My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 846

Chapter 846 For My Own Good


Although Liu Mingyu did not usually stay here because she had her own apartment, her mother still had her room cleaned out in the event she did stay the night.

Yang Chen ran straight into the bathroom to clear off the bloodstains from his body. Hygiene was still more important than his earthly urges.

Liu Mingyu walked in and her eyes widened in shock. “Why did you bring me along if you were going to shower?”

“That’s why I call you silly. This is a great opportunity for us to shower together.”

Yang Chen took off her clothes as he explained it to her. He placed her into the bathtub and joined her after filling it up a little.

The bathtub wasn’t big enough so he sat Liu Mingyu on his lap. Their bodies were very close because of their positions.

Liu Mingyu’s smooth skin appeared silky under the white light.

She could feel the warmth from Yang Chen’s body, especially the bulge that was stroking her inner thighs.

“You’re so mean. Aren’t you tired from driving and doing all that stuff? I’m sleepy you know,” Liu Mingyu grumbled.

Yang Chen was caressing her slim waist with one hand and cupping her busty chest with the other. He pinched her nipples as he teased her.

Unknowingly, something wet started flowing out from between her legs…

“Tsk tsk, dear Mingyu, the water’s gonna turn cold if you keep this up,” teased Yang Chen.

Liu Mingyu puffed her cheeks and turned around. “Hurry up and do it, stop talking nonsense!”

“Hmm, you’re getting hasty. We haven’t done it in a while so you must be feeling dry, right?” Yang Chen poked her cheeks.

Liu Mingyu wriggled around, rubbing Yang Chen’s body. Their body temperature rose with the water.

“You’re always bullying me. It’s getting more itchy…If you’re not gonna move, I’ll get it myself!” Liu Mingyu pouted.

Although she had been tired and stressed the last few hours, all of it seemed to melt away as arousal took over.

Yang Chen stopped teasing her and pushed in when he found the entrance…

Liu Mingyu’s body felt much better, probably because she had been training her body according to Yang Chen’s guidance.

Yang Chen felt at that moment that everything was right with the world and he sighed with contentment.

Liu Mingyu moaned lightly. She felt as though she was melting under his blazing passion.

They enjoyed their lovemaking session in the water for almost an hour.

Liu Mingyu was starting to feel tired from her multiple orgasms, but it was much better compared to before.

She melted into Yang Chen’s chest. “Hubby, my body feels so much stronger now after training for a while.”

Yang Chen caressed her smooth back with one hand and the other hand was playing with her chest.

“You have to keep it up. I’ll be teaching you guys the art of cultivation in two months. Trust me, it’ll get much faster then,” Yang Chen said leisurely.

Yang Chen regretted not having a more formal education about cultivation. Back then, he had been unaware that virgin women could practise cultivation much faster than those who were not. He was the culprit for all of his lovers on this aspect. Now his only option would be letting them train harder.

Liu Mingyu asked, “But running every day is so boring. Is there any other way that’s faster?”

Yang Chen giggled. “Running trains your body as a whole. If you want, you could get some equipment to isolate your training. If you can maintain a high-intensity work out every single day for a month, I believe it would be sufficient. Or you could get some electronic devices like a media player to distract you from your running. The most important thing for you to train is your stamina. This would help in your cultivation.”

Liu Mingyu beamed. “Oh yeah. Hubby, Why don’t you go with me to the mall and choose some sports equipment for me?”

Yang Chen was startled at her request. “Today? You’re skipping work?”

“Boss Lin wouldn’t fire me for missing one day. Plus, there aren’t any important meetings for me to attend today. Also, you haven’t been spending time with me,” Liu Mingyu said sadly.

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly. “Why don’t you just ask for a day off? I ditched Ruoxi at the ball for your brother. I’ll go back when she’s not angry anymore.”

Liu Mingyu stuck her tongue out and chuckled. “I feel bad for her but I’m happy that you did. What should I do? Am I too mean?”

“You ladies only seem generous but are actually very mindful of everything. You think I wouldn’t notice?” Yang Chen laughed.

Liu Mingyu glared at him but didn’t rebut.

They laid back down on the comfy bed after drying themselves.

They decided to sleep since the mall would only be open after nine o’clock.

Liu Mingyu leaned in his arms and asked softly, “Hubby, can I ask you something…”

“Sure,” Yang Chen replied softly.

“Hao’s mother, my stepmother… Was she really… killed by my father?”

Yang Chen remained silent for a while before saying, “No, she died from an illness.”


Yang Chen opened his eyes slightly and looked at her. “Babe, why did you believe me so easily?”

Liu Mingyu smiled, drawing circles on his chest. “Because if you tell me it’s right, it must be right. I’ll believe whatever you say. It doesn’t matter what you say or how she died. I believe that everything you say is for my own good and that’s enough for me.”

Yang Chen took a deep breath and smiled. “Has anyone told you before that you’re very cute?”

Liu Mingyu contemplated for a while. “I don’t think so, I look mature right?”

“Then now you do, you’re really cute.” Yang Chen rubbed her shoulders.

Liu Mingyu pouted. “Alright, let’s sleep.”

“I don’t want to sleep anymore,” Yang Chen said abruptly.


“I want to fight 300 more rounds with the cute Miss Liu Mingyu again…”

“You… Ahh!”

Yang Chen flipped her over and straddled her again!

He penetrated her easily since they were both naked…

They went on and on until Yang Chen was satisfied before he laid his head down on her lap to sleep.

They only woke up when the sunlight streamed through the room.

Liu Mingyu’s body was in pain due to the intense night she had.

Her parents were already done with breakfast when they got downstairs. They left some food on the table for them.

Liu Qingshan couldn’t help but frown when he saw Yang Chen come down so late with his daughter. “Yu, you’re not going to work? Why did you come down so late?”

Liu Mingyu blushed. “I’m not going today, I’m going out with Yang Chen later.”

Her mom was excited and dragged her to a corner, whispering to her, “Yu, you didn’t use any protection, did you?”

“Ah?” Liu Mingyu was confused.

“Eh, you silly child, did you use birth control?” Her mom asked in curiosity.

Liu Mingyu was embarrassed at her mother’s words. “Mom, why are you asking?”

“What?” Her mom said nonchalantly. “Don’t use protection. You’re not young anymore, so there’s nothing wrong with having a kid. Plus, I heard from your dad that you might not have a wedding with Yang Chen so what’s wrong with getting pregnant early? We could take care of your kid for you so we wouldn’t be so bored at home.”

Liu Mingyu felt bitter, now that her mom had brought it up. She was destined to be one of Yang Chen’s lovers. She was alright with it in the beginning. But now that they were getting closer, it was starting to become more and more uncomfortable for her.