My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 74

Chapter 74: An Unwelcome Visitor
Chapter 74: An unwelcome visitor

Actually, Lin Ruoxi noticed Yang Chens presence from the moment he entered. Because she had received the burden of the company from her grandmother at such a young age, shes always wrapped up in work, and always on edge. Her phone was never off, and she never enters a deep sleep.

Yang Chens gentle and considerate actions made her want to remain asleep, for she didnt know how to react to being taken care of by a man; yet she also felt that to continue pretending to be asleep was inappropriate, she had to confront this situation sooner or later.

Erm Did I wake you up? Yang Chen returned to his senses, and felt helpless. He felt that he was stealthy enough, and didnt expect to wake her up.

Looking at Yang Chen silently, Lin Ruoxi blinked and softly asked, Qianni shouldve asked you out, how is she?

What do you mean how? Yang Chen was puzzled how her first sentence was about Mo Qianni.

Shes in a bad mood today. Lin Ruoxi replied.

Of course it would be bad. Yang Chen sat on the stool on side of the bed with a smile, After getting kidnapped, was she supposed to be in a good mood?

Its something else. Lin Ruoxi replied with certainty.

Yang Chen wrinkled his eyebrows, and thought of the phone call Mo Qianni received while they were having dinner, Is it regarding her family?

All I know is she has a family member coming, and shes in a bad mood.

Indeed, she was in a bad mood, but it should be fine now. Yang Chen naturally wouldnt say that he embraced her in front of his wife, even if this icy lady doesnt care.

After Lin Ruoxi replied with a En sound, she once again closed her eyes, which was a clear message that meant I want to sleep, you should leave.

Yang Chen bitterly smiled, he still had something to talk about, hence he said, Theres something else I need to tell you, which is also why I came. Dont get too agitated when you hear it, its about Lin Kun.

Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes again, but she didnt speak a word, and just waited for Yang Chen to speak.

Hes gone mad, perhaps its because he couldnt bear failing. He has entered a mental hospital. Yang Chen bluntly said.

Lin Ruoxis body clearly trembled, but she immediately turned her body away from Yang Chen, then said, I got it, you may leave.

Yang Chen knew that she needed some time alone, so he left the room understandingly.

For the next few days, Yang Chens life was tranquil and cozy, he continued to bring breakfast for the ladies in the office every morning.

After going through some ambiguous matters, he was now much closer to the three women, Zhao Hongyan, Liu Mingyu and Zhang Cai. Occasionally teasing them and flirting with them till they coquettishly pout and hit him was something that was of greatest pleasure to Yang Chen, other than his gaming career.

Knowing his place, Department Head Ma no longer harassed the ladies in the PR Department. According to Liu Mingyu, that old fella has already submitted his resignation letter to the board of directors and intends to retire after handing over his duties to somebody else.

Mo Qianni also returned to her usual work schedule, other than her original post, she also held the position of being the companys vice-chairman. Originally, there wasnt the position of a vice-chairman, because Lin Ruoxi was incredibly formidable and didnt need a vice-chairman or even an assistant.

However, once Lin Ruoxi fell sick, many matters couldnt come to a conclusion in the company. Therefore, Lin Ruoxi issued a series of commands from the hospital, allowing the usual tasks to be decided by Mo Qianni, while the cold airport runway CEOs secretary Wu Yue assists.

Mo Qianni may be young, but many elders in the company were aware of her relationship with the previous CEO and the current CEO. Yu Lei International could be considered as the private property of the Lin family, so Lin Ruoxis words always held enormous weight.

An interesting thing happened in the midst of all these occurrences. After discussion with fellow colleagues, many groups were formed to pay a visit to Lin Ruoxi.

This was something out of Yang Chens expectations, because Lin Ruoxi usually maintained a cold countenance with a look that says do not come near, practically no employee had dared to initiate a conversation with her. But unexpectedly, the moment Lin Ruoxi was hospitalised, everybody fervently cared about visiting her.

In the PR Department, the ladies also prepared gifts that were meticulously selected. They sent various health and skincare products to the hospital, and even ordered a large bouquet of carnations.

One of the PR ladies even brought a camera with her to the hospital and took a photo of Lin Ruoxi.

On this photo, without any makeup and under the bright lights, Lin Ruoxi held a book in her hands, and looked at her employees with a limpid gaze. The attitude of a nonchalant beauty emitted from her bones made a bunch of female employees with tendencies to chase stars shriek. They were incredibly envious that the CEO didnt need any makeup as her skin and face was so perfect, so much so that she may be prettier without makeup.

At this time, Yang Chen noticed something, beauties are always welcome, while beauties that issue paychecks are even more welcome!

Of course, other than the companys employees, many figures in Zhong Hais business world took this opportunity to visit. Lin Ruoxi, who had originally wanted to recuperate with a low-profile had to mentally prepare herself by drinking Chinese medicine while conversing with the smiling tigers that she usually tries to avoid.

As he needed to deliberately keep their husband and wife relationship a secret, the amount of time Yang Chen spent in the hospital drastically decreased. But right on the second week, as he sent new books to Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen ran into a visitor he didnt really want to meet.

The one who came to Lin Ruoxis ward, was someone who Yang Chen met twice, and who left unhappy memories, the police officer Cai Yan.

As of that moment, Cai Yan was in casual clothes. She wore a white close-fitting short-sleeved Levis T-shirt, causing her tall mountain range and slim waist seem all the more conspicuous. For her bottoms she wore dull blue denim shorts, below her long and fair legs with no excess flab was a pair of pink Nike shoes. She had neat short hair and a charming face that matched well with her tall and developed body. She didnt look a teeny bit like she had an identity of being the West Region Police Bureau Chief, and looked more like a well-developed housewife, a sexy city beauty.

When Cai Yan appeared at the rooms door, Yang Chen suspected that he was seeing things, but when he then looked at the profound smile on Cai Yans beautiful face, Yang Chen was convinced he didnt see a ghost this night.

A rare guest, Police Chief Cai has come. Yang Chen smiled and greeted.

I know that you actually dont welcome me, but Im here to see Ruoxi. Cai Yan glanced at Yang Chen, directly walked to Lin Ruoxis bedside and looked worriedly at her, I told you not to work so hard, but you just wouldnt treasure yourself.

It was obvious Lin Ruoxi recognized and was familiar with Cai Yan, because she revealed a slight but rarely seen smile. Pointing at what was in Cai Yans hand, she asked, Is that a present for me?

In Cai Yans hand was a gift for a patient, but it wasnt fruits, wasnt flowers, and more so wasnt some thousand-year-old ginseng from the Baekdu mountains, or wild Yunnan lingzhi.

It was a box of glutinous rice balls.

Yeah, I at least know you this well, youve always liked eating this since you were young, so I didnt bring anything else. Said Cai Yan, she then put the beautifully wrapped sesame glutinous rice balls onto the bedside table.

Thanks. Lin Ruoxi softly said.

Cai Yan pouted, then pretended to be angry as she said, Theres no need for thanks, I actually didnt intend to come at all previously. You have no conscience, you didnt even inform me, your sister that you got married, being childhood friends was all in vain.

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head and didnt make a sound, she chose to remain silent.

Cai Yan seemed to understand her character, then minding her own business she said, But I truly never expected, that the man you asked Lawyer Zhang to bring away that day would become your husband, when did you guys begin dating? Why was I totally in the dark?

Lin Ruoxi continued to lower her head with silence, fact was she herself didnt know what to say.

Cai Yan knew that there was no way to continue on this topic, and helplessly pouted, Fine, youve always been like this, keeping silent the moment you bump into a crucial question. Theres actually one more thing I came here to tell you about, your grandpa says he misses you, and wants you to take good care of yourself.

Hearing the word grandpa, Lin Ruoxi abruptly raised her head and coldly said, I dont need his concern, moreover I dont have a grandpa, I havent since a long time ago.

Actually Grandpa Lin has his own difficulties Cai Yan bitterly smiled, and tried to explain.

Yanyan, dont talk about that anymore, I dont want to hear it. Lin Ruoxi turned her head away.

Yang Chen who sat by the side listening to their conversation was rather baffled, Lin Ruoxi actually had a grandpa. But why hasnt she spoken a word about him before? Moreover she and Cai Yan have known each other since they were young, so the two parties relationship should definitely be good. In addition, Cai Yan even knew of matters regarding Lin Ruoxis grandpa, so its obvious that Cai Yan knew quite a lot of secret matters.

However, looking at Lin Ruoxis expression, it seemed like she doesnt like that grandpa of hers very much, rather, there was intense rejection. According to reason, after her grandma passed away and her father went insane, if this grandfather existed he would be her only living kin, but why would she loathe him so much?

Seeing that Lin Ruoxi was in a bad mood, Cai Yan sighed. She could only drop the subject. She mentioned some of the greetings from the elders in her family, then got up to leave.

Noticing Yang Chen standing by the door, there was a glint in her eye as she said, Ruoxis husband, do you mind sending me out?

Erm I knew that it wouldnt be anything good. Yang Chen muttered inside, while there was a smile on his face as he said, Of course, Bureau Chief Cai, please.

After Cai Yan walked to the door, Yang Chen planned to find an excuse to slip away, but Cai Yan called out to him, and got straight to the point as she said, Yang Chen, I have something to ask you.

Is Bureau Chief Cai inquiring a suspect? Yang Chen bitterly smiled.

Cai Yan wore a grave expression, she didnt seem to be making a joke, So what if I am, that day, at Chen Dehais house the Chen Residences, those things were done by you, right?

Chen Dehai? Chen Residences? Whats that? Naturally, Yang Chen immediately denied, and feigned ignorance.

Dont play dumb, when you passed by that area that day, it was exactly the same time as when the suspect left the scene. Furthermore, according to reports from our police insiders, that murderers reported appearance is fundamentally the same as yours.

Bureau Chief Cai, I dont have the slightest idea of what youre talking about. Yang Chen raised his hands, There must be evidence before you speak, Im a good citizen that follows the law.

Cai Yan snorted then said, Dont try to con me, it doesnt matter whether you admit to it or not, the day will come where I find proof and send you to jail. As for why you married Ruoxi, I will also investigate the truth. If you dare to do anything excessive to Ruoxi, look out for your head! Even if I dont punish you, if you harm Ruoxi, you will definitely die without even knowing how you died!

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva, smiled and slowly said, Theres no need to exaggerate so much, right? How can marrying a wife be so frightful, I admit that my wife is a little prettier than others, but is it my fault for being kind and honest?

Shameless. Cai Yan glared at Yang Chen for a moment, then turned around and left in a jiffy.

Yang Chen breathed in a breath of relief, distressed about how to handle this beautiful lady officer. He slowly walked back into the ward, but the moment he entered, he saw an incomparably cute scene.