My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 842

Chapter 842 You Might Regret It


The Volvo truck crashed through the main door of the club causing the people within the vicinity to scream!

The twisted shriek of the metal and the crashing sounds of the wall turned the whole place into an action scene of a movie!

Sparks and rubble flew all around the place.

The wires were torn apart, dangling off the car and causing the lights to go off as sparks danced on the cables.

The Volvo did not stop there. It continued to move through the main door and onto the dance floor. Its body was way beyond repair by the time it skidded across the dance floor.

After a deafening crash, the dance floor was nothing more than a mound of rubble and skid marks.

Everything was damaged except for the light bulbs which were barely hanging by a thread. Even the expensive-looking pillars were crushed into pieces.

But the attack didn’t end there.

The moment the truck dropped on the ground, the electric sparks came in contact with the oil tank. In the next second, the car exploded into a pillar of flames!


Black fumes filled the air, covering the entire dance floor with a thick black smog!

This explosion was the final nail in the coffin for the night club!

Everything had happened in less than a minute.

Gao Yu was pulled over by the guards as he witnessed the whole incident with a dumbfounded expression.

When he felt the scorching heat on his face, he was immediately brought back to the moment!

“Yang Chen! I’m gonna kill you!”

The guards around exchanged looks with each other. They never expected Yang Chen, or anyone for that matter, to have the balls to do this. They were secretly impressed with his ability to face death head-on since this was basically a death wish! But he did manage to humiliate the Giant Whale Society!

The headquarters was taken down by a man with a truck. If people caught wind of this incident, the Giant Whale Society would never hear the end of it.

“Sir, he must have died in the fire.” A guard persuaded him.

Gao Yu clutched onto his fan tightly with shaky hands. “What the heck! Why wasn’t he killed by the explosion?! If he didn’t die, then where is Liu Minghao?!”

Everyone was confused too.

“Now is not the time to fret about this…”

Aishapova butted in and pointed at the blazing fire.

Everyone held their breath as they looked over!

They could see a man walking out of the blazing flames as though it was nothing!

The fire cast a light on his face, showing his wicked smile…

“Yang Chen?!”

Gao Yu screeched out as though face to face with a ghost!

Yang Chen stretched his body and walked towards them while twisting his head. He seemed completely unharmed.

“Sorry to disappoint you but I’m far from dead as you can see.” Yang Chen giggled.

Everyone took a few steps back unconsciously as the fact that Yang Chen was still alive under that fire was too much to bear.

“Hmph, better for me that you’re still alive!”

Gao Yu glared and waved his arm. “Everyone attack! I’ll give a million-dollar reward to anyone who succeeds in killing him!”

The guards’ eyes turned red at the sound of money as they charged forward like a bunch of hungry wolves!

Yang Chen stepped forward and pushed his hands right into a muscular man’s chest.

His right hand came out of the muscular man’s back followed by a weird sound!

A red beating heart was in his hand and in the next second, he clenched his fist and crushed it into pieces.

Everyone’s hearts dropped at the sight of that. Some of the girls even fainted after vomiting!

“Those who wish me dead will die in my hands.” Yang Chen grinned.

The guards shivered upon seeing his face!

“What are you guys doing!? It’s just one guy?! How can you guys not win when there’s so many of you against one of him?! I’ll give two million dollars to the one who kills him! Two million dollars!” Gao Yu was enraged.

The power of money is unimaginable!

The men of the Giant Whale Society pushed their fears behind and attacked Yang Chen when they heard the prize awaiting them on the other side!

Their fists cut through the air and since they were all highly trained underworld boxers. They knew how to kill but were not well versed with the techniques!

If they were up against a normal person, they might have won. But they were no match for an experienced killer like Yang Chen!

Yang Chen didn’t bother to bother using his cultivation since there were so many people and the men were no match for him. Releasing it here would only cause more harm than good.

Plus, when was the last time he enjoyed a good fight with his fists?

His palm moved forward and chopped someone’s waist!


With a crack, the man was cut into two halves!

His internal organs fell to the ground as blood splurged out, staining Yang Chen’s face and body. His white shirt was now scarlet.

At the same time, three men aimed at Yang Chen’s body, with the intention to pin him down.

But before they could celebrate their victory, they realized that Yang Chen stayed still!

Normally if someone were to get hit, they would fall down. But it was as if a gentle breeze had hit Yang Chen’s body!

Yang Chen brushed his shirt and frowned. “Hey… my Versace outfit is ruined. My wife chose it for me, you know?”

His hands kept moving as he said that, aiming towards the nearest target!

Yells were heard everywhere!

“Sir, this guy is crazy. We’re clearly no match for him!” A guard conveyed his thoughts, his voice filled with nervousness.

Gao Yu’s face darkened as he ordered them with a raspy voice, “Take a weapon. I don’t believe that he’s able to survive a rain of bullets!”

Aishapova giggled by his side. “There’s no need to do so. I’ve already asked my girls to do so.”

At the back of the nightclub, more than ten girls were seen holding Russian light machine guns. They were dressed in leather outfits and wore protective eyewear. The amount of murderous intent coming from them was much more intense than the men who came before them!

“Miss Aishapova, you’re so thoughtful!” Gao Yu laughed grimly.

The blonde lady giggled. “He won’t be killed so easily if he managed to walk away from two explosions, so we had to prepare for the worst. But, my dear Gao Yu, wouldn’t ordering your subordinates to retreat keep me from harming them?”

“Hmph, there’s no point keeping them when they’re all useless,” Gao Yu said cruelly.

Aishapova giggled even more but her eyes were filled with murderous intent as she spoke in Russian…

“Kill all!”

They pulled the trigger under her command!


The men were all caught in the crossfire! They all died in disbelief, being killed by their own people!

But Yang Chen had disappeared among them!

He showed up behind the ladies in a blink of an eye!

“Be careful!”

Aishapova gasped. She did not expect this to happen!

Her efforts were futile!

Yang Chen gripped one of the lady’s neck and pulled on it!


She died when her head was detached from her spinal cord! Her facial expression remained the same in death!

Yang Chen remained emotionless through it all.

It felt as though he was clearing weeds in his lawn, ignoring all the gunshots as he teleported around, killing the girls one by one!

They gave up on the gun and attacked with rivets gloves when they realized guns didn’t work. Although they were faster than normal guys, it was still too slow for Yang Chen, getting killed immediately!

Yang Chen walked towards Aishapova and Gao Yu after the last girl had died.

They never expected to see a gruesome scene like this as they watched Yang Chen numbly, their face filled with horror.

“Don’t… don’t come forward!”

Gao Yu yelped and retreated when he came back to his senses. The remaining men didn’t dare to move forward.

Aishapova grinned after contemplating for a while. “Handsome, you’re the strongest person I’ve ever met. But I think it’s best if you left us alone even though we have misread the situation. Or you might regret it.”