My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 838

Chapter 838 Giant Whale


Yang Chen gulped and nodded when faced with her piercing glare.

When they were about to make their way back to the hall, Yang Chen’s mobile phone rang.

He fished it out of his pocket and saw the caller ID. It was Liu Mingyu.

She couldn’t attend today, staying back in the company to settle some stuff. But she should have gotten off work by now.

Yang Chen answered the call in front of Lin Ruoxi. “Mingyu, what’s wrong?”

She sounded out of breath as she spoke in a panicked manner. “Yang Chen, my brother Minghao is missing!”

“What?!” Yang Chen half said half screamed.

Lin Ruoxi frowned at the side, she was uncomfortable with the fact that Liu Mingyu called Yang Chen with the worst timing imaginable.

Liu Mingyu said, “Minghao got into a fight with our dad this afternoon and threatened to run away from home. We thought he wasn’t serious but we haven’t been able to get in touch with him. We’ve no idea where he went. I’ve searched all the places we assumed he would go. We’ve even asked his friends and they have no clue where he went. What if… what if he got kidnapped by one of Dad’s enemies?”

“Don’t panic. Why did he fight with your dad?”

Liu Mingyu replied, “I’m not sure… but I think… I think it’s related to his mom’s death.”

Yang Chen was slightly frustrated, knowing that Liu Minghao must have heard about how Xu Ying and Gao Yue were killed by Liu Qingshan, which was why they got into a fight.

“Zhonghai might be the Red Thorns Society’s territory but your dad has connections too. Wouldn’t he be able to find him?” Yang Chen asked.

Liu Mingyu replied, “Dad is in the hospital because he got too upset from the fight. He didn’t send anyone to look for him and he’s denying that Minghao is his son. My mom requested help from the Red Thorns Society but it has been two hours and they still don’t have a clue.”

Although Liu Minghao was her half brother, she was close with him. It was a shock for her that he would run away from home.

Yang Chen started becoming irritated. “Why didn’t you inform me earlier?!”

Liu Mingyu stuttered, “I… I didn’t want to trouble you since you were attending a big event with Ruoxi. I figured I wouldn’t have to disturb you if I could resolve it on my own.”

“When did you become so dumb?! How is attending an event more important than your missing brother?” Yang Chen raised his voice.

Lin Ruoxi who was standing beside him showed signs of displease.

Liu Mingyu started sobbing again. “I… I’m sorry. Can you help me find him? Plus, his temper might have gotten him into trouble.”

Yang Chen couldn’t stand her crying. He took a deep breath and comforted her. “Alright alright, I’ll help look for him now. I can find him so long as he is on this planet. Go back to your parents and I’ll bring him back when I find him.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you…” Liu Mingyu could barely think straight.

Yang Chen turned to Lin Ruoxi after ending the call. “Ruoxi, Mingyu’s brother ran away from home and I have to help looking for him. You’ll have to go inside yourself.”

“What?!” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t hear their conversation clearly. “Are you kidding me?! They’re all waiting for us, how can you leave me behind when they already know that you’re my husband!? What would they think of me?”

“There’s nothing I can do in this situation. We’ll talk about it at home.” Yang Chen knew that he was letting her down but he didn’t have time to explain.

If he spent another second here, the more dangerous it would be for Liu Minghao.

There could only be one reason why the Red Thorns Society failed to locate the son of the leader of the Green Dragon Society. He must have been brought to a location beyond their reach!

Yang Chen didn’t have time to care about Lin Ruoxi’s feelings. He quickly ran to the parking lot.

Lin Ruoxi was left alone outside the hall, gaining stares from everyone. She could only vent her anger by cursing at Yang Chen in her heart!

Yang Chen contacted Molin from the Sea Eagles when he got in the car. Although Liu Minghao couldn’t be reached through his phone, it was still probably connected to the internet. All they needed to do was to hack into the internet service providers’ database to pinpoint his location.

In less than five minutes, Molin sent him a few text messages. From the looks of it, he texted a guy called Gao Yu before he went missing. The texts were about him planning to leave the Green Dragon Society and asking Gao Yu to pick him up and send him to the Su Province.

Yang Chen asked, “Who’s Gao Yu?”

Molin answered him, “He runs the biggest smuggling organisation in the Su Province. His father, Gao Feng, is the most famous underworld smuggler in China mainly dealing with drugs and stolen jewelry. The Su Province is now under the control of the Giant Whale Society due to the downfall of the White Wolf Society. Apparently he’s planning to extend his power to the shores, which is why he has been taking over the White Wolf Society’s territories and recruiting men. He’s also in contact with some societies overseas.”

Yang Chen could’ve roughly guessed what had happened. “Then have you gotten ahold of Liu Minghao’s exact location?”

Molin replied, “I’m so sorry, Your Majesty Pluto. We couldn’t find his exact location in so little time, but we did locate the headquarters of the Giant Whale Society. From the text messages, we can assume that he is not in any immediate danger. It appears that he’s friends with Gao Yu and is seeking refuge with him.”

“Seeking refuge… Him?” Yang Chen sneered. “Seems like his brain isn’t working. I’ll take a look at it myself.”

The distance between Zhonghai and the Su Province wasn’t significant, roughly a two-hour drive. He looked at the address and drove to the location after checking on the GPS.

Yang Chen called Liu Mingyu to update her about his findings. He also told her that she should sleep when she’s tired because he might get back quite late.

Liu Mingyu was relieved to hear that he had already located her brother’s whereabouts.

Yang Chen arrived at the Giant Whale Society’s headquarters two hours later, which was the biggest nightclub on the streets. It was located south of the city near a bustling night market.

There was an eye catching huge blue whale neon sign on the door, guarded by a team of emotionless hunks. They were in charge of crown control and catering to the needs of the guests.

Yang Chen walked towards the door after he parked his car.

Just when he was about to get in, two hunks stopped him and said politely, “Sir, you need to be a member to enter. Please register if you’re not one yet.”

Yang Chen looked at the signboard beside with the price written on it. The monthly membership cost five thousand yuan while the annual membership cost fifty thousand yuan. It was basically to filter the wealthy from the commoners.

“What if I don’t have money with me?” Yang Chen spread his hands.

“Then please come again when you have the money.” The hunk was still polite.

Yang Chen smiled. “I’m not here to play. I’m looking for Gao Yu, is he here?”

The hunks looked at each other and one of them asked, “May I know who you are, and what business you have with our boss?”

Yang Chen said, “I’m looking for someone. I need his input on a person I’m currently tracking.”

“I’m sorry, there are a lot of people who ask for an audience with him but he does not have time for all of them.” The hunk’s face hardened as he gestured to him. “Please leave.”

Yang Chen scratched his head. “I think you guys are sorely mistaken.”


“I’m not asking for your permission. I was asking if he was here. If he’s not here, do call him over,” Yang Chen said seriously.

The other guards burst out laughing when they heard him. The two hunks started to crack their knuckles.

“It looks like you’re here to cause trouble. We haven’t had anyone provoke us in a while. You’d do just fine as a punching bag!”

“I thought it would be easy to talk to you guys but I guess it always comes down to a fight.” Yang Chen sighed.

The hunk spat. “What a stubborn man. I’ve met people like you who are all talk and no action!”

A fist went straight to Yang Chen’s left cheek!

Yang Chen extended his hand and caught his fist without looking!


The deafening sounds of bone crack could be heard clearly even on a bustling street!


The hunk yelled in pain as Yang Chen slapped him down on the ground before he could retract his hand!

Yang Chen grinned and clapped his hand, as the others were startled with the change of events. “Or, I could just tear down this entire building. He has to come out after that, wouldn’t he?”