My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 958

Chapter 958 One Of My Jobs

One Of My Jobs
Hubby, why are there so many islands? Is the Forgotten Realm an archipelago?

Yang Chen walked behind her and put an arm on her shoulder. He looked down at the familiar scene and smiled. I suppose so. But we will be having our wedding at the main island.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and looked down with sparkly eyes.

As the airbus descended slowly, the view of the island became more clear.

White beaches surrounded the island with mountains of varying peaks. It was unlike anything the people on the plane have ever seen before.

Lin Ruoxi could see houses and fields across the island with roads intersecting with one another.

She could even see airships, jets, and gliders paroling in the sky.

About twenty minutes later, the airplane landed onto the runway safely.

The airport was surrounded by a white beach and had a granite path leading them to the main hall.

The moment she stepped out of the door, Lin Ruoxi could smell the sea breeze.

It was absolutely relaxing, she sighed as she bathed in the currents.

Guo Xuehua came out after her and they both stood still, mesmerized by the beauty of the scenery.

Is that avolcano?

Lin Ruoxi was able to see a volcano somewhere in the middle fo the island!

Yang Chen nodded. Thats right. The volcano has been here since the beginning but has not erupted in a couple of centuries. However, the soil surrounding this dormant volcano is extremely fertile.

Everything felt so new yet foreign to Lin Ruoxi that she didnt know where to go, though they managed to get off the airplane with Yang Chens help.

Guo Xuehua was more relaxed than her. She had no reason to worry- she was staying in her sons territory.

Near the airport were a few people who rushed over to greet the three of them when they exited.

Amongst them was Wang Ma who had arrived on an earlier flight!

She was dressed in a floral dress which made her seem younger than usual. There was even a bright flower clipped onto her hair.

Wang Ma!

Lin Ruoxi ran up to her and hugged her tightly. She missed her so much, having not seen her for so many days.

Wang Ma looked at Yang Chen and Guo Xuehua awkwardly and told Lin Ruoxi, Miss, youre finally here. The people here are very nice but I still dont feel at home.

Yulan, whats with your outfit and the flower? Are you going on a date? Guo Xuehua teased her.

Wang Ma looked at the person next to her, an old stylish man dressed in a checkered suit.

Mr Ron prepared it for me. He decided that this was more suitable for a wedding.

Now that Wang Ma had mentioned it, Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi noticed that the man leading the group was an old man called Ron.

He seemed to be in his sixties but looked every bit as energized as they were. Impressively, his posture was rigid but elegant, making it hard not to respect him at first sight.

Ron looked at Lin Ruoxi warmly and shifted his gaze to Yang Chen.

Your Majesty Pluto. Welcome back to the Forgotten Realms. Ron von Konstantin, at your service. Ron bowed down respectfully.

The rest of the group followed suit which made Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi stand there awkwardly.

Yang Chen was used to it and said casually, Thats enough Ron, I wont increase your pay no matter how many times you bow down to me.

Lin Ruoxi wanted to kick him for his rudeness.

Ron smiled in satisfaction. Your Majesty Pluto seems to be happier. I am pleased with this change.

Yang Chen walked forward and patted his shoulder. He introduced him to Lin Ruoxi and Guo Xuehua. This is the leader of the Konstantin clan in Italy, Ron von Konstantin. His ancestor is Caesar from the Roman Empire. Then again, who knows how many descendants he had, but Ron is his true descendant.

Lin Ruoxi mumbled Rons name and thought it sounded familiar. Linking it with the fact that he prepared clothes for Wang Ma, Lin Ruoxis eyes beamed in realization. She covered her mouth and gasped, Are youare you the fashion designer, Ron?!

Ron nodded gently. Its my pleasure meeting you, Madam Persephone. A fashion designer is one of my many jobs. I have also been graciously tasked with preparing your wedding dress.

Lin Ruoxi was thrilled to hear the word wedding dress but soon retracted into her shy form. Im part of the fashion industry and Ive only heard of your name but never seen you since you hardly attend fashion shows. I am a big fan of your Bohemian designs.

Ron was delighted. Its my honour to receive your compliment.

Lin Ruoxi thought of something else immediately and pouted at Yang Chen. I remember the last request made when you entered the company was related to Master Rons Bohemian dress! So thats why you were the only one who got the dress?!

Yang Chen almost forgot about it until she mentioned it. He burst into laughter and said, Out of all the people you couldve chosen, you picked my personal fashion designer. Most of my clothes were designed by him.

Lin Ruoxi rather annoyed to realise shed been cheated.

But then again it was all in the past so she didnt bother to dwell over it. Rons words piqued her interest. Master Ron, you said its one of your jobs, do you design other stuff too?

Ron smiled bashfully and glanced at Yang Chen, wondering if he should answer the question.

Yang Chen nodded. Go ahead, its fine.

Ron nodded and answered her, Ill be honest with you, Madam Persephone. My clan is the leader of the Italian mafias

Lin Ruoxi froze when she heard that.

This gentleman is a mafia!? Can a mafia boss also be a fashion designer!?

Yang Chen thought her expression was quite hilarious. Not only is he the leader for the mafia, but hes also the honorary life president for the Mafia Alliance in Sicily.

It was as if a bomb had detonated in Lin Ruoxis head.

Ron took this time to quickly interject. Thats all in the past. It was through Your Majesty Plutos help that I was able to obtain that position in the first place. If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt have been here today. Its all in the past, right now Im just an old butler in the Forgotten Realms.

Yang Chen patted his shoulder in exasperation. Alright, my old friend. Lets get in the car. We have kept the others waiting long enough.