My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 713

Chapter 713 The Unlucky Halo


After leaving in his car, Yang Chens mind was considerably emptier. After everything that had happened, all he wanted was some quiet time alone.

Yang Chen wasnt sure if he was uncomfortable because Lin Ruoxi once again successfully manipulated everyone, or just angry at her choices.

When recalling his trip to Beijing, Yang Chen remembered that he was particularly unhappy at Ning Guangyao who was not willing to admit his father-daughter relationship. Family? How many people would be willing to put family above money and power? He did not know how to feel. He didnt know if he was upset because he was tired of trying or the fact that this woman valued the lives of her relatives she hadnt met over his.

Unable to process everything, he resorted to drinking.

Yang Chen didnt plan to call up a friend because he did not feel like burdening someone else with his problems. He drove like a madman for a bit before stopping at a bar at the side of a street.

Hed been here a few days ago, but this time he wanted to drink for real.

When he arrived at the counter, Yang Chen chose not to make small talk. Time was precious after all. He asked the bartender, "Do you have hard liquor?"

The bartender was experienced. He could see a customer who was planning to drink away his problems from a mile away. "Sir, you have come to the right place. We are the only bar here that serves any form of hard liquor. Would you like a serving or two of authentic 52-percent Maotai liquor?"

"A serving?" Yang Chen pursed his lips.

The bartender laughed. "If you think thats too much, I could always provide fewer."

"One serving is too little. Give me 2 bottles. Also, how big are your bottles? I need at least 3 liters worth," Yang Chen explained calmly.

The bartender, who was wiping a glass, almost dropped the cup as his smile froze. "Sir, do you have any friends coming?"

Yang Chen snapped. "Its not like Im not paying, just give me what I want!"

The bartender thought hed met a raging alcoholic. He gave Yang Chen three bottles of Maotai liquor. It wasnt his stock anyway.

Many people turned to look at the commotion at the bar. They were all staring at one man in particular. The man who had ordered three bottles of Maotai was either a madman or had the tolerance of an ocean.

Maotai liquor was manufactured under strict conditions. It was so potent that its opening was made small to ensure people consumed it in small quantities. Very frustrated, Yang Chen broke a hole in the porcelain mouth with just a poke of his finger!

The audiences jaw dropped. How much force did he exert with just a finger to do that?

The bartender gulped, secretly relieved because he had chosen not to argue with the man. With that strength, there was no telling what that man could do to him.

Soon, the customers around Yang Chen kept their distance, leaving Yang Chen to his drinks alone. He was chugging it in huge gulps, making it look harmless.

Between chugs, Yang Chen would stare with empty eyes around the bar. The other people werent sure what this man was doing. Was he trying to commit suicide through alcohol poisoning?

Many speculated that this seemingly average man would collapse after a few gulps, but they were shocked to see Yang Chen still sitting expressionless with two bottles of Maotai already in his belly.

Right when many of them thought he was going to continue, Yang Chen seemed to have regained his senses. He glanced towards the entrance of the bar.

Four big, tall men walked in. They were all dressed in white shirts and black slacks. They were all a little over six feet in height. With the muscle curves on their arms, the single ladies at the bar were starstruck.

The first man had a crew cut. He was looking around as if looking for someone.

At this point, a lady with thick makeup and a couple drinks down her throat approached him. She said with a slurred voice while grabbing his arm, "Hey cutie, my head isnt so well. Care to take me home?"

The lady casually brushed her huge breasts on his arm and gently rubbed him while his arm was in her cleavage.

A few men in the bar privately called her a slut but were jealous nonetheless.

Unfortunately, her actions only seemed to have triggered a strong repulsion from the man. With one disgusted shake, she fell!

"Ouch!" The lady shouted in pain. On the floor, she seemed to have woken up from her stupor. She shouted, "Do you want to die? Are you impotent or do you have STDs?! Its fine if youre not interested, but did you really have to fucking push me? Im going right to the hospital, and youre paying!"

After the last word had left her mouth, the lady jumped on the man, grabbing his arm like a madwoman.

At this moment, the man with the crew cut didnt react but the other muscular man behind slapped her across her face so hard that blood sprayed from her mouth. She fell limp against the wall and fainted soon after!

The bar erupted. The ladies screamed while the men cursed. Many people were not used to aggressively flirtatious women, but even they thought the men were too violent. Four big men against a lady?!

But what they did next shut everybody up.

Four shiny Desert Eagles were revealed from their backs!

Many people gasped. They knew what they were looking at.

The man with the crew cut spun the heavy gun around his finger once, as if playing with his toy. He then said with a deep booming voice, "Everyone, please dont fret. We are not thieves. We are from the National Defence Ministry."

As he spoke, the man took out a black booklet from his front pocket, holding it up for everyone to see. The people who were standing close enough could see that it was an identity document of sorts with the national seal.

"We are here on an urgent assignment to capture a criminal. Although the situation at hand is quite pressing, we do not wish to intrude with the daily lives of the civilians. But we do hope everyone will put our countrys matters first, and cooperate," the man with the crew cut continued.

The rest of the customers looked at each other, both shocked and frightened. This wasnt something people experienced on a normal day. The National Defence Ministry? What crime did the person commit? Treason?!

The bars manager, a short and fat man carefully walked up. Lowering his head, he said, "Sir, how can we help?" He wasnt sure if the man was telling the truth, but better his life than whomever they came for.

The man said, "Turn all the lights on and seal all exits. Let the guests out slowly. Once we find our person, well leave."

The manager did not dare hesitate. He immediately announced for everyone to leave slowly.

Yang Chen yawned at the bar. It seemed that his last bottle would have to take a rain check. Did he have an unlucky halo or something? He just had to pick the same bar as the National Defence Ministry.

Yang Che wasnt interested in the commotion, but a crowd was pushing to leave and he didnt feel like queuing. He sat leisurely in his seat, waiting to leave after the crowd thinned.

When the bar was almost empty, the man standing behind the rest seemed to have noticed something. He whispered something in the mans ear.

The four men looked towards a dark corner, exchanged looks as if to confirm something, then approached.

Yang Chen understood that theyd found their person, but he wasnt interested in staying. The ambiance wasnt a pleasurable one anyway. So he sluggishly picked up his bottle and slowly made his way to the exit.

He turned his head to get a look at the criminal. He wanted only a glance, but he was so surprised he stopped!

The bar was dark and crowded before that he couldnt recognize faces in this dark corner.

But with bright lights and an empty room, he saw a lady supporting her chin with one hand and drinking alone in a corner.

The lady was wearing a white-patterned trench. He could see her white, slender wrist. She had on a pale pink chiffon skirt, with half of her messy hair covering up her face. She pouted her sexy lips, drunkenly muttering. She was so beautiful, people had to take a second look.

Next to the lady were two ladies dressed in black with their hair tied in a braid. They looked like her bodyguards.

They were on guard, with a hint of anxiety in their eyes.

Even an ethereal creature like this did not shake the four men who emotionlessly walked to the corner. The man with crew cut then said, "Ms An, you cant escape fate. It has been a long night for both of us. You know why were here. Come with us back to the bureau."

Yang Chen could hear every word from afar. He was right. That lady was An Xin?!

The corner of An Xins lips curved mischievously, with a soft snort. Her face was as red as a tomato with all the alcohol. "If you want to catch me, just tell me. Did you really need this many people for little old me? Hmph, the government is so extra. Its like they want to flaunt their wealth in peoples faces."

The crew-cut man frowned, obviously upset.

"Miss, youre drunk," one of the female bodyguards said worriedly.

"Im not drunk." An Xins eyes had pain in them, but she smiled lazily. "The other person committed the crime, but youre here to get me. Just because were related by blood? He committed a crime so I am implicated as well? Just get him, raid his house, whatever. I wont come with you no matter what."

The crew-cut man explained with a heavy tone, "Ms An, it looks like you dont know what the situation is with your father. He has already left the country with the help of some enemies, so we need to bring you back to help with the investigation.

Her drunken, bleary eyes flashed with panic for a second but left as soon as it came. She turned to address him directly, "You… Explain it to me one more time."

"At eight in the evening today, Mr An Zaihuan forced his way past the customs at the border using illegal means. We are still unable to track him down as of now. According to the length of time that has passed, he might be out in international waters now. We need you to help us with the investigation to track down his location. As for the businesses and assets owned by the An clan, we have frozen them," the crew-cut man said mechanically.