My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Youre Shameless
Chapter 9: Youre Shameless

Speak then, what is it? While speaking, Yang Chen put one of his legs on the leather seat, took off his plastic slippers, and scratched on his foot with one hand. With the hot weather it was easy to feel itchy, Yang Chen considered whether it was time to buy some ointment to rub on.

Seeing this scene, the words Lin Ruoxi was about to speak froze, subconsciously she covered her cute little nose, frowning she said, Can you not make such disgusting actions?

Yang Chen did not mind as he laughed, Hehe, when my leg is itchy I scratch it, its a matter of course, what is disgusting about it? Why forcefully endure and torment oneself?

Lin Ruoxi swore, in her entire life this was her first time seeing such a shameless person. Although she made preliminary preparation, and knew that this person was merely a peddler than sells mutton skewers, but so what? The fact that she lost her virginity to him cannot be changed, as for what comes after, she could only make the best out of her mistake

Yang Chen

Wait! Yang Chen once again stopped Lin Ruoxi from speaking.

What now? Lin Ruoxi was a little angry, on her icy face there was a light blush from the blood rising.

Somewhat embarrassed, Yang Chen said, Miss Lin, you see, you know my name, and even knew I was caught by the police, obviously you have had me investigated. But I dont even know what your name is, yet you say you want to discuss something with me, isnt this a little With that said, he greedily sized Lin Ruoxi up, and licked his lips.

Lin Ruoxi, the Ruo from ruruo(as if), the Xi from xishui(stream of water) Can we discuss now? Lin Ruoxi suddenly regretted her decision, the man in front of her eyes had an evil face, worlds different from the honest man she thought he was, but when she set her mind on something she never had a change of heart. Therefore, bracing herself, Lin Ruoxi still planned on continuing till the end.

Lin, Ruo, Xi As if Yang Chen was pondering while softly calling out a few times, he said, Not bad, this name suits you well.

My grandfather was the one who named me, but this isnt the main point, I need you to do something for me. Lin Ruoxi felt that her name felt disgusting when called out by this rogue.

Yang Chen put on his guard as he looked at Lin Ruoxi, ThatMiss Lin, you cant possibly want me to reimburse the debt of helping me pay the bail right? I dont have money, only one rotten life.

Seeing Yang Chen put on a clearly pitiful look, Lin Ruoxi felt the corniness, and was lazy to take another look at him, she turned her head away and said, Marry me.


Marry me Lin Ruoxis rosy face looked like juice could flow from it, repeating herself, her voice was low like a mosquito.

Yang Chen still suspected that he heard wrongly, very carefully he turned his ear forward, and hoarsely asked, Miss Lin, can you speak clearly, why do I find that Im hearing things

You arent hearing things. It seemed that Lin Ruoxi was determined, and returned to a cold indifferent face as she said, I said, I want you to marry me! Get married immediately!

After word after word made their way into Yang Chens ears, Yang Chen had no choice but to admit he didnt hear things, and couldnt help but smile bitterly and say, Miss Lin, this is tootoo sloppy of you isnt it? You cant say you want to marry me just because you got on the bed with me once, right? Marriage is something that concerns a persons entire lifetime, I believe you need to carefully reconsider, do not act on impulse.

This time Yang Chen did not joke with her, and instead sincerely and earnestly spoke to Lin Ruoxi, hoping that she could understand.

Yet Lin Ruoxi immediately shook her head, Im not a child, Im clear as to what Im doing. Im also not young, its about time I married, however there has not been a suitable person to choose Of course, dont think that youre the suitable person to choose. Due to various reasons, those things yesterday happened At this point, Lin Ruoxis pretty face involuntarily blushed, then she immediately followed with, I can tell you clearly, that Im a very reserved woman. Rather than be forced to marry with a man that Im unfamiliar with and loathe, why not choose you, at least I gave my first time to you.

Yang Chen deeply hummed for a moment, then with a cold smile he said, Miss Lin, I understand what you mean. The marriage you want is only for display, you need someone as a male protagonist that conforms to you. In comparison with the other candidates, I seem to be the easiest to control, right?

Hearing her plan being spoken out, Lin Ruoxi couldnt help but feel a little uneasy, but she did not deny it as she nodded and said, Yang Chen, I can guarantee, if you conform to me, 3 years later, at most 3 years, once my career is steady, we will separate. You need not carry any burden or responsibility, moreover, I will give you a large reward, much more than your mutton skewers stall in 10 lifetimes.

Miss Lin Yang Chens face looked frosty, as he playfully said, You dont seem to fully understand one thing. Although Im poor, and although Im a mutton skewers seller, that does not signify that I will be the husband of a woman I have no feelings to for money, even if its fake. You can call me a hypocrite, stupid or overestimating myself, but I as a person, dont have a hot temper but Im stubborn. I have my principles, in my dictionary, there isnt a phrase like fake marriage.

You Lin Ruoxi truly did not expect, that, a stinking man who was so trivial that he couldnt be more trivial would reject her request, even though its merely a fake marriage. Could it be that he doesnt know, in the entire Zhong Hai City how many handsome and talented men wishes to approach her, yet were all out of consideration!?

Yet Yang Chen wasnt done, he continued and said, If you really are a reserved woman, unable to accept that your chastity was seized, I sympathize with you, I feel sorry and guilt about this. If you are willing, I will earnestly woo you, until you are able to truly like me, that way, if we get married, I can accept that. As for whether I would really love you with my heart, you need not have any doubts, I believe that any ordinary man cant reject your charm. However You merely want me to be the shield for your career, feign 3 years as your husband, I, Yang Chen is unable to accept that.

Hmph, court me What are you going to rely on to court me? Your mutton skewers? Lin Ruoxi was truly angered, she was unable to make heads or tails of this mans arrogance. Since young, there hasnt been a man that had rejected her request, but unexpectedly, today an ant-like man rejected marrying her!

Yang Chen seemingly returned to his rogue-style, he made a hehe laugh and said, You see, Im so handsome, so masculine, the mutton skewers I grill are also delicious, I live a simple and arduous life, with the merits of a traditional good man. More importantly, I treat women very well, if it was my own wife, I would treat her even better

Enough! Lin Ruoxi was afraid that if she continued to listen she would walk off from the anger, 100 million! Ill buy your 3 years!

This is not a matter of money

2 years 100 million! Lin Ruoxi lowered her demands, and said while panting with rage.

As before, Yang Chen shook his head, Even if it was 10 billion it wont do, this is a matter of principle.

Do you believe that since I can let you get out of the police station, I can let you enter jail for your entire life!? Lin Ruoxi eyes were red, she felt wronged in her heart as she fiercely spoke.

Yang Chen laughed out loud, Based on what? Could it be that Miss Lin wants to tell the police, that last night I raped you!? I can clearly remember that Miss Lin demanded for it many times

You I I You Lin Ruoxis spotlessly white teeth bit on her soft and tender lips, tears of feeling wronged and suffering suddenly overflowed from her eyes, Yang Chen, youre shameless!