My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Russian Woman


Everyone thought Yang Chen was crazy for acting so cocky!

Most of the passersby didn’t want to get caught up in a street fight so they decided to vacate the premises.

“He’s trained! Let’s go together!”

They signaled each other and charge forward all at once.

In a matter of seconds, the air was filled with the sounds of punching and kicking. Although the guards were very skilled, they were naturally no match for Yang Chen.

Yang Chen wasn’t actually going to tear down the nightclub since it was located in a bustling street. Not everything had to end in bloodshed. He would be a real demon if it did.

All he needed to do was slowly whittle away at the society’s members and it would be enough. The people in the underworld placed the utmost importance on their reputation. Challenging it would basically mean challenging death.

Yang Chen took one of them down with every swing of his arm.

Catch, turn, lift, throw. It was that easy!

The moment the guards got near, they could feel themselves being lifted off the ground. By the time they managed to recollect their thoughts, they were already halfway towards a wall!


A series of collisions startled everyone who was watching and the ladies screamed in horror.

Yang Chen walked into the nightclub leisurely after taking care of the guards.

The interior was designed with luxury in mind and appeared to be more spacious than it seemed from the outside. The people inside were unaware of the fight that just happened, dancing without a care. They were twisting their bodies to the music and some were obviously high on drugs.

Yang Chen looked further and saw more people, proving how good business was in this place.

Locating a flight of stairs, Yang Chen saw a painting of Europe present by its entrance. Similar to the entrance, the staircase was guarded by bulky guards.

Yang Chen looked around. The main headquarters of the Giant Whale Society should be located somewhere deeper within the nightclub. By his estimations, it should be somewhere further up those stairs.

So with that in mind, Yang Chen ran up the stairs.

At the same time, the guards upstairs received a notice about the trespasser. They immediately found Yang Chen after.

“It’s him! Get him!”

A group of guards charged forwards with a menacing aura, wanting to tear him up!

Yang Chen did not care about how fast or how many came. As soon as one got close to him, he would shove them up the stairs.

Eventually, he walked through the corridor and into an art corridor.

It was an art corridor because there were art statues, paintings, and poem wall arts flanking both sides of the corridor.

Yang Chen wasn’t a professional by any means, but he knew that this was put on display for people to see.

But weirdly enough, for someone who supposedly enjoyed art, he placed them in a noisy nightclub technically in an underworld society’s headquarters.

Just then, a group of ladies walked out in two rows.

They were wearing tight-fitted leather clothes hugging their chest and butt. Most of them were of mixed blood, some were tanned and some were Caucasian with black hair.

The only thing they shared in common was that they were all very well trained. Yang Chen could tell through their developed physiques that an ordinary person would be no match for them.

Yang Chen continued to walk forward, seeing that the girls weren’t planning to attack him.

When he was about to turn into a corner, one lady with red hair called out to him, “Please turn right, our master is waiting for you.”

Yang Chen could hear a tinge of a Russian accent and was surprised. The Giant Whale Society was more mysterious than he had originally thought.

He arrived at the room after walking through a long hallway.

Yang Chen pushed open the dense red wooden door and walked into the room. He immediately felt his feet sink into a cashmere Persian carpet.

A man in blue clothing was seated on the sofa, holding a fan in one hand while drinking Tieguanyin tea.

Next to him was a Caucasian woman with blonde hair, dressed in a pink bikini. She sat on top of the sofa with her legs stretched forward.

Her delicate foot was hovering around the man’s mouth.

He would lick her foot after sipping his tea, as though it was something delicious. Sometimes he would even bite on it lightly to tease her.

Yang Chen sat down on the sofa across them as he watched on with a weird smile.

After a while, the man finally turned around with a gentle smile on his face. “A woman’s feet can be as fascinating as any other painting, can’t it?”

Yang Chen shrugged. “I think she would like it more if you lick her crotch.”

The man chuckled. “I only have a foot fetish. It doesn’t mean I lust for women. You must have misunderstood me.”

“If licking a woman’s part equals to appreciation, I’d rather direct my focus at something else,” Yang Chen replied with a bored tone.

The man frowned and waved his hands. “Lame, lame. But it’s fine, I would never argue with a layman.”

Yang Chen realized that this guy was crazier than himself.

“I am Gao Yu, the young master of the Giant Whale Society. You must be the son-in-law of Liu Qingshan from the Green Dragon Society, Mr Yang Chen, right?” Gao Yu asked while waving his fan.

Yang Chen didn’t bother to answer and asked him, “Where’s Liu Minghao?”

Gao Yu replied, “Liu Minghao’s mother was friends with my father. Since I was acquainted with him, he had decided to stay here for a couple of days after running away from home. If you’re here to pick him up, I’ll be glad to call him over. Everything that happened outside was a misunderstanding.”

Yang Chen was weirded out by his words. He’s letting Liu Minghao go just like that? Am I really overthinking things?

Just then, there were noises outside the door.

A familiar-looking young man stood at the door, and sure enough, it was Liu Minghao!

“Brother-in-law?!” Liu Minghao was wearing a white singlet with boxers. He was excited to see Yang Chen. “Why are you here?!”

Yang Chen beckoned for him to come over.

The moment he caught him, Yang Chen could smell something from him and he frowned. “Spill, what were you doing just now?”

Liu Minghao blushed and mumbled lightly at the question, “Hehe… I… I was doing it with a Russian woman. Brother-in-law, you have no idea how different it is to do it with them! Much greater than the college girls I’m so used to! They are busty and curvy! They almost drained me!”

Yang Chen wanted to beat him up but then he remembered that he was no better than Liu Minghao when they were the same age. He couldn’t say anything so he coughed. “Luckily I didn’t let Zhenxiu date you. You’re no better than me.”

Liu Minghao defended himself. “That was different! I was serious about dating Zhenxiu! She rejected me so I had to play with other girls instead! I would have been loyal to her otherwise!”

“Bullshit! No one would believe you. You’re the same as your father!” Yang Chen said in disdain.

Liu Minghao’s face darkened. “Hmph, he’s not my father! I refuse to have a father like him!”

Yang Chen frowned. It seemed like Liu Minghao did find something out but it wasn’t the right time to talk about it. He told Gao Yu, “We’re leaving. I’m bringing him back to Zhonghai so you can continue licking her feet. Hopefully, your breath won’t stay smelly after that.”