My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Keep Your Hands To Yourself


Liu Minghao might be a sore loser, but he knew that when it came to instilling fear, his brother-in-law would even put the worst terrorists to shame.

After a little more than twenty minutes, Liu Minghao under Yang Chen’s escort arrived at the flamboyant beachside villa that Liu Qingshan recently bought. The Green Dragon Society’s members quickly noticed Yang Chen’s return and hastily went to report it.

Not long after, Liu Mingyu alongside her mother came barging out the front door.

Even though he was not related to the woman he called ‘mom’, and the other person was just his half-sister, he was still a son and a brother to both of them. He was a part of their family nonetheless.

Noticing Liu Minghao stained with patches of blood, Mrs Liu shrieked in horror even after realizing that it was someone else’s blood. She then lovingly held Liu Minghao by the ear.

“Haven’t I told you not to mess with the Giant Whale Society?! Are you crazy?! Do you know what sort of place that is you little rascal! If it wasn’t for how capable your brother-in-law was, your father and I might have had to bid farewell to our son before each other! Think about what your mother would have wanted for you?!”

Liu Mingyu was teary-eyed by the corner where she stood, resisting the urge to smack her brother silly.

Liu Minghao stared blankly at Yang Chen, hoping he would come to his defense.

Yang Chen cleared his throat before he stated, “Oh come on Mother-In-Law, Minghao proved to be just as capable as me. When I found him, he was rolling in the sheets with a Russian babe. What a man!”


Mrs Liu’s tone shot up an octave!

“You… How dare you mess around behind my back! You were never the brightest student but I did not expect you to do such nasty things! Couldn’t you have found yourself a decent woman? She might have had AIDS and you wouldn’t have known.” Mrs Liu’s fury exploded to the point her voice cracked as she spanked on his buttocks away.

Watching the tenacious woman before himself yelling and screaming at himself, he took a glance at Yang Chen. Should’ve known this wanker wouldn’t bother to help me, but how dare you stab me in the back! Liu Minghao thought.

Liu Mingyu meanwhile was red as a tomato as she soul-piercingly glared at Yang Chen. “Why did you have to say all that in front of my mom?”

“He’s not a kid anymore. He’s a man now.” Yang Chen casually brushed it off.

After all, he lost his virginity way younger than Li Minghao with Seventeen in the tropical rainforest.

Eventually, the ruckus came to a close, and everything went back to its tranquil ways.

The group entered the house. Inside, the living room was brightly lit.

Even though it was only a couple of hours till dawn, anxiety and adrenaline were keeping the occupants of the house awake.

Liu Qingshan sat on the couch in silk pajamas. Next to him was a metal stand with an IV drip pack attached to it.

It was all the by-product of Liu Minghao’s little excursion away from home, of which his years of chronic diseases instantly took a sudden toll on him. It was only after midnight did his well-being turn for the better.

Liu Qingshan was overwhelmed by the complexity of his emotions.

“Look at what you did! It’s all because of you that father fell ill. When are you ever going to grow up?” Liu Mingyu was done keeping her silence.

Liu Minghao sneaked a peek of his father. Noticing that Liu Qingshan was silently judging him, his head sank even lower.

But in that glance over, he managed to screen through Liu Qingshan’s pale appearance, chapped lips, patches of white hair on his head, alongside the lifeless IV bottle hanging high on the metal stand.

It was just a day, but dad seemed to have aged a decade… he thought.

“Oh, you’re back.”

His tone was solemn but forgiving.

“Um-hmm…” Liu Minghao nodded.

Liu Qingshan took a long pause before he continued, “Injured?”

Liu Minghao shook his head as he clenched his teeth, his face threatening to explode with emotions.

Liu Qingshan seemed to be in much relief as he turned towards Yang Chen with a smile. “My gratitude to you Yang Chen. If it wasn’t for you, we might not have found him this quickly. And even if we did, there was no telling how soon we could retrieve him.”

“It’s nothing. Maybe this could help prove that I’m a legitimate gentleman. I can’t just suck your daughter dry and not help her family in a time of crisis right?” Yang Chen giggled.

Liu Mingyu jabbed Yang Chen in the waist from embarrassment. “What are you saying to my parents?!”

Mr and Mrs Liu happily laughed at the sight.

“You little brat. You better be grateful for your brother-in-law. If he didn’t show up in time, this mess would have cost you your life!” Liu Qingshan was not holding onto his punches.

Liu Minghao vigorously nodded. “I’m aware of that now…”

He seemed to ultimately bear his eyes over the truth as he wholeheartedly accepted his father’s point of view while radiating a sense of gratitude towards Yang Chen.

Nonetheless, what left him most emotional was the gifted virtue of benevolence from his father.

Liu Qingshan seemed to be reading his mind as he added, “Don’t you find it peculiar that I haven’t scolded you or raised my voice for what you’ve done?”

“I was thinking about it…” Liu Minghao stutteringly replied.

“Back then I yelled and lectured you because I never saw you as a mature man. But right now, I can see that you’ve finally grown up. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from your brother-in-law. But I was certain that when a boy goes through his journey to manhood, he will seek to make the right choices.”

Liu Minghao’s pupils soaked in tears as they came rolling down his cheeks before he sympathetically nodded.

Yang Chen lovingly patted him on the back. “Go take a warm shower and change into clean clothes. Look at you, you’re weeping like a little girl.”

All of a sudden, Liu Minghao fell onto the wooden floor and kowtowed before Liu Qingshan!

He then rose as abrupt as he went down before marching towards the stairs.

After Liu Minghao made his swift exit, Liu Mingyu couldn’t help but ask, “Hubby, how did you get Hao to grow so much as a person in one day? I was half-expecting a temper tantrum.”

He quickly noticed that the casual inquiry had drawn the attraction of both elders, as he contemplated ever so slightly before he explained himself. “Nothing much. I made him pick up a gun, point it right at Gao Yu, the young master of the Giant Whale Society, and told him to blow that bastard’s head up.”

“What?!” Liu Qingshan howled, nearly jumping out of the couch from shock.

Yang Chen shrugged as he casually narrated the entire flow of events, but deliberately left out the fact that Liu Minghao was poisoned. He was sure that it was an unnecessary scare for the Liu family if they were to find out.

Liu Qingshan followed his narration closely, before he mumbled, “You sure are a brash young fellow. The Giant Whale Society is notorious for its allegiances with many international arms dealers and underground societies. Their influence spans across several nations. Many are willing to support the society to seek revenge in hopes of a great reward.

Gao Yu’s father, Gao Zhong, would not let this slide so easily. If and when he decides to strike back, our society will have to be ready.”

Yang Chen however unamusingly brushed it off as usual as he declared, “I know what I’m doing. I’ll send reinforcements to back y’all up, I assure you. As for the outreach of the Giant Whale Society, we’ll just have to wait and see what they do. If ten people show up, I can guarantee you ten dead bodies. If a million people show up, I will guarantee you a million dead bodies.”

“Wow, bold claims from a young man. You have my admiration!” Liu Qingshan broke out into laughter.

Mrs Liu voiced in vain, “All you guys deal with are dead bodies day in day out. Is one moment of peace too much to ask for?”

“That’s where you’re wrong. There are many things in this world which cannot be avoided simply by running away.”

Yang Chen nodded in unison. Ain’t that the truth! Back then my only goal was to be a decent mutton-skewer chef. Who would have thought that this was my destiny? he thought.

Liu Mingyu wasn’t too concerned with the big talk. After all, she knew exactly what Yang Chen was capable of. She then affectionately pointed out, “It’s getting pretty late. It’s about three-thirty in the morning now. Shouldn’t you be heading home?”

Yang Chen relatively cracked a cunning grin as he wrapped his arm around her cotton soft waist and gave a loving pinch. “It’s only a few hours till dawn, I guess I’ll just have to sleepover at your place. Babe, where’s your room?”

Right before her parents, Yang Chen’s actions were a secret no more!

Liu Mingyu’s face sank deep from embarrassment as she felt her ears burn. “You… keep your hands to yourself. Mom and Dad are watching.”

“So what? It just proves how intimate we are as a couple.” Yang Chen was upfront with his motives.

Mrs Liu chuckled lovingly as she declared, “Mingyu, stop acting like you’re new to these things. Take Yang Chen upstairs, it’s been a long night.”

Liu Qingshan, on the other hand, was not having any of it. Watching his beloved daughter’s heart get taken away by another man right before his eyes was not something any father would like to have witnessed. He sneered as he turned his head away.

Liu Mingyu had chills ran through her spine as she hovered into Yang Chen’s embrace.

“It’s… on the west side of the second floor…”

Yang Chen couldn’t wait any longer as he scooped up his lover, who was now red as a tomato, as he excitedly ran towards the indicated direction.