My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Only Thing I Can Do For You

Chapter 963 Only Thing I Can Do For You
Yang Chens voice cracked as he was overwhelmed by his emotions.

Lin Ruoxi pretended not to hear him. She rubbed her eyes and smiled at the tombstone. Oh one more thing, I wont let him forget you. Ill let him visit you whenever he wants to. Butthisll be the last time I come. I will accompany him to the bottom of the mountain and wait for him to return.

Her words were swallowed and drowned by the rushing wind.

Having said that, she bowed at the tombstone lightly and told Yang Chen, Lets go. We can go down now.

Yang Chen let out a deep breath and nodded. Subconsciously, he reached out to hold her hand but stopped when he was reminded of what she had said earlier.

Lin Ruoxi ignored it and continued walking down the mountain.

The sun was setting and the sunset glow showered the mountains in orange.

They reached the bottom and was about to reach their car when Yang Chen yelled out loudly!


He turned and pulled Lin Ruoxi into his arms!

Lin Ruoxi gasped, surprised by his sudden actions.

Yang Chen spun her around continuously and placed her down as she became dizzy.

Before she could say anything, Yang Chen pecked her three times on her lips!

Ew! Lin Ruoxi wiped her mouth. It tastes like seafood from lunch! What are you doing?!

Yang Chen guffawed. Youre so cute. Why is my wife so cute? Did you take a degree in Being a cute woman?

What are you talking about? Why the sudden change in your mood? Lin Ruoxi was getting a headache.

Yang Chen blinked. Why, too big of a difference?

What do you think? Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. You were so serious just a second ago. Also, if you really love me, why keep all your other women? Dont you feel sorry for me? Be honest, you were lying right?

Hey I can be serious too, Yang Chen tittered. Besides, isnt this old news. Of course, I feel sorry for you

Then why do you

But I cant just betray them, Yang Chen grinned. They will always want to be with me albeit never being official. Plus, they have given up so much just to be by my side. You might call me a Casanova and shameless, but it doesnt matter, not everything has to be rational. These things have and always will be ruled by emotions. As I said earlier, fate brought us together to be husband and wife. You just need to enjoy the wedding tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your life. Even if you want to throw a tantrum over them, at least do it after the wedding. You can hit me and scold me but you cant divorce me. Its a waste of money to remarry

Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth in anger and glared at him. No wonder none of them wanted to attend the wedding. I bet they didnt want to be pissed off by you.

Yang Chen ignored her thinly veiled shot at him. Anyhow, lets go back to Rons place first. Its almost dark. You can go rest with Mom and Wang Ma after dinner and Ill go over tomorrows procedure. Ill have them take care of tonights sleeping arrangement. As for our specially renovated wedding room, Ill show it to you tomorrow after our wedding.

Wedding room?

Silly woman. Isnt it obvious for us to have one?

Youyoure the silly one!

Now that things had been settled, Yang Chen pushed her into the car and drove back.