My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 840

Chapter 840 My Mom Is Older


Liu Minghao was unwilling to leave. “Brother-in-law, don’t take me away! I wanna stay here, I don’t wanna go back!”

“I’m not asking for your permission. I’ll give you two choices, either you go back to Zhonghai awake or I’ll bring you back asleep. I suggest going with the former option. The latter is just more pain.”

Liu Minghao scrunched his face. “Is there no third option?

“The third option is I castrate you right here right now,” Yang Chen said nonchalantly.

Liu Minghao covered his crotch. “I’ll go with you, the first option! Definitely the first one!”

“Seems like you haven’t quite lost your mind.” Yang Chen patted his head and left for the door.

Liu Minghao gave a bitter smile and greeted Gao Yu before running after Yang Chen hurriedly.

Right after they walked out of the headquarters of the Giant Whale Society, Yang Chen pulled Liu Minghao into a corner and asked, “Why did you contact the Giant Whale Society? What did Gao Yu tell you?”

Yang Chen thought the whole thing was fishy.

Liu Minghao didn’t dare to lie, seeing Yang Chen acting so serious about it. “My mom was close friends with the head of the Giant Whale Society, Uncle Gao Feng before she died. We couldn’t keep in touch as they were located overseas. Gao Yu contacted me some time ago for lunch. We caught up quite a bit. He’s nice to me.”

“I told him that I wanted to seek refuge from him when I quarreled with my dad this morning. I wanted to start from a low position in the Giant Whale Society and defeat my dad when I get strong enough. But Gao Yu told me that I was still young and immature, that I should think it through before acting on it. He bought me food and brought me out to play… then you came.”

Yang Chen contemplated for a while and said, “Is that all?”

Liu Minghao thought for a while and nodded. “That’s all. How did you know I was here? I threw my phone into the water.”

Yang Chen smacked his head. “You ran away from home when you’re not even an adult. And you dare to visit someone else in hopes of defeating your own father? If that happened, I would have to watch your sister and stepmom cry day and night!”

Liu Minghao felt bad.“I know what I did was wrong to my sister and aunt. But my mom was killed by that bastard! How could I call a man like that my father?”

“Who told you that?” Yang Chen frowned.

Liu Minghao stuttered, “From my mom’s old friend… but I can’t say who it is. I promised not to.”

Yang Chen asked in disdain, “Did you even bother to verify it?”

Liu Minghao was caught off guard. “I didn’t need to. My mom’s death was too sudden and weird! Plus, I was provided with a very detailed recount of what happened. The people in the Green Dragon Society didn’t want to tell me anything so I bet they were ordered not to do so!”

Yang Chen was frustrated at Liu Qingshan. He was so bad at lying that he couldn’t even lie to his idiot son. But he probably wasn’t trying to hide it from his son. So in the end, Liu Minghao figured it out.

“You said you knew the details so why did you think your dad would kill your mom without any reason?”

Liu Minghao gritted his teeth. “Even if my mom did something wrong, she’s still my mom! A woman who stood by him all those years!”

“What happened that night was that your mom wanted to kill your dad,” Yang Chen said.

Liu Minghao asked with suspicion, “Brother-in-law, it seems like you know what happened? You’ve known about it all this while, haven’t you?!”

Yang Chen poked his forehead. “You only cared about your mother but not your father. If your dad was the one who died, would you kill your mom? Even if they did fight, it wasn’t to hurt you. Have you ever thought that they hid it from you because they didn’t want you to overthink? Don’t forget that you have family members who will worry about you.”

Liu Minghao kept quiet with a stubborn expression on his face.

Yang Chen gave up on talking some sense into him as he was still caught up with the Giant Whale Society. He shook his head, unable to think of their role in this incident, so he shoved Liu Minghao into the car and left for Zhonghai.

Twenty minutes later, they drove the car onto the highway.

There weren’t a lot of cars since it wasn’t a holiday or a weekend. Under the moonlight, the white BMW sped like a rocket.

Liu Minghao yelled in excitement when he saw the car reach speeds of over two hundred and forty kilometers per hour. “Brother-in-law! You’re my idol! How can you drive so fast?!”

Yang Chen glanced over. “It’s only at two hundred ish and you’re already so excited. You should behave when you get back and don’t ever think about running away from home again. If I have to run all the way to Su Province again, I’ll throw you off the bridge and let the river send you to the sea.”

Liu Minghao smiled sheepishly. “It would be nice if you were my dad. But my mom is much older than you are so that could never happen.”

Yang Chen almost lost control of the steering wheel!

How did Mingyu get a brother like him?! he thought.

Yang Chen wanted to turn on the music so that he wouldn’t have to listen to Liu Minghao.

But just when he was going to press the button, he sensed danger!


The engine had fired up and the flames spread towards the whole car. In the next second, the car had exploded in flames!

From afar the car was already swallowed by flames. The car was blasted into pieces around the highway!

The explosion could have lit up another car but luckily there wasn’t anyone around.

A man was seen walking out of the flames, carrying someone in his arms.

Yang Chen placed the frightened Liu Minghao down, far from the flames. He turned around and looked at the car that had turned into black ashes.

Fire blazed in his eyes.

Liu Minghao’s legs turned wobbly. All he knew was that after a loud blast, he was being carried by Yang Chen through the flames, untouched by the heat.

“Br—brother-in-law… Wha—what happened…”

Yang Chen turned around with an expressionless face. “Someone must have installed a bomb underneath the car when I was away and ignited it remotely.”

“Bomb?” Liu Minghao was dumbfounded. “Who…”

“Who else could it be?” Yang Chen sneered.

Liu Minghao finally put two and two together and he yelled, “Brother Gao Yu?! No way! Why would he do that?!”

“We’ll have to ask him,” Yang Chen replied as he walked to the middle of the highway.

Liu Minghao was stupefied, “Brother-in-law, wha—what should we do now?”

Yang Chen threw a question back at him. “What would you do if someone bullies you?”

“I’ll seek my revenge! Finish him!” Liu Minghao sucked in his breath. “Brother-in-law! Are you going back to find Gao Yu?! Their society is very strong! I heard from my dad that they’re doing business with the firearm and drug dealers. Specialized in smuggling, they are one of the strongest societies in this country! Shouldn’t we go back to investigate before reaching a conclusion?”

Yang Chen frowned and looked at him. “You can go back yourself. I didn’t say I would bring you along after all.”

Right at this moment, a Volvo truck was driving towards them at breakneck speeds!

“Move, brother-in-law! You’re gonna get hit!” Liu Minghao screamed in horror.

Yang Chen grinned, looking excited. “Not bad, not bad. It seems like he is pretty decent at his job. This makes things more interesting.”