My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Ecstasy Sensation


Lin Ruoxi suggested this because she was craving for glutinous rice balls and felt bad for always having Ma Guifang bring it to her. If she had a valid reason to go, she did not need to feel embarrassed about it!

Guo Xuehua disagreed with her. “You should stay home and rest, Ruoxi. It’s been a long day for you. Let Yang Chen go instead.”

Yang Chen’s face fell when he heard that. But I’m busy too… I’m busy trying to figure out how to get my ladies together.

Guo Xuehua frowned at Yang Chen’s unwilling expression. “Why the long face? Are you not willing to help us?”

Yang Chen smiled hurriedly. “Of course not. I’ll go tomorrow after work.”

Lin Ruoxi puffed her cheeks and nodded. She did not have a choice.

A few moments later, Lin Ruoxi went upstairs to the study after washing the dishes. She had a lot to work to go through with the new project coming up in a few days.

Yang Chen passed the remote control to Zhenxiu and followed her.

He stood in front of the door, preventing her from entering the room.

“What is it this time?” Lin Ruoxi looked up at him weakly.

Yang Chen asked her awkwardly, “Are you still mad at me?”


“I really did not remember that Tang Wan lived here. But I did ask An Xin to live here. You must have thought that I was trying to get them all in one place to veto you right?” Yang Chen let out a faint smile.

Lin Ruoxi kept quiet for a while. “If that’s what you think of me, then you’re wrong. Some things can’t be compromised because of pressure. Plus, you must be more worried about it than I am seeing as you were the one to bring it up.”

Yang Chen was dumbfounded as he tried to grin. “You saw right through me. Looks like having a smart wife has its benefits and drawbacks.”

Lin Ruoxi put on a smile as her eyes brightened. The proud look in her expression made her beam, looking more beautiful than ever.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. You can’t undo the past. You saw me preparing tea and fruits for them. I can be generous too.”

Yang Chen said bitterly, “The fact that you’re becoming more generous now is the reason why I’m a bit nervous.”

Lin Ruoxi smiled lightly as she moved closer to Yang Chen. Her nose was almost touching his chin when she looked up.

“Why… do you feel sorry for me?” Lin Ruoxi whispered into his ears.

“Um… I’ve always felt sorry for you, now more than ever.” Yang Chen tittered.

“Then let it grow. I will have accomplished my goal when you start returning to my room cautiously after sleeping with other women. That, or when you stop flirting with pretty women.” Lin Ruoxi sounded pleased with herself.

Yang Chen’s heart dropped. “I knew it, I knew you wouldn’t be so nice!”

“Mom told me that people like you respond more to reasoning and persuasion over brute force. The nicer I am to you, the more guilty you will feel. Your mom knows you pretty well for someone that did not raise you.”


Yang Chen sucked in his breath, pained by her words. “She helped you get back at me.”

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip and leaned onto his chest, rubbing her head against him as she spoke softly. “Hubby… I want to eat glutinous rice balls.”

Yang Chen felt as if he was on cloud nine listening to her cute voice!

The sunken feeling in his chest dissipated immediately. “I know you only mentioned the restaurant because you wanted to eat it. I’ll bring some back for you so stop torturing me.”

“I want soybean and sesame flavoured ones along with some of the other flavors. Don’t get any salty ones or ones that are too sweet.”

Yang Chen gulped. “Okay, I’ll get it. But can you stop talking in this tone?”

Lin Ruoxi kept quiet for a while and took a step back as she told him coldly, “Scram if you don’t want to hear, don’t block my way!”

“Phew…” Yang Chen let out a breath in relief. “This is so much better. It suits you more.”

He ran away after saying that.

Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth and stomped the ground as she watched him run away!

On the following day, Yang Chen stayed overtime to work on the pile of documents strewn before him. It was already an hour after everyone had left before he himself left for the restaurant.

Since peak hour had come and gone, there were only a couple people left in the streets.

Yang Chen was surprised to see a familiar face when he walked in.

Ma Guifang who was at the cashier looked at him in surprise. Her face brightened as she asked him, “Yang Chen, why are you here? Are you here with Qianni?”

Yang Chen just remembered that Lin Ruoxi sent Ma Guifang here to work. “No, I came here to get some ingredients for the rice dumpling.”

Ma Guifang nodded in understanding. “We have some left in the back, though it might have been finished had you come tomorrow.”

Uncle Zhao came out from the back and was surprised to see Yang Chen. He started talking to Yang Chen excitedly, inviting him over for dinner.

Yang Chen looked at the sky and saw that it was getting late so he told Ma Guifang, “Mom, join us for dinner. I’ll send you home later so it’s less of a hassle.”

Ma Guifang knew Yang Chen was trying to get closer to her so she nodded since she decided not to care about her daughter’s affairs.

Yang Chen didn’t feel awkward eating at Uncle Zhao’s house since it wasn’t his first time. They were close to him and treated Ma Guifang like family too.

Just as dinner was to be served, he noticed that someone was missing from the table.

“Uncle Zhao, is Hongyan not home yet?” Yang Chen asked out of curiosity. Even if Zhao Hongyan was now Lin Ruoxi’s assistant, she should’ve already left the office.

Uncle Zhao sighed. “I saw her earlier. She’s probably holed up in her room doing some work. I need to take out the dishes so why don’t you call her for me?”

Yang Chen nodded. Zhao Hongyan used to be part of the public relations department whose workload was considerably less than that of the CEO’s assistant.

He walked towards the backyard after getting instructions from Uncle Zhao.

Although they weren’t rich, this luxurious house had been passed down for generations. Yang Chen had to cross through a long hallway and make a turn before he could reach Zhao Hongyan’s room.

The wooden doors were closed shut and the windows were covered with yellow curtains, blocking all the view.

Yang Chen was about to knock when he heard a sweet moan from the room.


It sounded like a delicate chirp of a bird and river flow in the mountains.

Yang Chen could immediately identify the noise, having heard it all is life!

It was actually hardly audible for normal people, but Yang Chen wasn’t normal.

He could sense that Zhao Hongyan was alone in her room. So the only conclusion he could draw was that she was pleasing herself!

Zhao Hongyan was a divorcee. Between her new job and her family restaurant, it did not leave a lot of time for her to date. She could be sexually pent up but had no way to release it.

For all those reasons, it wasn’t hard to understand why she locked herself in her room.

What Yang Chen did not know was what to do with this information…

Walk away? But how would he justify coming up to her door and not calling her out for dinner? She would definitely suspect that he heard her.

Knock and call her? Yang Chen didn’t want to do that.

He could feel a burning sensation rising in his abdomen when he remembered how he had caressed her before and how she was touching herself now! He really wanted to peek and see for himself.

Yang Chen felt like a bastard but he couldn’t help it. She wasn’t his women but she had intimate moments with him before.

Right at that moment, Zhao Hongyan gasped and shouted, “Who’s outside?!”

Yang Chen was shocked. How did she know?!

Then he slowly scanned his surroundings and realized.

Damn it, he didn’t realize that his back was facing the sun so when the sunlight shone against the curtain, she could see someone’s silhouette from the inside!