My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Youre Not Even Fart
Chapter 81: Youre not even fart

The next day, when Yang Chen was carrying bags of breakfast into the office, the ladies in the office chattered a lot more than usual.

They were dressed gracefully and prettily, and the fragrant smell of so many office ladies squeezed together assailed the nose. They crowded around the offices bulletin board(?) to look at a new announcement while happily discussing something.

This time, Yang Chen did not receive any greetings for bringing in breakfast, which made him a little depressed. He curiously walked over to take a look. It was unexpectedly an announcement regarding team vacation.

The excellent welfare provided by Yu Lei International is known by many. Every year, the company would organize a vacation for its employees. There are two reasons why this is held. First, to help everybody relax. Second, to make the team more harmonious.

Zhang Cai noticed Yang Chen walking over, and with a face full of excitement, she patted on Yang Chens chest, Yang Chen look, there are many venues to choose for our vacation, I dont even know which to choose now!

Yang Chen took a careful look at the choices on the bulletin board, it was indeed plentiful. There werent only domestic places that were slightly far from where they were like Yunnan, Northwest China and Pearl River Delta; there were also places overseas such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. But of course, going to different places required a different amount of funds, and so the employees are also going to split into groups. Their finances would also be adjusted accordingly, and for those that have surplus funds left over, it would be presented to them as their bonus.

What have you guys chosen? Yang Chen asked.

Japan of course! Itd be winter, the perfect time to go to Hokkaido to enjoy the snow, itd be very romantic. A young lady full of youthful love responded.

I want to go to South Korea! Perhaps, I might even bump into some handsome celebrities.

I think youre going there for plastic surgery! Haha

Youre asking to die

The bunch of chirpy ladies laughed and made a ruckus.

Liu Mingyu smiled and asked with interest, Where do you want to go Yang Chen? You cant refuse to go, this is a team activity, not taking part will result in disdain from everybody.

This Yang Chen truly hadnt planned on going. After all, he had only returned to this country a little more than half a year ago, and he honestly didnt have the mood to travel overseas again. But once he heard that this would cause anger to the beauties, he awkwardly smiled and said, Id just go wherever all of you are going. To be honest I think going to scenic spots in the country would be enough, theres no real need to go so far away, how can other countries sceneries compare to our country Huaxia?

Hmph. Zhao Hongyan creased her nose, Of course you would say that, you came back from abroad. We rarely go abroad, and have rarely taken a plane.

Thats right thats right. When the time comes, you follow us and help us carry our bags while youre at it. Zhang Cai happily clapped, and happily walked to get breakfast.

Just as everybody was busily discussing, at the door to the office, Mo Qianni entered. She wore a light gray suit for women, paired with the white stockings below her skirt that showed the contours of her exquisite legs, she looked seductive with her well-developed chest and butt. She carried a white ladies briefcase in her hand, wore silver round-framed glasses, and stood there with a cold expression on her beautiful face. She exuded the aura of a successful career woman.

In a split second, the office turned silent, and the ladies timidly ran back to their seats, quietly looking at their superior. They didnt dare make a sound.

Mo Qianni walked in, with her high-heeled shoes making *tap* *tap* sounds, and she slowly said, The vacation is in winter, and whether or not it would be given will depend on your performances, dont blame me for not reminding all of you

Only when Mo Qianni entered her office did the ladies there begin to whisper to each other.

Our Department Head seems to be in a bad mood these days.

Perhaps she is too stressed from work, she may have become the Deputy CEO, but it doesnt seem like an easy job.

Could it that menopause came early?

Shh Be careful she might hear!

Yang Chen was a little surprised, it seemed like Mo Qianni had visited Lin Ruoxi less for the last few days, and she didnt even take breakfast from his table today, it looked like she had a lot on her mind.

In the evening, when it was time to get off work, Yang Chen was hesitating over whether he should pay a visit to Old Lis family or not. He hadnt contacted them for a while, and also missed the girl Li Jingjing. He also wondered whether she received harrassments from Jiang Shuo, but before Yang Chen made the call, Wang Ma called.

Young Master, theres a guest looking for you. Wang Ma spoke through the phone.

Guest? Who is it? Yang Chen did not remember anybody who knows where he lives.

Wang Ma thought for a moment, I dont know either, but they dont seem to be villains, they all look pretty upright, but they speak pretty rudely.

All? You mean there are a lot of them? Yang Chen became more baffled.

Young Master its better for you to hurry on back to take a look first. Wang Ma evidently didnt know what was going on.

After Yang Chen drove home, the moment he got off the car, he noticed two Passats parked in front of the villa, but what was worth noting was the license plates, it was actually 0007 and 0008 in red font that was extremely conspicuous. Although Yang Chen wasnt very familiar with the governments departments in the country, he still knew that cars like these were definitely related to the government.

Without waiting for Yang Chen to enter the villa, several men in black suits walked out from the villa. They each wore grave expressions, emitted an air of arrogance, and had bulging chests that made them look very strong.

You must be Mr. Yang. A tall man immediately asked, Please come with us.

These words were spoken with a tone of superiority, so Yang Chen naturally didnt treat them politely. Ordering me? As early as ten years ago, there was no longer a person in the world who would do that.

Who are you people, and where am I supposed to follow you to? Im not a 3 year old kid, you guys cant be abducting and selling me, right? Yang Chen showed a gentle smile.

The tall man grimly replied, You dont need to ask these questions, all you need to do is act according to what we tell you to do, you do not have the authority to ask questions.

Since when did Huaxia turn into a feudal society, a slave-owning society? We have to make sure the rights to personal freedom is clear, you guys came out of the blue and refuse to answer while asking me to follow you, how is this any different from a kidnapping?

The tall man sneered, Yang Chen, Im asking you one more time, are you coming or not, all this gibberish youre spouting has no effect on us!

At this time, Wang Ma walked out of the house, looked at this scene, and yelled, How can you people be like this! My familys Young Master isnt a criminal! On what basis does he have to follow you just because you said so!?

It must be known that in Wang Mas heart, Yang Chen was now the master of this family. He was the backbone for Lin Ruoxi and herself. Even though Lin Ruoxi didnt think that way, Wang Ma had long looked upon Yang Chen as family, for this bunch of people to suddenly take away Yang Chen with such terrible manners, Wang Ma obviously wouldnt allow it.

The tall man looked a little fed up, and with a wave of his hand, a man who wore a suit behind him locked Wang Mas arms and dragged her back into the house, disregarding Wang Mas shouts and attempts to resist.

Yang Chen immediately narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene. He no longer cared about where this group of people came from, and whether it would alarm the secret force in Huaxia. This matter might bring about a lot of trouble, but as of this moment, he knew that all of that cant compare to the pain of watching Wang Ma, a powerless woman, get bullied by them.

You people need not return today. Yang Chen stuffed the BMW car key into his pocket, and coldly said.

The tall man was very clear as to what Yang Chen meant, and couldnt help but laugh wildly, Yang Chen, for us to say please is us thinking highly of you. For that person to want to meet you is the fortune you built up over your previous lifetimes. To be honest, what we prefer to do is directly treat you as a suspect of a criminal organization and arrest you, that would simplify matters. But that person is magnanimous, and wants to meet you first. Dont choose to not recognize kindness, and think that youre extraordinary just because you know a little kung fu. In our eyes, youre not even fart!

Youre full of rubbish. Yang Chen impatiently walked towards the tall man.

A violent look flashed in the tall mans eyes, and he shouted, Capture him!

Several tall and sturdy men wearing suits promptly charged towards Yang Chen, their arms were like iron pincers as the attempted to grab hold of Yang Chens arms.

Yang Chen naturally wouldnt let things go as they wished. Before their arms came into contact with his, he shaped his hands like hooks, and seemed to lightly grab hold of two mens wrists!


The two robust men simply werent able to react, all they felt was pain equivalent to having the bones at their wrist broken.

But without waiting for the robust men to make their next move, Yang Chen spread his arms, hooked onto the two mens necks and fiercely pulled them towards each other!


The two mens heads collided with each other, and they directly fainted onto the ground!

You people should all come together, Im too lazy to catch you one by one. Yang Chen continued to walk towards the tall man, and on his face, in the midst of that cold expression was an indescribable madness.

These people truly infuriated him, they were making his blood boil, which was something that hasnt happened for a long time.

The tall man was finally aware that this problem wasnt simple, his expression turned solemn and serious, all the muscles on his body tensed up, and at the same time he signalled to the six other people with his eyes. Together, they surrounded Yang Chen.

These people obviously practiced encircling tactics, moreover, they were trained in martial arts by the special forces for the military, so their movements were agile while their strength was brutal. In addition, when they entered a battle stance, they became extremely focused and resolute.

People often say that numbers are strength, and the fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it, but in the face of absolute power, everything appears pale and powerless!

Without waiting for these people to complete their encirclement and rain down their attacks, Yang Chen directly stretched his hand towards the tall mans neck!

Youre too simple-minded! The tall man felt that Yang Chen was looking down upon him, which was why Yang Chen made such a direct attack. So he angrily turned his body, and shot a spin kick at Yang Chens arm!

Yang Chen sneered, as if he didnt see this happening, and his hand didnt deviate from its path at all. At the same time as when he was about to grab hold of the tall man, his arm was squarely struck by the leather shoe, but it didnt sway the slightest. Just like before, it went towards the tall mans neck without a change!

A burst of fear entered the tall mans heart, he was clear as to how much strength was contained in the kick he threw, even if it was a marble block, it would have been broken by his kick!

This man! Is he made of steel!?

Yang Chen didnt give him any time to think, he moved forward like lightning, and directly grabbed hold of the tall mans neck, clutching it with force, he endured the urge to break the mans neck, and casually raised the man up from the ground! He lifted him up with a relaxed expression, like he was lifting a little bird.

The other subordinates, that wanted to surround and attack saw this happen, turned speechless from the shock. They originally thought that this fella who didnt know whats good for him would have his arm broken from the kick, but who wouldve known that the their leaders spin kick wouldnt have the slightest effect!

The tall man was lifted up from where he was, seemingly light and powerless like a rag doll. He unceasingly brandished his arms and legs, and tried to kick Yang Chen, but Yang Chen just tightened his grip a little, and the man had difficulty breathing. His face was pale and cold sweat flowed, he simply had no strength to resist!

That phrase you used earlier, Ill return to you. In my eyes, youre not even fart