My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Dont Go In Now


“Why? Do you regret your decision?”

“No…” Liu Mingyu mumbled.

Her mom nagged, “I warned you about this before and you didn’t listen. You insisted on being with him. We might not be a normal family, but I am a woman who knows how you feel. Lucky for you, Yang Chen is a responsible man and is capable of providing and protecting you. Yu, listen to me, give birth as soon as possible. I heard that Boss Lin isn’t pregnant yet so wouldn’t you be able to one up her if you gave birth to a child first?”

Liu Mingyu sighed. She knew that due to Yang Chen’s unique physique, it was difficult for him to bear a child with normal women. It was almost impossible for her to get pregnant within the next few years. But there was no way she could let her parents know

“Mom, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Also, if you think Yang Chen would care more for me just because of a baby, he would not have married Boss Lin. I’m not sure why but I bet she holds a special place in his heart. But I also know that I hold a place in his heart since he ditched her on an event for me. And that’s good enough for me.”

Her mom agreed and patted her shoulders, nudging to have her breakfast. She was not a narrow-minded person. She would have never allowed Liu Qingshan to have a lover in Beijing if she was.

Yang Chen had been asking Liu Qingshan about the underworld and didn’t hear what the mother and daughter were talking about.

The police must have been investigating the incident due to the mess in the Giant Whale Society and the explosion on the highway.

But the police department didn’t dare to probe too deeply into the investigation as the parties involved were not ones they were willing to go toe to toe with in the near future. Plus, Liu Qingshan had ties with the media and officials so he was able to silence them.

Even if someone really found out that Yang Chen was the culprit for the mass murder, they would’ve held back from taking action from the sheer complexity of his background.

Although Yang Chen didn’t really care about his identity as a member of the Yang clan, it was undeniable that this identity came with benefits.

Yang Chen drove off towards the mall with Liu Mingyu in the new BMW X6.

Yang Chen was still contemplating on how he should explain the situation to Lin Ruoxi. He felt even more guilty for not returning home last night when he should have.

Liu Mingyu was able to discern his internal struggle. “Boss Lin is training too, right? So why don’t you get her a small gift? It’s not like you can hide from her forever.”

Yang Chen nodded in agreement.

They both walked around the aisles with sporting goods and sports equipment when they reached the retailer.

Normally, they would only go to the mall to buy clothes, so coming to the sporting goods retailer was a new experience for them.

Yang Chen walked into a shop that was selling gadgets for running. He took down an armband for mp3’s from the shelves. “This is it. Wear this when you run so you can listen to music to take you mind off things. It’s not heavy at all.”

Liu Mingyu took over and looked at it closely. She frowned as she stared at the black thing. “This is so ugly, isn’t there anything better?”

“What’s the point of using a nice one? Do you want other people to stare at you?” Yang Chen asked in displeasure.

Liu Mingyu couldn’t help but laugh. “Why would you be jealous of this? There’s no one at my apartment. Who’s gonna watch me run early in the morning?”

A shop assistant walked over to them, smiling while saying, “Madam, is everything okay?”

Liu Mingyu waved her arms hurriedly, as she said awkwardly, “Yeah…”

The shop assistant was startled and said apologetically, “I thought you guys were a couple, I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about? She’s my wife.” Yang Chen butt in and held Liu Mingyu’s hand.

Liu Mingyu looked at him in shock. When did she go from ‘lover’ to ‘wife’?

The shop assistant was confused but didn’t say anything else as she continued her job. She introduced to them some sporting equipment, including a couple colourful ones for women.

Liu Mingyu was still in a state of shock when they left the shop. She asked Yang Chen nervously. “Hubby… why did you say that? You’ll be chased out if Boss Lin found out.”

“It’s just you and me here. If you don’t tell, she wouldn’t know. I certainly wouldn’t tell her.” Yang Chen grimaced. “I know it’s being slightly mean to her but how could I be afraid to call you my wife if you always call me ‘hubby’?”

“I call you that because I think it’s sweet and that I will never have a real husband for the rest of my life.” Liu Mingyu smiled, filled with jealousy.

Yang Chen caressed her cheeks. “I know you all have given up a lot to be with me. I’ve had sleepless nights thinking about my animalistic actions. I ripped you guys off your true paths in life to make you my women. There are things that can’t be simply forgiven just by buying you guys branded things or offering protection.

“Although I can’t treat each of you guys like a real husband, I’ll do my best. If I have to be a bad person, the least I could do is prove my heart in sincere right?”

Liu Mingyu looked at him deeply as she tiptoed and pecked his lips.

“So you do have some form of self awareness. I thought I was being kidnapped and enslaved. But then there’s no one else better than you. Even the nicest of men have hurt me before. For someone who’s been hurt before, it makes sense to simply choose someone who’s strong and can protect me.”

Yang Chen’s jaw dropped. “What? Simply choose? Am… am I really that unattractive?”

“No, you’re an outstanding man other than the fact that you come with many, many lovers.” Liu Mingyu continued, “Plus your height and looks.”

Yang Chen wanted to spank her but he couldn’t, remembering his height of 176 centimeters and his ordinary looks.

[176cm in Imperial: 16 rulers]

They chatted while shopping and sat down in a restaurant for lunch after they were done.

They were planning to find somewhere else and spend time together in the afternoon but a call came from the company. Liu Mingyu’s presence was requested at the company because the public relations department had to welcome an important group of people from overseas.

Liu Mingyu felt bad but work was work. She pouted at Yang Chen asking him to send her back.

Yang Chen didn’t want to force her so he decided to tag along, bringing the stuff he had bought for Lin Ruoxi to the company.

He wanted to apologize to her in her office and explain what happened. Better here than at home with his mother and Wang Ma.

They returned to the Yu Lei International office building around two in the afternoon. Liu Mingyu ran back to the public relations department for work while Yang Chen carried the bag of sports equipment and went up to the CEO’s office.

He bumped into Zhao Hongyan who was going down when he came out of the lift.

She was finally able to put that embarrassing night behind her and move on from it.

Zhao Hongyan beamed at him, but immediately asked worriedly, “Yang Chen, are you here for Boss Lin?”

“Of course,” Yang Chen replied.

“Not for me?” Zhao Hongyan hummed.

Yang Chen was startled to hear that.

Zhao Hongyan blushed and said, “I think it’s better if you don’t go in now. Boss Lin was very upset at you last night. I don’t even dare to speak loudly. It was like standing in an ice cellar.”

Fear was evident in his eyes.