My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Fulfil Your Wish


Yang Chen glanced over, disinterested, despite her being a beauty.

He had seen his fair share of women overseas, let alone western beauties like Jane and Catherine. She was no match for them. Plus, one look was all it took for him to realize that she lived a messy lifestyle. Only a foolish person like Gao Yu would treat her like a treasure.

“If you fail to convince me, you will suffer a fate worse than your subordinates,” Yang Chen said emotionlessly.

Aishapova snickered. “I bet you saved Liu Minghao from the explosion if you managed to get out of it. Wouldn’t it be a wild goose chase for you if he died so soon, since you came all the way from Zhonghai?”

“What are you saying?” Yang Chen frowned.

“You know, he was doing it with my subordinate before he left, right?” Aishapova winked suggestively.

Yang Chen suspected something.

Aishapova giggled. “My subordinate might be pretty, but… her lips speak of death…”

Yang Chen understood her words now!

“You drugged him?!”

Damn it! They drugged Liu Minghao through a human body!

“No.” Aishapova shook her head. “Technically, it’s our new genetic weapon and he’s our first experimental subject.”

Yang Chen’s face darkened, he had heard of the term ‘genetic weapon’.

Only mad scientists and underworld laboratories would create weapons like this since they were banned!

These weapons were created to attack the genes. Although it might not cause much physical damage, it could cause the victims to lose reproductive abilities! They would lose the ability to heal! Worse yet, the victims would die if their cells failed to undergo mitosis!

High tech weapons like these were of the future. Even advanced countries like the USA and Germany did not dare to produce weapons like these, because any mistakes would lead to the destruction of the country!

If she really was dabbling in this territory of the underworld, her background might not be as simple as it seemed.

Yang Chen wouldn’t be worried if it was an ordinary toxin since he could just push it out with the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. A layman like him was in no position to deal with genetic damage. Help from professionals would be required.

Aishapova showed a victorious smile when she saw Yang Chen’s dark expression. “It seems like you are quite familiar with this. You must know that it can’t be treated in a hospital. If you can’t find the specific genetic code, he will die. If you want him alive then you better be careful of what you choose to do.”

Gao Yu stepped forward triumphantly, seeing that Aishapova managed to control Yang Chen.

“Yang Chen, I know you’re no ordinary man. But our Giant Whale Society and the organization that Aishapova belongs to are not that easy to deal with. If you agree to leave, no harm would be done. I’ll even have the antidote sent to you so that Liu Minghao can recover. Then we’ll go our own ways undisturbed, how about that?”

Yang Chen sneered. “So you were planning to control that dumb kid?”

“I’m not denying that since you figured it out. That’s right, I did want to use him but he showed up himself,” Gao Yu said.

“You bastard! I’m gonna kill you!”

A loud roar came from a nearby alley.

Liu Minghao came out from hiding as he ran forward filled with rage. He threw his fist forward, right at Gao Yu!

Yang Chen made him wait at a dark corner so that he wouldn’t be harmed. He could no longer restrain himself when he heard that Gao Yu wanted to turn him into a puppet.

Gao Yu might not be a skilled fighter but he wasn’t completely helpless. He sneered as he avoided Liu Minghao’s attack. “Liu Minghao, you wouldn’t live even if you killed me!”

Liu Minghao froze in his tracks. He shuddered as he touched his chest before asking Yang Chen, “Brother-in-law, they were lying right? I only kissed the girl, plus I feel okay now.”

Yang Chen dragged him aside. “Don’t hit where you can’t aim, you’re embarrassing me.”

Liu Minghao felt wronged. “That’s so mean, how can you say that I’m an embarrassment when someone tried to use me!”

“Did you finally realize how dumb you are?”

Liu Minghao nodded his head as he continued to glare at Gao Yu.

Yang Chen contemplated for a while and said, “Prepare a car for me, mine was bombed.”

Gao Yu and Aishapova smiled victoriously when they heard him.

“No problem! No problem! Someone get the Audi R8 out!”

Gao Yu was generous in providing him with a car which cost two million yuan.

Yang Chen waved his hands. “I’m sick of those cars, give me something with higher ground clearance.”

Gao Yu was startled. He wasn’t expecting Yang Chen to have requests for a car but he went along with it, “Then give the BMW X6 to Mr Yang, the newest one!”

For the son of the head of a smuggling group, a million-dollar car was nothing to him. Smuggling it into the country would only cost him several hundred thousand.

Liu Minghao was utterly confused. “Brother-in-law, why should we leave? Finish them off! I’m really okay, they must be lying!”

Aishapova giggled. “You idiotic boy, if you truly believe we were lying, how else would we control you once you got back to the Green Dragon Society? Did you think we would follow you back there?”

Liu Minghao’s heart dropped as he paled at her words.

Aishapova continued, “Don’t worry, you will be fine for now. But if you don’t receive proper treatment in three days, you will die.”

Liu Minghao felt better when he heard that but he still broke out in cold sweat.

Yang Chen said nothing and pulled Liu Minghao into the car when the guards drove the new BMW X6 over.

Gao Yu and Aishapova gave a meaningful smile when they saw that Yang Chen was carrying out the deal.

Yang Chen started the engine and drove out slowly. He turned around and asked Liu Minghao, “Kid, do you want to kill Gao Yu?”

Liu Minghao nodded hard. “Yes! But brother-in-law, they said I’ll die without the antidote!”

“Do you believe in me?” Yang Chen asked again.

Liu Minghao continued to nod. “Of course! If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve been dead!”

“Alright, that’s good enough for me.”

Yang Chen stepped on the brakes and turned the car a hundred and eighty degrees around with screeching tires!

The outstanding specifications of the imported BMW X6 made it super easy to speed the car up to a hundred kilometers per hour in just a few seconds!

Yang Chen stepped on the gas pedal and the car took off, going straight back to the nightclub!

Gao Yu and Aishapova could barely react as the car neared them!


The shout did not come from the Giant Whale Society but by Liu Minghao instead!

Yang Chen had turned the car around to kill Gao Yu!

Gao Yu’s long robe became a hindrance to his escape as he tried to run!

His fan was thrown away but he couldn’t make it far when the car came behind him!


The car drove past him as he fell on the ground, terrified.

But the X6 turned around again without hesitation!

Yang Chen was not finished as he stepped on the gas pedal again, going straight towards Gao Yu!

A deafening cry was heard as the tires ran over his legs!

Everyone paled from the cry, unable to comprehend why Yang Chen had decided to return!

But they were absolutely sure of one thing. Yang Chen specifically requested for a car with higher clearance not because he was sick of the other car, but wanted one to run people over with!

Yang Chen didn’t stop there!

He reversed and ran over Gao Yu’s legs again!

Gao Yu was in so much agony but he couldn’t faint! Blood flowed from his legs like a river on the road!

Liu Minghao was stupefied, he had never seen someone as vicious as Yang Chen even though he had grown up in the underworld! Yang Chen was not treating Gao Yu like a human!

Liu Minghao almost peed himself when he was reminded that there was a pair of legs underneath the car!

Finally, Yang Chen was satisfied after squashing Gao Yu’s legs for the seventh time. He stepped on the break and told Liu Minghao while smiling, “Come, get out of the car so that I can fulfill your wish.”