My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 953

Chapter 953 If Anything Happens

Chapter 953 If Anything Happens

The crowd went dead silent.

Yang Chen loosen his grip and let Ning Guodong fall to the floor.

Ning Guodong, who had just escaped deaths grip, crawled towards Ning Guangyao while overwhelmed by fear.

Darkness loomed over Yang Chens eyes, feeling as though he was falling into a bottomless pit.

A bitter painful smile formed on his lips.

Lin Ruoxi, are you are you threatening me because of this piece of trash? Your own husband?!

Lin Ruoxi was riddled with guilt but she continued begging with her hoarse voice, NoII know its unfair to you. But this is the last time

Their gaze met each other over a distance. It was as if time had stood still

Yang Chen eventually agreed. Alright, I wont kill him.

Ning Guodong and Ning Guangyao both sighed a sigh of relief whereas Lin Ruoxi covered her mouth out of grief and guilt.

But at this moment, Yang Chens gaze hardened and he landed a kick at Ning Guodong!


A deafening and painful cry rang across the hall!

Everyone was once again floored.

Ning Guodong had already fainted because of the pain as blood continued to seep out of his crotch.


Ning Guangyao roared, rushing forward to hold Ning Guodong. He shook him vigorously but Ning Guodong showed no reaction with his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Lin Ruoxi froze and stared at Yang Chen who was standing there with an emotionless expression.

I said I wouldnt kill him. But his actions will not go unpunished, Yang Chen said coldly and walked passed Ning Guangyao. He stopped in front of Lin Ruoxi and said, Are you staying here or are you leaving with me?

Lin Ruoxi looked up and gulped. Why

Stay or leave. Yang Chen repeated with a firm voice.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Ning Guangyao who was bawling while holding his son. She felt a pang of disappointment and tried to calm down by taking a deep breath. Seconds later, she extended her hand and held Yang Chens arm. Lets go.

Yang Chens gaze softened slightly and walked out of the door with her.

The bodyguards were wary of him but they did not dare to engage. They knew that he was fully capable of taking every one of them down in an instant.

Just when Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi walked out of the door, Ning Guangyao turned around and suddenly roared, Yang Chen! If anything happens to my son, I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth!

His eyes were red like a beast, unleashing his wrath when he realized that his only son may become sterile!

Yang Chen ignored him and returned to his car with Lin Ruoxi.

He ignited the engine and drove off home as though nothing ever happened.

Lin Ruoxi sat next to him, sneaking glances at him while clenching her dress.

Are you still mad at me? Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen replied with a short no.

You are, Lin Ruoxi said softly. Cant you just forget about this? We wont ever see them after today.

Yang Chens tone was the same. Dont dwell too much in it. No means no.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head. Youre lying. I know youre trying to hold it in. Just scold me if youre mad. I can take it.

Yang Chen stepped on the gas pedal harder and the engine roared louder.

Why should I scold you? You did nothing wrong, Yang Chen spat back.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip, staying quiet. It was best for her to remain silent for now

They returned home half an hour later and Yang Gongming was already waiting for them at the backyard.

Guo Xuehua accompanied him with Yan Sanniang and she stood up immediately when she saw that something was wrong.

Whatwhat happened? Son, whats with you and Ruoxis expression? Guo Xuehua asked weirdly.

Yang Chen forced a smile. Nothing. It was a boring party.

Yang Gongming looked at them and smiled. It looks like you two got into a fight?

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head nervously. Opening her mouth was the cause of her problems.

Old man, instead of worrying, why dont you think about how youre going to take care of the Ning clan? Ive turned Ning Guodong into a eunuch and if Im not mistaken, we are now enemies. However, I am responsible for my own actions so I will take care of any consequences which may follow.

Having said so, Yang Chen walked to his room straight without turning around.


Guo Xuehua shrieked, Yang Chen what did you do?! Theres a limit to your tantrum! Explain yourself!

She silenced herself and sat down with an awkward smile when Yang Gongming rapped his knuckles on the table.

He looked at Lin Ruoxi and asked with a grin, Ruoxi, tell me what happened.

Lin Ruoxi looked up with teary eyes.

Im sorry Grandfather, Lin Ruoxi wept. Its my faultYang Chens mad at me

Theres no point crying over spilled milk. Just tell me what happened, Yang Gongming said calmly.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and started to calm down shortly.

She then explained everything that had happened at the party.

Yang Gongming was still serene and at peace after the story. One would assume it would take the end of the world to get a reaction out of him.

Guo Xuehua started to fret in anxiousness. Father, what should we do? Ning Guangyao isnt a docile man. Hes a sleeping beast. If Ning Guodong really becomes a eunuch, then the Ning clan wont let us off easily

Guo Xuehua was aware of Ning Guangyaos true personality since she was familiar with him.

Yang Gongming hummed and told Lin Ruoxi, Ruoxi, go back to your room. Keep Yang Chen company. Let us take care of the rest.


You did nothing wrong. No one did. This is the way life works. Yang Gongming smiled.

Lin Ruoxi was startled but nodded eventually before walking to her room.

Guo Xuehua sighed after she left. Ning Guangyaos really cruel. Why wouldnt he acknowledge Ruoxi? Id be glad to have her as my daughter.

Hmph, Yang Gongming said. Would you like your own daughter to marry your own son?

Guo Xuehua smiled awkwardly. Father, I was just making an example.

Yang Gongming glanced at her and knocked on the table. I knew that Ruoxi was part of the Ning clan ages ago. Im sure the old folks in the Li clan and Tang clan know too. But it has been a well-kept secret for many years. Even if someone spilled the secret, it doesnt matter as long as Ning Guangyao refuses to acknowledge her identity. I can understand why he refuses to do so. If he admits that he has an illegitimate daughter, itll only ruin his reputation and everything he has worked hard for.

Guo Xuehua nodded. Men are trash. Is power really that important to him? Nothing will last forever. Leaders change all the time. But his blood runs in his child.

She was complaining about Yang Pojun and Ning Guangyao but then she realized Yang Gongming was displeased by her words.

FatherII wasnt talking about you. Guo Xuehua smiled out of embarrassment.

Yang Gongming sighed at her internal rant. Id rather you do charity works all around the world instead of staying at home to take care of me. Youre constantly making me mad.

Guo Xuehua cowered in embarrassment.

Yang Gongming sighed a long one. Ning Guangyao wont do anything until hes completely sure and ready. Its one of his quirks. We can only do as we much as we can since Yang Chen had already become enemies with him.

He turned around and told Yan Sanniang, Sanniang, terminate the projects that are connected to the Ning clan. Announce the news that Ill not be meeting any guests from now on.

Yan Sanniang nodded. Master, do you need me to send someone and watch over the Ning clan?

Yang Gongming waved his hands. There are only one of two possible outcomes. Either the Ning clan succumbs or they go all out. For the latter, it depends on how Yang Chen will deal with it. I can only assist the warpath he is on.

Yan Sanniang nodded slowly and her eyes glinted with anticipation.