My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Impressed

Sunlight streamed through the clouds and made the island glow.

Seagulls flew above the rumbling sea waves, over the grass-covered field.

Normally, the villagers would be seen playing in the meadows or relaxing in the sun.

But not today.

The field was decorated with colorful tropical flowers, forming various festive designs.

Amongst the decoration was a long aisle with white lilies by its side.

It led to a stage which was well equipped with multiple speakers and microphones.

Indigenous people and villagers gathered around the field in anticipation of the big event.

They chatted along as they carried the chairs and flower baskets. Some of them even carried wineries with them for the after-party.

A Caucasian woman stood in the middle of the field, dressed in a simple pink dress with her long amber hair styled up. She was busy ordering people around in several different languages prepping for the wedding.

She was its sole organizer after all.

That woman was Jane.

Move these tables over there. Not too close else it would be difficult to move around. Not too close to the flowers, you might ruin them. Bring more pia colada. Dont just bring fruit wines, some people dont drink it

Jane was the only one who could take control of everything. She had a good sense of style and was fluent in multiple languages.

Next to her was a plump woman dressed in red, who was playing with a guinea pig.

This guinea pig was well-liked by the villagers. Kids especially enjoyed playing with pets like this.

But this woman was actually making a conversation with the guinea pig!

She poked its belly and said, Little piggy, why is your tummy so round? What did you eat in the morning? You didnt eat? So you got it from your parentsyour chest and butt are the same as Catherine. Jane made me come early but I dont know the first thing about planning a wedding. Ive only gotten married once and it was a royal wedding. I didnt have to plan it. Sighbut I cant ignore Little Jane. I had to come here even though I have to skip breakfast. Little Jane almost stopped talking to me the last time I tried to set her up with someoneLittle piggy, dont you think Catherine is so pitiful

Jane tried to ignore her words but it was getting too much for her!

Catherine! Go and eat if you want to! Stop mumbling nonsense over there!

Jane put down her microphone and voiced her frustration while wiping the sweat on her forehead.

Catherine stood up and tried to console her. How could I eat when Little Jane hasnt even eaten a single bite yet

How many times have I told you! Dont call me that! Jane was about to lose her mind.

Jane was rational and level headed in most things. But when it came to her mother, one word was all it took for her to completely lose her mind!

Catherine pouted shyly. But I like it, it sounds cute

Cant you see that Im busy? Jane was exasperated. Im begging you, Ill even call you Queenplease find Edward and have him play with you. Dont bother me anymore!

Catherine was still pouting at her words. Whatwhy are you spending so much effort on planning a wedding for a man you like when hes marrying someone else

Jane was surprised at first but realized that her mother just felt bad for her.

Her heart warmed at that thought but she still felt helpless seeing how her mother was constantly losing her grip on reality. You would never know what she was thinking.

No matter how smart she was, she could never understand her mother.

That man is Yang Chen. Jane smiled bitterly. Hes the man who gave us everything we have. Besides, he came to me personally and asked me to plan his wedding. I couldnt say no to him.

Catherine walked forwards and cupped her cheeks.

She kissed her forehead and said, Baby, do you want Mommy to seduce him during his consummation.

Jane rolled her eyes. She was completely out of touch from reality.

She pinched her breasts and said, Go away and change into something more conservative. Miss Lin is beautiful but you cant take away all the spotlight.

Come on Little Jane, just say so if you want to drink my milk. No wonder you drank so little when you were young, you didnt have enough right?

Shut up! Go away! Jane almost cried.

Alright, alrightIll go now. Catherine tugged on her dress. She blew a kiss to her before skipping off to find her maid.

Jane rubbed her forehead in relief now that her mother was finally gone. Seconds later, she picked up the microphone and continued to give out commands.

About an hour later, the wedding decorations were finally done according to royal standards.

The whole field was filled with a glamorous vibe and yet it didnt overshadow the view of nature. It would have definitely looked mesmerizing from above.

Later on, Ron stepped onto the stage as the emcee and announced the start of the wedding.

Since it was Yang Chens wedding, the man who owned and protected the archipelago, all the residents were present to witness it.

Those who were the closest to Yang Chen, like Guo Xuehua, Sauron and Makedon sat in the first row.

Catherine changed into a pink dress similar to the one Jane had on.

Behind Sauron and Makedon was ZERO and the core members of Sea Eagle. Whereas the ones seated behind Edward were followers of Yang Chen, the financial oligarchs and representatives of the noble family.

In the outside world, they were all obnoxious and arrogant people but they had to restrict themselves here.

After all, the groom was the reason why they could act so obnoxious and arrogant.

Ron nodded pleasingly when he saw that most of the guests were here. He spoke into the microphone. Now, please focus, everyone. Your Majesty Pluto has requested to emcee his own wedding

Having said so, Ron clapped his hands and walked off stage.

Everyone was confused. Emcee his own wedding?

But somehow, Yang Chen was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, someone shouted, Look up!

Only then everyone looked up and their jaw dropped.

Yang Chen was falling off the sky while smiling brightly! He was dressed in a sleek suit with a red bow tie and his hair was actually styled neatly for once.

But he wasnt falling with a parachute.

There was red rope tied to his waist and it was attached to a huge helium balloon with a heart shape and letters that wrote LOVE!

It was specifically designed for this one time use!

Shockingly, Yang Chen seemed especially proud of his entrance, waving to the crowd around him.

The audience didnt know how to react to such an outrageous act like this one.

Catherine whispered to Jane, Little Jane, Mommys glad youre not the one whos marrying this weird man

Jane didnt rebut her claims. Instead, she shook her head in pity for the bride

Guo Xuehua covered her face and mumbled under her breath, I saw nothingI saw nothing

Yang Chen saw their reaction and assumed they were all impressed with him.

He untied the balloons from his waist and landed onto the stage.

He made his way to the microphone and cleared his throat before speaking. Firstly, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming. I can tell from your eyes that youre all impressed by my special and amazing entrance

The crowd went dead silent.