My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 662

Chapter 662 The Premier's Wife

Luo Cuishan nodded to the policemen with a smile, but her attention was on Yang Chen seated by the side. With a curious look, she said, Didnt expect our first official meeting to be in such an occasion. Yang Chen, if I recall correctly?

Yang Chen was not surprised that she could identify him. As the lead woman of the Ning clan, it wouldve been quite embarrassing if she didnt.

Well this is not time for chit-chat. Yang Chen couldnt read her intentions, so he decided to just ignore her completely and make his way into the police station .

The two policemen on duty instantly tried to obstruct his entry. But from a distance they felt an inexplicable pressure forcing them back.

The two of them were stunned as they stumbled backwards while trying to stand.

Luo Cuishan frowned slightly as she ordered the policemen, Thats fine, let him be. You may excuse yourself from these matters today.

The policemen immediately saluted Luo Cuishan before escorting her into the station.

Having sensed the surroundings, Yang Chen found Hui Lins exact location in no time. He took a few quick turns and arrived at a huge, well-lit office with a few policemen and some officers standing around the large table.

Among the parties present were Luo Sheng and the model Liu Zishan as they sat in one corner, with several staffs behind their backs.

Meanwhile Hui Lin sat all alone in another corner, visibly afraid. She looked no different than a guilty school child being called to the principals office.

Opposite her, a stern police officer was interrogating her in an impatient manner.

Miss Lin Hui, Im going to ask you one last time. Do you admit to physically assaulting Director Luo Sheng? You can continue to remain silent, but Ill warn you that our patience has a limit, the stern police officer furiously taunted.

Hui Lin lifted her head, tears falling from her pupils as she mumbled, I punched him because I was trying to protect someone.

There, she admitted to her crime, Officer. You heard it yourself. One side of Luo Shengs face was visibly swollen. He looked identical to an overgrown melon. He pointed at Hui Lin while he ranted, Officer, she said it loud and clear. Can you please arrest this crazy woman now?

Just as Luo Sheng made his request, Yang Chen strode right into the room. The sights he saw deeply infuriated him. It was exactly like he had expected. An entire group of people ganged up against Hui Lin.

Eat shit, Yang Chen mumbled those words before he instantly appeared next to Luo Sheng and gave him a smack on the swollen side of his face. It was so hard that he sent him flying in the opposite direction.

Before Luo Sheng realised what just happened he was flipped out of his chair.


The entire fleet of chairs fell down like dominos, amidst the gasps of the masses Luo Sheng was like a ball of grease stumbled to the corner of the room.

Only then did the policemen on duty noticed Yang Chens surprise appearance.

Brother Yang! Hui Lin was delighted as she ran into his embrace like a lost child. Her body was still trembling in fear of the recent events.

Yang Chen hugged her with one arm. Youre going to be fine.

Hui Lin vigorously nodded as she wiped the tears off her eyes.

Luo Cuishan entered the office just as she witnessed Yang Chen smacking her brother on the face. Her noble appearance instantly morphed into hatred as she glared at Yang Chen, before running to tend to her brother.

Sheng, are you okay? Luo Cuishan worryingly tended to him.

Luo Sheng noticed his sisters presence and immediately broke into tears. Nobody could tell if they were actual tears. Elder Sister, youre finally here. I just got assaulted two times today. Two times! You gotta avenge me!

The police officer was terrified by the presence of the premiers wife, especially when her only brother was beaten up in his police station?! If she decided to press charges, they would be screwed!

Luo Cuishan however kept her cool as she coldly replied, I didnt know that victims could get assaulted in police stations. Is that how your interrogations go these days?

Chief Luo, please dont misunderstand. We will arrest this rascal right away. The stern officer was peltering in sweat as he instantly ordered the policemen on duty, What are you guys waiting for? Arrest him!

The eight other policemen on duty were aware of the severity of the incident. They immediately hurled themselves towards Yang Chen all at once!

Yang Chen was completely unfazed by the lot. But in an effort to keep a low profile, he swatted his hands across the air as if chasing a mosquito away.

His actions albeit small, repelled the trained policemen like flies as they were tossed to the corners of the office.

The reactions he gathered from that were panic and confusion. Even Luo Cuishan was alarmed by Yang Chens disregard of the police force. In Beijing, an act of aggression against the police force could mean a strife against the entire police force of the nation!

Noteworthy of its venue as the police headquarters of Beijing, immediately after Yang Chen sent the policemen flying, an organised troop of two dozen armed policemen marched into the office.

The police officer felt relieved as the tides had turned for him. He was reminded of his pistol in his belt as he drawn it and aimed right at Yang Chen, before he taunted, I dont care what you are. But youre now outnumbered. Surrender now or we will not hold back.

The armed policemen surrounded Yang Chen in a formation as they raised their weapons. Any movement from Yang Chen would result in his head getting blown off.

Yang Chen had a gleam of sombreness in his eyes. He smiled towards Hui Lin in his arms. Hui Lin, Im afraid that Im going to have to kill again today.

Hui Lin was taken aback by his statement as she furiously shook her head. No Brother Yang, we should talk about this. We can get a lawyer to bail us out. If you were to kill someone here, well be in huge trouble.

Killing these people would be my last resort. But does it look like we are in a position to demand a lawyer? Yang Chen frustratedly sighed.

At this moment, Luo Cuishan abruptly shifted her attitude as she gave Yang Chen a polite smile. Ive always wanted to meet you Yang Chen. Im not sure if you knew, but your mother and I used to be college mates. When I heard that she was reunited with her long-lost son I was so happy for her.

Actually, we all know todays incident can be avoided. Its nothing that we cannot sit down and discuss. If you were to stir up a mess with my brother over a petty matter like this, wouldnt that spoil the peaceful relationship between our Ning clan and yours? My husband and I deeply respect your grandfather. I know you well enough to know that these weapons will not harm you in the slightest. So could we bring this topic elsewhere and discuss it in a more civilized manner? This is not worth making a huge fuss about right?

Yang Chen squinted his eyes as he mockingly laughed. Are you trying to make me thank you afterwards?

Please dont overthink this Yang Chen. Like I said, your mother and I used to be classmates. As a senior acquaintance I wouldnt wish for you to walk down the wrong path. I understand that young people tend to make rash decisions, so I am willing to talk it through. I promise I wont make it tough for you or that girl from the Lin clan, Luo Cuishan advised with a smile.

Luo Sheng at a corner, still dazed from the beating. He whispered into his sisters ear, Sister, whats this? Is the kid really from the Yang clan?

Luo Cuishan glared at him. Im cleaning up your mess right now. It would be great if you could just shut the hell up for a minute.

Luo Sheng quickly shut his mouth as he dizzily glanced at the other staffs and the model Liu Zishan. All of them were visibly shocked at the incident.

Yang Chen giggled. I really couldnt care less about your relationship with my mom, or what your background is. But from what you know, Im sure you were pretty thorough with your search on my profile, the intentions of which, I assume, are not that good.

Look, everybody knows about my feud with your pathetic son. So I guess you will find this out one way or another. Just a while ago at Sky Building I made Ning Guodong kneel before me in front of everyone. Im actually quite surprised he hasnt run back to weep in your arms yet.

Luo Cuishan turned pale as she pictured the scene in her mind.Ning Guodong, my son, kneeling?!Her smile of decency instantly vanished, and a gush of fury took its place.

What, cant take it anymore? Yang Chen had no plans in stopping. Im telling you this to make sure you understand that our problems and conflicts do not stem from my generation. The root of the conflicts was planted by the ones before us, yourself included.

You wanted to fake your intentions. Well its up to you, but Im not one bit interested.

Lin Hui is my wifes only sister. And if you have not yet noticed, we care for her deeply. She is my family and as long as I live and breathe, nobody touches her the wrong way. Im going to be extremely frank with you. Your brother is straddling on a very delicate line. Just a peep from him would be sufficient for me to slaughter him right here, right now.

Luo Cuishan tried her best to remain calm as she replied, Youre definitely Xuehuas son. Even if you were not present in China for the better part of your life, your language reminds me of her. However, Yang Chen, youre still too young to understand.

Judging by the situation, even if you forcefully escort her out, according to the rule of law, I believe there is complete evidence that she physically assaulted my brother. I have more than enough evidence to press charges against her.

I know shes recently been busy with a concert and an album, right? Wouldnt it be such a pity if she falls from grace at this point of her career?

Is that so? Yang Chen ominously laughed. Im betting that youll be changing that ridiculous thought of yours pretty soon.