My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 832

Chapter 832 One Hit


Yang Chen’s abilities had multiplied to unimaginable heights. It was almost as if it was an entirely different person from the one before!

Dark clouds swirled in the sky as the wind howled within the space.

Yan Buwen tried but failed to open his eyes as the wind was too strong for him to see.


Lightning flashed across the sky, lighting it up with shades of blue and purple.

The thunders roared with all their might like a lion devouring its prey!

Yan Buwen subconsciously gulped as he felt waves of oppression roll-off Yang Chen’s skin!


All Yang Chen took was one step forward!

Yan Buwen started having trouble breathing. He felt an even stronger amount of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy attacking every inch of his body!

Dark red flames flickered in Yang Chen’s eyes as his lips curled upwards, baring his fangs!

“Why so silent? What happened to killing me and taking my lovers away?” Yang Chen spoke in a raspy deep voice inching forward with every word. “Here’s your chance, take it…”

Yan Buwen had half a mind to step back but decided against it and resisted the oppressing force!

But no matter what he did, he couldn’t seem to shake it off. It didn’t matter how much power he exerted. It just wouldn’t go away!

Yang Chen’s body seemed to have fused with the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. He wasn’t just utilizing it, he was it!

“You… hid your cultivation?!”

Yan Buwen screeched in horror. Being a man with a plan, he expected Yang Chen to have an ace up his sleeve. But no one could have predicted this!

Yang Chen snickered. “You should be proud. It’s not every day I find an opponent worthy of my abilities. You can die knowing that you were able to make me go all serious on you. I have to admit it has been some time since I was last serious.”

“Don’t get so cocky, our fight is still not over!”

Yan Buwen summoned all of his remaining energy and shot it toward Yang Chen hoping that it was enough to take him down!

Yang Chen sneered in disdain and stretched out his palm. At the same time, an invisible palm formed midair and slapped downwards!


Yan Buwen’s body was forced out of its position and onto the ground!

His body was squashed in a pit tens of meters below the estate. He laid there as blood and his liquified organs started to spill from his body!

Yang Chen frowned and said, “Seems to me that you can only withstand one hit.”

Yan Buwen was still alive, albeit barely.

The mysterious power once again revealed itself when it rebuilt Yan Buwen’s body in the blink of an eye.

“This power of yours, it’s an interesting one I have to admit. But unlike mine, it can be drained. I suggest you give up now instead of dying numerous times.” Yang Chen smiled smugly.

Yan Buwen, for the most part, looked fine albeit a little tired. His power was drained slightly from his almost death but he was much stronger than his clones.

Yan Buwen jumped away in a flash, his eyes displaying rage. “I won’t give in…”


Another surge of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy ripped his body to shreds!

Yan Buwen wasn’t even able to recollect himself when his body was shredded once more!

But once again, the mysterious power reconstructed Yan Buwen’s body to its original state.

Yang Chen spoke softly, “I guess we’re going to have to do this again and again…”

This time though, Yan Buwen decided not to fight back. It was more important for him to leave this fight alive than it was for him to win!

Yang Chen did not give him the time to do so, and sent another blast of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy!

Once more, Yan Buwen’s body was destroyed into an unrecognizable mound of flesh and blood!

In a flash, his body was rebuilt and he fell to his knees hunched over in front of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked at him numbly. He was really curious about how Yan Buwen had achieved near-perfect immortality!

Yang Chen looked up to the sky and was relieved to see that the lightning didn’t seem to gather in anticipation of striking him.

But still, he couldn’t risk unleashing his real cultivations for so long. Yang Chen raised his hand, planning to continue his attacks!

Yan Buwen’s eyes flickered as he said, “You can’t kill me… I have this!”

He grabbed something from midair. It was a black item wiggling in his hand!

Yang Chen was shocked. “The God’s Stone?! This whole time, it was with you?!”

Having taken care of it for so many years, Yang Chen was able to recognize it when he saw it, though it was in a different form.

Yan Buwen cackled as the stone transformed into a huge black globe encompassing his entire body!

When Yang Chen saw that, he was now able to put two and two together. The mysterious power Yan Buwen wielded seemed an awful lot similar to the power the stone wielded!

Was that where Yan Buwen had obtained his powers from?!

But how did he get his hands on it?! Could he control the laws of space before this?

Yang Chen tried to destroy the black film covering Yan Buwen but nothing happened when his energy connected with it.

In the blink of an eye, the black film disappeared along with Yan Buwen. All that was left was Yan Buwen’s laughter echoing in the sky.

Yang Chen stood still in disbelief. How was Yan Buwen still able to escape despite him revealing his true powers and killing him several times?

“Damn it!” Yang Chen threw a punch forward and demolished half the house!

He recovered and concealed his cultivation in less than a minute.

Yang Chen shook his head and sighed at the ruined mansion.

The key to Yan Buwen’s escape was the God’s Stone. It was no wonder that the other main gods were also in pursuit of that stone. It seemed that the stone was indeed capable of mysterious things.

Yan Buwen did in some way have the right to be cocky about his powers. He was the first one to unlock the secrets of the stone.

Yang Chen felt better knowing that he had injected Yan Buwen’s body with his cultivation.

Whatever power Yan Buwen wielded, would clash with his cultivation.

For the time being, Yan Buwen wouldn’t be able to destroy the traps that he had placed within his body. This window of opportunity gave Yang Chen enough time to train his women and plan for future attacks.

“Yang Chen! What did you do?! Did you destroy all these houses?!”

A loud screech was heard from afar.

Yang Chen glanced over. “How convenient. You arrived just as it ended.”

“Damn you! I didn’t make it in time!” Li Dun looked around and frowned when he saw the dead members. “I received reports from the guards of the Yan clan that Yan Buwen had killed all of his family members and was engaged in combat with yourself. What happened? Where is he? Did you kill him?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “He got away.”

“No way! He got away from you?!” Li Dun looked at him in disbelief, muttering to himself. “Thank god I came after the fight. He was too strong for me to punch anyway.”

“Why? Why do you want to punch him?” Yang Chen lifted his eyebrows.

Li Dun muttered, “He has a thing with Xin’er… I have never liked him. Sigh, since you’re going to kill him, I’ll be the first to support you!”

“Aren’t you supposed to stop me?” Yang Chen smiled knowingly.

Li Dun’s face was filled with disdain. “We did not have sufficient evidence at the time. But now that we can confirm that he has gone batshit insane, It’s anything goes. I might be thick-headed but I’m not stupid. A moron like him doesn’t deserve to share the title of ‘Beijing King Duo’ with me.”

“You said ‘luckily I didn’t punch him’ just now.” Yang Chen smiled helplessly.

Li Dun looked at him with a blank face. “Did I say that? I must have misspoken… Hehe…”

Yang Chen felt much better looking at his silly smile.

Li Dun hit his chest in relief. “Honestly, my grandfather said Yan Buwen was too wicked for this world. He’s glad that you came out of it unscathed.”

Yang Chen’s heart warmed up from his words as his lips curled into a smile. “You cherish your life so much for someone who has no one to love. How could I, a man of many lovers, give up so easily?”

“I… you… Don’t you have anything nice to say?! I’ll get a girlfriend soon! Soon!” Li Dun yelled furiously at him.