My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 954

Chapter 954 Wet

Chapter 954

Lin Ruoxi tiptoed into the room quietly.

The room was dimly lit since Yang Chen had only turned on the bedside lamp.

His body was hidden in the darkness. He was completely still despite Lin Ruoxis entrance.

Her heart clenched and she forced a smile. Hubby, do you want me to make you a cup of tea?

Yang Chen remained motionless.

She walked softly and sat next to him. How about I run a hot water bath for you. The servants also prepared bath salts for us. A good hot bath would do you some good.

Yang Chen took a deep breath and laughed mockingly. You dont have to please me on purpose. I do this to you too. I dont need special treatment.

I Lin Ruoxi tried hard to maintain a smile. Im not doing it on purpose. Its what I should do as a wife.

Yang Chen stood up abruptly and looked down at her. What you should do? I think what you shouldve done was let me kill Ning Guodong!

Lin Ruoxi looked at him with a sombre expression. You are still mad at me.

Mad at you? No, Im mad at myself, Yang Chen said. Why did I listen to you? Ive already let him go once! Doing it again will only bring me trouble in the future and yet I still made the same stupid decision! I hate myself for being an idiot!

Yang Chen walked towards the bathroom after venting out his feelings.


The door slammed shut behind him!

Lin Ruoxi couldnt help but tremble as tears dripped down her cheeks.

After he got into the bathroom, Yang Chen took off his clothes and turned on the showerhead.

He let the water flow down his well-built body as he breathed through his mouth with his eyes closed.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt seem to ease his anger.

Just as he began to calm down slightly, Lin Ruoxi walked barefoot into the bathroom.

Her eyes were red with tear streaks as she glared at the naked man in front of her.

She couldnt care less about what he was doing and stepped into the bathtub!

Water drenched her dress and hair immediately but she ignored all of it!

Youwhat are you doing? Yang Chen was taken aback. She had never done something like this in the past

Lin Ruoxi held her gaze and questioned him with a cold voice, How could you treat me like that?

Yang Chen was puzzled at her question.What do you mean?

I begged you and tried to treat you better so that youll forgive me. Cant you be the bigger person and accept my apology?

Yang Chen looked at her. Couldnt this wait till I was done?

No! Lin Ruoxi raised her voice. Youve cheated on me more times than I can count with more women than I can remember! Still, I forgave you! Why are you being so cruel to me when all Im asking is your forgiveness?!

Im doing this for you and for our future! Cant you understand that theyre hopeless?! Yang Chen was becoming irritated again.

Thats why I said its the last time! Dont you understand?! Lin Ruoxi yelled out miserably.

Yang Chen stopped, not knowing what to say.

Lin Ruoxi reached up to pull the wet strands of hair from her face

You have a father and brother too. I know you dont acknowledge them and they arent close with you but you cant deny their existence.

Lin Ruoxi sobbed. How many times have you let them go? If they werent your father and brother, would you have given them so many chances?! Would they have had as many chances if they werent related to you?!

Yang Chen froze and became completely speechless.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him with resentment. Why should I give up on everything? I know that did me wrong but is it so wrong for me to let them go this one time?!

Yang Chens face darkened.

Lin Ruoxi laughed in a self-deprecating manner. It seems like I thought too highly of myself. Why would you want to deal with me when you have so many women waiting for you? Its already a lot to ask of you to not kill him, so how can I wish for your forgiveness? Fine, do whatever you like. Pretend I said nothing since Im not as strong as you and I need you to protect me.

Having said so, she turned around to get out of the bathtub.

But because of the water, she slipped when she was trying to get out!


Right at this moment, Yang Chen extended his arms and held her waist!

He carried her back into the bathtub and pressed her body against his.

Lin Ruoxi was frozen in shock as she was cradled in his arms.

She looked up and realized that Yang Chen was smiling at her in a weird way.

Youare you laughing at me? Lin Ruoxi tried to look unaffected.

Yang Chen looked down and smiled. I think it got bigger

Lin Ruoxi was confused at first but she blushed when she realized where he was looking at.

It turned out her dress was completely drenched from when they were quarrelling earlier.

It had stuck to her skin and was now semi-transparent, flaunting her curves even more.

Now that she was being pressed against Yang Chen, her whole body rubbed against his and her chest flattened to the side.

Lin Ruoxi hummed and looked away shyly when she felt Yang Chens erection. He had squeezed himself between her thighs and trembled under their closeness.

Why did you choose such an awkward time to walk in? What should we do now, I cant make it go down Yang Chen smirked.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip. Why should I care? Im mad at you.

Youre mad at me? Arent you the one being unreasonable? Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

Youyou ignored me! Youre bullying me! Lin Ruoxi talked back but it was a rather weak comeback since she didnt know what she was saying either.

Yang Chen didnt bother to rebut.

Ill have to take you here before our wedding if you dont leave now. Yang Chen licked his lips.


Lin Ruoxi got out of the bathtub and ran out of the bathroom when she heard that.

Yang Chen sighed in relief and smiled bitterly as he looked at his erection. Hold it in for a few more days, then Ill teach her what a man can do.