biting all over the ladys young body; his hands also began exerting more strength as he pinched the ladys soft breasts. He then forcefully tore off the black lacy underwear she had on.

The lady also passionately began to reciprocate, she unceasingly kissed and tongued with Department Head Ma. Her pair of long jade-like arms caressed onto Department Head Mas fat and robust lower back.

Yang Chen saw how engrossed the two were, and felt a little hot inside, however he naturally wouldnt be so mad as to join in the fray. Although that lady could be considered a beauty, when compared to the other ladies by his side, she was considerably inferior. Moreover, Im not a casual person.

Department Head Ma, dont waste the props you brought, these things arent cheap, why not use it? Said Yang Chen as he venomously smiled.

Department Head Mas head popped out from a tight spot between the ladys breasts, his face was totally red, and his eyes were blazing, he couldnt care less about Yang Chens malicious smile, and very quickly picked up a few toys he brought here from the cabinet, and began using them on the lady.

Wu Wu Although the lady had also received such treatment in the past, this time was extremely intense, and she couldnt stop tearing. But she didnt stop Department Head Ma, and instead conformed to his frenzied movements. Her whimpering began to turn strangely charming and gentle.

The flames of war that followed became more and more intense, when Department Head Ma was deeply engrossed into the play, he began to give his all on an expedition wreaking havoc onto the womans body. Half an hour had already passed, and their foreplay was complete. The single-sized bed was full of their frenzied vestiges, their fishy smells pervaded through the air.

Yang Chen was greatly excited as he watched, and kept giving suggestions on the side, Department Head Ma! Dont just do one position, change positions, so that the result of the filming will be even better!

At that moment, the hotel room truly became a filming studio.

Other than directing, Yang Chen also took some splendid photos from time to time, the shutter was snapped repeatedly, the angle of the video camera also changed from time to time. He was much more dedicated now than when he worked in the office.

It was a pity that there was a disparity between Department Head Mas standards of actual battle and his acting skills. After a mere 5 to 6 minutes, Department Head Ma laid on the ladys shining white back, gasping for breath and unable to move, like a pug.

However, the lady never received her satisfaction, she swung her outstanding butt, intending to end this play.

Department Head Ma vaguely cursed, it was unknown what he called the lady. He brought out several odd-looking tools, and with a series of movements, it was the lady who climaxed.

Only after the two stopped to rest did they realized what they had done, they saw the satisfied Yang Chen taking out the video and digital cameras SD cards, and couldnt help but reveal faces full of despair.

You Will you honor your promise to not spread this out? Department Head Ma prudently asked. Due to his lingering fear of being hit, he used his hand to cover his cheek, and spoke very softly.

As long as youre well-behaved, I definitely wont waste my time playing with you. Said Yang Chen.

Department Head Ma sighed a breath of relief, but in order to feel more secure, he said, When I have the chance I will mention you to the HR department and the other high-ranking employees, so you can get promoted quicker.

Yang Chen smiled and said, I dont care about such things, but you better leave this place with this woman quickly, I dont really want to see your face. As for these equipment of yours, take them all away as well.

Department Head Ma immediately shuddered. He picked up his clothes that were strewn on the floor and put them on, while also rushing the lady who was resting to quickly put on her clothes.

When the two finished putting on their clothes and picked up their bags, they were ready to flee, before Yang Chen reminded them, Leave the money for the room, I will check-out the hotel room later.

Department Head Ma stumbled; he hastily took out several large notes and placed it on the bed. He then smiled sadly and rushed out of the door with the lady, as if he wasnt willing to stay for a moment longer.

After the two left, Yang Chen did a simple cleaning of the room, and sat on the bedside where Liu Mingyu slept, he gently smiled and said, Sis Mingyu, you dont need to pretend that youre sleeping anymore, your face is so red, those who dont know what happened would think that youre having a high fever.

Liu Mingyu slowly opened her eyes. Because she was feeling shy, her eyelashes trembled a bit, and her beautiful and tender face looked especially pitiful.

After slowly getting up, she limply leaned against the headboard, looked at Yang Chen with an embarrassed expression, and with her head slanted she softly asked, You knew I was awake from the start?

It was indeed inappropriate to wake up in the situation earlier, which was why I had them rush out, otherwise it might stifle you too much. Yang Chen honestly replied.

Liu Mingyu bit her lip, and suddenly smiled sweetly, Youre really a bad person, they were nearly toyed to death by you shouting like you were slaughtering pigs.

If I dont toy with them, they will find a way to toy with you. I believe youre not selfless to the point of sacrificing yourself, right?

What do you mean sacrificing myself You only know how to speak nonsense! Liu Mingyu playfully pouted as she rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, But I still have to thank you, I had already resigned myself to fate, I never expected that you would suddenly appear.

To Liu Mingyu, the changes before her eyes were indeed too abrupt, it was like Yang Chens appearance directly pulled her out from the depths of the abyss and into heaven. If it wasnt for her experiences in the business world, she wouldve forgotten to express her gratitude and cried out loudly. But without a doubt, she felt extremely thankful to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders, It was no big deal. However, sis Mingyu, Im very curious, whats your impression of the filming earlier?

Seeing Yang Chen reveal a strange expression, Liu Mingyu could only feel her heart thumping, it was an odd feeling to her. She hung her head down, and stroked her messy hair, I only saw a little bit, and dont know anything.

But I seem to remember, that not long after they started kissing, you opened your eyes Could it be that sis Mingyu has selective memory?

Liu Mingyu finally couldnt endure talking about this dirty topic anymore, she got up and smacked Yang Chens back several times. Her cheeks were both red as she said, Thats right! I saw it all! So what if I saw all of it, wasnt it all your fault, you rogue!

Sis Mingyu, you must make things clear, the fault lies in Department Head Ma, I purposefully came to rescue you because I felt concerned about you. Yang Chen righteously spoke.

You obviously knew that I was awake yet you still asked them to do those those vulgar things, you definitely wont sleep well! Liu Mingyu complained, but with her beautiful eyes she followed up asking, Youre already married, yet youre still not upright, it cant be that you and your wife like to play like them, right?

Yang Chen was speechless, thinking about what if he did those things to Lin Ruoxi, and suddenly shivered. Wouldnt she cut my little brother off? Hence he awkwardly laughed a little, Lets put an end to this topic for now, sis Mingyu you should first tidy yourself up, then return to the office.

Liu Mingyu took a step back, and no longer continued on that topic, she frowned and nodded, This place stinks too much, lets hurry up and leave.

When they got out of Flowing Cloud Hotel, it was already lunch time, Liu Mingyu came back from deaths door and felt a little frightened, but felt even more joyful, looking at the watch, she hesitated for a moment and said to Yang Chen, Yang Chen, I want to thank you properly, how about I treat you to lunch?

Thats fine of course, but my appetite is rather big, so did you bring enough money, sis Mingyu?

When Liu Mingyu saw that Yang Chen agreed, she happily and charmingly rolled her eyes at him, Who cares if you have your fill or eat well.