My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 841

Chapter 841 The Blonde Gem


Yang Chen’s calm and collected reactions left Liu Minghao on the verge of insanity. If they actually collided with each other, Yang Chen’s bones were going to be smashed up into fine powder!

The cargo truck running at lightning speed was brought to a screeching halt at the sight of Yang Chen’s abysmal appearance.

It took a couple of seconds for the driver himself to grasp the situation. His eyes immediately widened as he stepped on to the breaks with a tremendous amount of force.


The frictional force between the tires and the road filled the air with deafening noise as the massive vehicle slid towards Yang Chen!

Liu Minghao kept his eyes shut tight, unable to witness what was about to happen!

Meanwhile, Yang Chen casually lifted his hand and met the truck’s momentum head-on.

The insane halt in velocity was too late to act upon the hind wheels, as the back end of the truck lifted itself off the ground, before tumbling back down!

Yang Chen noticed the stationary vehicle before himself, which prompted him to clap in satisfaction. Walking towards the driver’s seat, he knocked on the door and jerked it open.

Inside was a pale, horrified truck driver, scared speechless which led Yang Chen to crack a smile. “I’ll have to take the wheel from here. Think of this as a robbery. Go ahead and claim that from the insurance company. They should cover more than enough of the cost.”

The terror-stricken driver watched as the down-to-earth stranger engaged him, but the only thought he had in mind was how this person had managed to bring the gigantic vehicle to a complete halt with such ease. It eventually became too much for him which caused him to black out.

Yang Chen scratched the back of his head as he dragged the driver out of the vehicle.

Half an hour later, in Gao Yu’s private suite, a blonde woman was now completely nude on the lavish couch. Her sleek waist radiated through her fair and supple skin. Her athletic yet alluring pair of legs were now hanging high on Gao Yu’s shoulders.

Gao Yu himself was indulging deep into the meeting point of her legs, the most recently removed g-string revealed her tantalizing nether regions.

Across every corner of the room were gorgeous women with exceptional proportions in skin-tight leather suits. Their focus was on the private show on the couch.

Gao Yu’s mouth was damp from the release of secreted fluids, while the blond was on cloud nine herself.

After just seconds, Gao Yu was seen huffing and puffing as he lifted his face off the woman’s crotch. His lips then curled up into a devilish grin as he said, “Miss Aishapova, other than your exquisite little legs, it turns out you have quite a few fragrant… delicacies on the plate. I guess I have no choice but to spend more time ‘researching’ tonight.”

The blonde gem, Aishapova, giggled before replying in fluent Mandarin, “I actually thought the great Mr Gao Yu wouldn’t take that man’s words to heart. Who knew you were capable of trying new things?”

Gao Yu stuck his tongue out and gave a quick lick through Aishapova’s mesmerizing thighs. “It’s not that I care about what that man had to say, but it was you who changed my mind. The truth is, I have a passion for exploring the bodies of my rare beauties.”

“Oh my, you must be the most well-spoken gentleman I have ever been with. Far better than the grizzly men from where I’m from. I like you.” Aishapova seductively lifted several fingers as she gently tickled his face, before reaching into his mouth.

Gao Yu unhesitantly savored her long, bewitching fingers as if they were an exquisite delicacy.

“Mr Gao Yu,” Aishapova added with a sensuous smile. “There’s something I don’t quite understand.”

“Uhm… go ahead,” Gao Yu hastily replied as he brought himself back between her legs.

Aishapova meanwhile was hardly fazed by the relatively tame sexual action as she continued, “If you decide to use Liu Minghao’s identity to seize a portion of his dead mother’s influence in the Green Dragon Society, and systematically dissolve the society from within, why would you instead plot to casually blow him up?”

Gao Yu took a good mouthful of the damp air before him as he explained, “Green Dragon Society… is hardly an equal match for us. That’s not to say that Liu Qingshan isn’t someone to keep a watchful eye on. But if we were going to make our move, he would not pose much of a threat. Our real enemy is that man Yang Chen.”

Aishapova was skeptical as she fondled Gao Yu’s face. “And who’s that?”

“Him? Well, he’s no ordinary man. It was by his hands that the Red Thorns Society of Zhonghai effectively crippled their everlasting mafia opponents in the region to claim the crown. The CEO of the Red Thorns Society herself, Rose, would not have consolidated her throne if it wasn’t for the help of the handyman Yang Chen.

“Back in the day when Xu Ying attempted to assassinate Liu Qingshan, he might have had an inkling feeling of what was about to happen, but he would never have slipped away with such ease if it was not for Yang Chen’s convenient interference. This man and his gargantuan background are much more powerful than it seems to be. And exactly for that reason alone, killing him would bring about many advantages per our use.”

Aishapova seemed to have grasped the situation as she smiled brightly. “My dear Mr Gao Yu, am I to assume that you are planning on swallowing the Green Dragon Society along with the Red Thorns Society as well?”

“And why shouldn’t I? If Yang Chen ceased to exist, those societies would be nothing but failures. When the day comes and I remove him from existence, with the firepower of the Giant Whale Society, alongside the operational support from your side, the government would not be able to lay their hands on us. Zhonghai and Beijing will bow to their overlords of the Giant Whale society!”

“Well, you’re naughty…” Aishapova reactively teased.

“Haha…” Gao Yu let out a sinister grin. “My beloved Aishapova, do you know what ‘Giant Whale’ means in Chinese?”

Aishapova shook her head in anticipation.

“In ancient times, there was once a renowned poet who wrote The Search of Cui Ji and LI Feng on the Brink of a New Month. There was a line about a giant whale swallowing the nine continents whole. The giant whale referred to in this poem was a metaphor for robbers…”

Aishapova might speak the language, but she was rather confused by it.


“Not just that.” Gao Yu smirked. “But the worst of the worst, the utterly corrupt and morally deranged.”

Aishapova seemed to be buying into his passionate proclamations. “You truly are the living embodiment of wisdom. I wasn’t expecting an ancient poem. In my opinion, if you were to be a robber, you would be the most elegant among them.”

“I’m not confined to being nothing but a blood-lusting brute, my dear Aishapova. I studied Chinese literature for my PhD. You mustn’t underestimate me dear.”

Aishapova affectionately smooched him on the lips. “If our plan can secure Beijing and Zhonghai under our realm of influence I’m sure the boss will applaud our success. When that happens, Mr Gao Yu and his father will undoubtedly have their fair share of the benefits, I’m sure.”

Gao Yu gave the blonde beauty a tight embrace, as he sunk his face in between her alluring breasts. “You little vixen. But I can guarantee your benefits after I eat you whole!”

With no intention to spend more time with foreplays, he forced Aishapova on the couch with high anticipation for what was about to come next.

But right at that moment, a deafening honk pierced through the mirage of their sexual tension!

A colossal cargo truck of what seemed to appear from within thin air sped through the highway, ramping on the honk to alert everyone else on the road of its inglorious presence!

“Damn it! Which bastard is this?!” Gao Yu lifted his head, his rage knowing no boundaries.

But instantly after were the vulgar shrieks of the bodyguards on the exterior.

“Young Master! Young Master! There seems to be an emergency!”

“What is it?” Gao Yu furiously hopped off the couch. “Is the sky falling? Bloody hell!”

“Not the sky, but the building is!”

“What are you talking about?!” Gao Yu was confused with what the henchmen gave in reply. Leaving behind the erotism in the room, he ordered them in. “Come in and explain yourselves!”

The bodyguards rushed into the room and hurled themselves into submission. “Sir, it’s chaos out there! Everyone from the ballroom has already made their way out! There’s a fanatic behind the wheels of a massive cargo truck heading straight towards our club! Even within the radius of our building, he wouldn’t slow down!”

“A cargo truck?” Gao Yu was anxious, as he snatched his clothes on the ground. “Get some people to stop that shit! I want to see who’s got such balls to mess with the Giant Whale Society!”

If the headquarters were to be decimated, they would instantly relegate themselves to the butt of a joke!

Casually dressed in his traditional attire, along with his paper fan made him seemed as chivalrous as usual. He then led his army of henchmen alongside the merry group of Russian beauties as they hastily made way down the stairs.

As they got down towards the entrance hallway, two blinding rays of high beams shot right towards them!

Beep beep!

The vexing honks left the Giant Whale Society painfully holding their palms over their ears, ranting and cursing at the driver.

Gao Yu noticed the obnoxious Volvo truck and was dumbfounded at its antics until he took a decent look at the driver’s seat and was instantly left shell shocked.

“That’s… Yang Chen! How can it be?!”

In what could have been the perfect scenario, this man would have been buried alongside his car on the freeway with nothing but a ragged corpse to his name. But there Yang Chen was, charging towards him.

Aishapova quickly noticed the anomaly as she hinted the skimpily dressed women behind her before they discreetly made their way out.

Yang Chen on the driver’s seat stamped on both the brake and the accelerator at the same time, leaving the cargo truck screeching as it closed in. The irking howls of the engines kept the petrified Giant Whale Society henchmen at bay.

Noticing his primary target by the entrance hallway, Yang Chen lifted a finger as he signaled before he immediately shifted gears to reverse!


The vigorous friction between the braking tires and the ground left the terrified people in a frenzy. It was not heading forward anymore, but instead steered towards the far end of the highway!

The turn of events hardly eased the tensions over at the Giant Whale Society, as they were all left perplexed.

“Young Master, he must have escaped!”

“He must have been humbled by the presence of our great young master. Haha! Do you think he has the guts to pull one on us, the Giant Whale Society? We’ll crush him.”

Gao Yu at that moment was in deep contemplation before he sneered. “Idiots! He’s not escaping, he’s accelerating at maximum speed!”

Like a metal beast with glaring headlights as its intimidating eyes, it charged right towards the flamboyant nightclub entrance hallway!

“Watch out! Secure the young master!”

The bodyguards and henchmen were caught off guard. It wasn’t in their job scope to risk their lives standing in front of a massive cargo truck heading towards them at full speed!

This was a concrete building in the centreplace. Even if he managed to demolish the entirety of the ground floor, how did he expect to make it out alive?