My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 829

Chapter 829 This Is The Laboratory

Chapter 829 This Is the Laboratory

Yang Chen could tell in that instant that he was lying about his immortality.

Because after the first attack, he was significantly weaker than before.

That was why Yang Chen was able to catch him off guard.

This meant that after reviving a certain number of times, he would eventually die!

It was key to always believe that you were stronger than your enemy despite how strong they may seem. It was a lesson he learned having been through multiple battles in his life.

The mysterious power was summoned once again while Yang Chen was still lost in his thoughts.

This time, the clone revived several meters away from his original location.

Yang Chen was surprised by the fact that the clone was able to revive himself from a single drop of blood!

Yang Chen didn’t give him a chance to resculpt his entire body and summoned another blast of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy towards him.


The new body was again blasted into shreds. The clone tried to weave himself a shield but it was useless against Yang Chen’s might!

Finally, Yang Chen could feel a ray of divine power flying out from the pool of blood dissipating from this area!

He knew that it was the source of the clone’s power. It was clearly a mark from one of the main gods though incomplete in nature.

Yang Chen summoned a blast of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to tear the soul apart like a typhoon.

The clone was now well and truly dead.

Yang Chen sneered and jumped back into An Xin’s ruined room.

An Xin was horrified at the gruesome scene she saw before her. He legs soon gave way and she collapsed into Yang Chen’s arms.

Yang Chen hugged her and sighed. “Everything’s fine now. No one is going to bother us anymore. Not after I take care of something in Beijing.”

An Xin asked worriedly, “Hubby, will it be dangerous?”

“You don’t trust me?”

An Xin shook her head, her eyes filled with worry.

Yang Chen smiled and stroked her hair. “This villa has already been ruined. Why don’t you move into my neighborhood? Then I wouldn’t need to run all the way over here to be with you.”

An Xin’s eyes gleamed with happiness but pouted soon after. “But what if Sister Ruoxi gets upset…”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Is Ruoxi that scary? Why do you get so timid every time her name is mentioned?”

“I’m not scared… It’s just that… my body turns cold in response,” An Xin muttered quietly.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. He lightly slapped her perky backside through her gown. “You just need to warm up to her. She’s actually a huge softie. Losing is a sore spot for her so as long as you humor her, it should be fine.”

An Xin thought about it and nodded. “Then I’ll check if there are any empty villas and move in immediately if I find one. I’ll have someone repair this place and let someone maintain it.”

Yang Chen was satisfied with her answer. He didn’t mean for all of them to stay together but it would make things a lot more convenient if they did.

Yang Chen disappeared from the An clan estate after confirming that An Xin was safe. He commanded the Sea Eagles squad to continue protecting her safety.

It seemed like Yan Buwen wanted him to know that he was the enemy behind it.

But Yang Chen wasn’t one to cower in fear. It would be a shame not to kill Yan Buwen since he was practically begging for it!

Yang Chen wasn’t bothered about the excessive summoning of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

In a flash, Yang Chen teleported from Zhonghai to the mountain region in the northwest of Beijing.

The hillside was blocked off with barbed wire fence and the only pathway through was heavily guarded.

The coordinates given to him showed that there was supposed to be a laboratory several meters from where he stood. But it was nowhere to be seen.

At the same time, revving sounds from off-road vehicles could be heard downhill.

Yang Chen looked down and squinted. The person who got off the car was someone he was familiar with, Li Dun!

The single-eyed hunk wore a camouflage-patterned singlet. He winked at Yang Chen from below as he continued playing with a black and gold knife in his hands.

It was fairly obvious that the National Security Bureau had an eye on Yan Buwen and the Li clan had surveillance placed on Yang Chen.

Li Dun had the soldiers to wait for him downhill while he jumped up the hill and landed next to Yang Chen.

“Brother, you’re indeed impressive. You arrived here in such a short time all the way from Zhonghai. If I were half as strong as you, Tang Xin would’ve already fallen for me,” Li Dun said with a lazy tone.

Yang Chen smiled knowingly upon hearing his words. “You still haven’t won her heart yet?”

“Sigh… I myself am not even sure what is in the way. She seems interested but she hasn’t said yes,” Li Dun said, troubled.

Yang Chen cocked his head to one side. “Did you rush all the way here to update me on your love life?”

“Hehe.” Li Dun grinned shortly and turned serious. “Can we not go in?”

“You think I would stop looking if we couldn’t?” Yang Chen squinted his eyes.

“But he’s nowhere to be found. The trees here stretch for miles on end. Just retreat for now if you haven’t found him.” Li Dun pointed at their surroundings.

Yang Chen shrugged. “I’ll just destroy the mountain then. I highly doubt his laboratory would survive if this mountain was mowed down.”

“But that’s a secret military base. A lot of money went into building that place. If you really did destroy it, it would be hard for my grandfather to appease the military,” Li Dun said gloomily.

“That’s none of my business. If they have problems with it, then come talk to me. I’ll say this once because you are a friend. I have confirmed that Yan Buwen is the mastermind behind this. Nothing and no one will stop me from killing him, whatever it takes. I know your grandfather sent you here to stop me but you of all people should know that it is useless,” Yang Chen said cold-heartedly.

Li Dun scratched his head, knowing full well that he couldn’t stop him. “This job is too inhumane even for me. Alright, alright. My grandfather did say that Yan Buwen had to be killed anyway. I will bring you in but just keep in mind the damage you do, yea?”

Yang Chen thought about it. You guys can’t stop me anyway.

He puckered his lips towards Li Dun. “Lead the way.”

Li Dun leaped over the hill onto a taller hill with an inconspicuous door. “This is the entrance. I can’t open it because only Yan Buwen has the power to control this door. You must take care of the rest yourself.”

Yang Chen frowned. He did not expect Yan Buwen to possess a laboratory all by himself. Yang Chen slapped his hands onto the wall without any care.


With a loud crash, the stone walls collapsed under the force!


Li Dun was in shock whereas Yang Chen’s face darkened from the view inside.

The inside of the mountain was just an empty cave!

The internal structure was dug clean!!

“This is the laboratory?” Yang Chen asked Li Dun in confusion.

Li Dun shook his hands hurriedly. “Yang Chen! I wouldn’t lie to you even if I work for the government! I, Li Dun, might be stingy but I’ll never lie to my brother! This really is the laboratory, I swear! Damn it! You have eyes around here too right?! The laboratory is here!”

Yang Chen believed him when he saw Li Dun’s flustered face. If the laboratory wasn’t here, there wouldn’t be an empty space carved into the mountain.

A shocking thought appeared in his head when he realized what had happened. The laboratory had been moved using the laws of space?!

“Damn it… I was fooled! He knew we would find his location so he sent his subordinates to distract me while he moved his entire lab! He made us come all the way here for nothing!”

Yang Chen gritted his teeth and punched the wall in anger, causing the entire structure to crumble to the ground!