My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 700

Chapter 700 A Respectable Lifestyle


Yang Chen took a look at it, let out a long sigh, and continued driving.

Liu Mingyu saw part of the message. It was filled to the brim with Italian words. Puzzled, she asked, "Is that a foreign friend of yours?"

Yang Chen smiled vaguely. "I guess you could say that."

"There seems to be something bugging you," Liu Mingyu asked in a concerned tone.

Yang Chen thought for a bit before he said what he had in mind, "Babe, do you think Ruoxi is a brutal and heartless person?"

Liu Mingyu was caught off-guard before she hit Yang Chen incessantly, not knowing how she was supposed to feel. Frustrated, she said, "Why would you ask such a question? And its even about your wife! I know Im the third wheel here but dont expect me to talk behind her back!"

Yang Chen forced a smile gloomily. "You misunderstood. I was just casually asking about what you feel about Ruoxi. Not gossip behind her back."

Liu Mingyu gave him the look of despise. She then genuinely thought about her answer before she replied, "If I really have to answer, I feel that its true half of the time."


Liu Mingyu continued, "Boss Lin is definitely not a weak-minded person, to say the least. Just like the previous crisis over with Goodman in Europe, Boss Lin unhesitatingly drained the swamp. Her actions were surely not for the faint of heart.

"Not to mention the time when she was just promoted to the CEO, I had just joined the company for a little over a year. She unapologetically flushed out highly ranked senior employees that were in opposition through direct and indirect ways. She drove them out from the company despite all the work they had done in the past for the benefit of the company.

"If that wasnt the case, Boss Lin wouldnt have owned more than ninety percent of the companys shares in the past. A large majority of that came from the hands of our former major shareholders, some of whom even had to declare bankruptcy because of her"

Yang Chen was a little surprised as he smiled bitterly. "No wonder she had such a huge slice of the company all to herself. Turns out she robbed the other investors of their shares. Tsk tsk, its no wonder that shes made so many enemies along the way."

Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes. "Well, she earned it herself, didnt she? In the business world, a loss is a loss. While many hate her for her merciless personality, they all genuinely rever her competence."

Yang Chen nodded. "Then what about the other half?"

"The other half would be" Ling Mingyu smiled before she continued, "That any employee who could dedicate their heart and soul for the company will be acknowledged and highly rewarded. Oh yeah, not to mention the charitable contributions made by Yu Lei International have ranked top 3 within the country year after year. Boss Lin didnt want publicize them either, so the media rarely report on it. But we, being in the management, are all aware."

Yang Chen too was aware of this side of hers. After all, Lin Ruoxi would periodically visit orphanages to meet the children. As time went by, it was evident that she did it with full sincerity.

"All in all, I personally feel that with business rivalry and competition aside, Boss Lin truly has a side of her thats genuinely loving and kind. Heres the most obvious of all examples, while Qianni and I have ties with her husband, she has never lost her trust towards either of us. I dont believe that a person like that could mistreat their loved ones, which is why I said shes not always cold and stern." Liu Mingyu chuckled before she mumbled, "Oh please dont tell her about anything I said here. I wouldnt want to risk being fired."

Yang Chen forcefully cracked a smile, but at that moment he felt guilty nonetheless. Liu Mingyu was right. Even for a walking scum like Lin Kun, Lin Ruoxi couldnt bear to watch him die, in certain ways she truly had a heart of gold.

"What if, I want to protect her but in the process hurt someone whom she cares a lot about. What do you think shed do?" Yang Chen asked casually.

"What do you plan to do?" Liu Mingyu immediately caught the deeper meaning in his question.

"Nothing, it was a hypothetical question." Yang Chen quickly brushed it off.

Liu Mingyu hesitated for a moment before she continued, "If there really is something, Id suggest you not to do it. Boss Lin has a headstrong personality. Even if she doesnt end up hating you, she might need some time before she can move on from it."

Yang Chen slowly exhaled, unwilling to speak no more.

As sending Liu Mingyu to the office, Yang Chen looked for a secluded corner and made a call to Adeline.

Adeline who had been tailing Li Minghe instantly reported everything she observed, "Your Majesty Pluto, I genuinely apologize but Im temporarily unable to approach the mansion. Instead of the usual common infantry presence, it would seem like they have a team of special ops personnel guarding the mansion. I would definitely be discovered if I move any closer. But if you need to me to disarm these men I would gladly do so. I just need a little bit of time."

"Thats not necessary, theyre not the enemy. You just need to keep an eye for any movement in and out the mansion. You may call Molin for reinforcements. Make sure any contact between Li Minghe and the outside world be closely monitored," Yang Chen ordered.


After he ended the call, Yang Chen was contemplating over his next move. If he were to show up at where Li Minghe was hiding right now, there actually wasnt much that could be done. After all, the biggest issues were at Yu Lei.

Even though it was possible to pump tens of billions into the investment funds to potentially save the situation, it clearly wasnt very practical.

The problem was not money, but the image of the company and Lin Ruoxi herself, a move her pride wouldnt allow her to do.

As long as Li Minghes mastermind had yet to appear, Yang Chen was not in a hurry to swoop the net. Even if Yu Lei couldnt escape this crisis, he had to make sure the perpetrator would pay the price.

Meanwhile in Beijing, compared to the other dominant clans, the Ning clan had the closest ties to the government. Excluding their vacant ancestral home, their residing estates were located by the edge of the government offices. The modern design blended into its office surroundings.

Immediately after getting home from the premiers office, Ning Guangyao rushed straight to his study room without taking any time to rest.

After hanging his coat, he flipped his laptop open to browse the latest news. At the top of the page was none other than the chaos at Yu Lei International.

Ning Guangyao frowned deeply before he abruptly grabbed his phone by his side and dialed up a number.

The call got connected within a few seconds. The noise of womens scream and loud music could be heard.

As the surroundings were noisy, the man yelled over the phone, "Premier Ning, what brought you to dial me up at this hour I wonder?"

Ning Guangyao was disgusted and distraught as he grunted, "Minister Jin, as a core member of the central government, I strongly recommend you to uphold a respectable lifestyle."

The minister laughed hysterically as he replied, "Oh my mistake, Premier Ning. I just happened to reunite with an old schoolmate. Nevertheless, Ill take your advice in mind!"

Ning Guangyao was visibly in a hurry to pass the message through as he continued, "I just found out this afternoon that something happened in Zhonghai, am I right? Being in the management of the Banking Regulatory Commission, has Minister Jin taken any counter-measures in regards to that, I wonder?"

Minister Kim gave a delayed reply, presumably in the influence of alcohol. "The one you sir are talking about is the crisis over at Yu Lei International right? Oh, that is a huge problem no doubt, but all in all, to maintain healthy competition between businesses, we can only make sure the banks remain neutral."

"Yu Lei is the kingpin among all Zhonghai enterprises. Its survival is undoubtedly intertwined with the economy of Beijing as well! We mustnt let it collapse just like this! Minister Kim, make sure all major banks offer effective support towards the company. I expect you to be active on this matter," Ning Guangyao lectured.

Minister Kim, however, was rather dumbfounded at his decision but nonetheless could sense his urgency on the matter. Thus, he obediently agreed, "Alalright Premier Ning has a valid point. I will order my subordinates to arrange financial support for Yu Lei accordingly."

Ning Guangyao aggressively snorted before he resolutely hung up.

As he calmed himself down, Ning Guangyao worryingly trotted in circles around his room before he ultimately stopped.

He silently retrieved his suitcase, and searched through the contents for a yellowed photo, in it was the face of a mesmerizing girl.

Right at this moment, the voice of a woman could be heard from outside the room. "Guangyao, are you in there? Im coming in now"