My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 970

Chapter 970 Wedding Night

Yang Chens heart fell. Li Dun joked around quite a bit, but he knew his boundaries.

He would never call him for help unless he was in grave danger!


Yang Chen wasnt going to beat around the bush!

Im in the woods near Tianming lake, east of Beijing! Damn it! I cant talk anymore! Find me yourselfah!

The call ended abruptly and the last thing he heard was Li Duns roar!

Yang Chen almost crushed his phone in the process!

What was going on?!

He wasnt that familiar with Beijing which meant that he had to find the lake himself?

But he knew that Li Dun was in a life or death situation.

Yang Chen glanced at the door.

He clenched his teeth and opened the door. Ruoxi, I have to go back to Beijing to save Li Dun! Ill apologize to you when Im back!

Yang Chen didnt wait any longer and disappeared right away. He didnt even give Lin Ruoxi a second glance.

Lin Ruoxi thought he was here to console her. Even if it was not resolved, it would have at least allowed her to rest easy tonight.

She didnt expect him to disappear again!

Lin Ruoxi couldnt care less about what he was going to do. Her mind was a mess and him leaving her alone did not alleviate the situation!

She never expected her wedding night to end like this!

Slowly, her gaze turned ice-cold once more

On the other hand, Yang Chen didnt have time to think. He was already occupied by the thought of finding Li Dun.
Based on his cultivation now, he couldnt teleport there yet, but it wasnt impossible to go back to Beijing from the Mediterranean Sea.

However, now that he no longer suppressed his cultivation, Yang Chen immediately felt a surge of energy rising from within.

Although it wasnt strong enough to cause a bolt of heavenly lightning, it still scared him to think about it!

Yang Chen had no choice but to suppress his cultivation slightly. He wouldnt want to die before saving Li Dun!

Now that he had learned about the existence of mystical artifacts, he started to believe in Christens words. The ancient cultivators did rely on mystical artifacts to survive against the heavenly tribulations.

It meant that those who surpassed the three stages of heavenly tribulations must have had extraordinary artifacts in their possession!

He couldnt possibly survive the second stage heavenly tribulation, the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning without aid.

No matter how talented he was, Yang Chen knew that even he had limits!

He didnt think he would survive the second time out of luck. The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture might have saved him the first time, but he couldnt always count on it to pull through!

Yang Chens mind was preoccupied with these thoughts and by the time he snapped out of it, he was already above Beijing!

The buildings and roads looked like toys from above.

Yang Chen looked at the lakes located in the east and chose to land on the one that was nearer to the city!

Because of the time difference, it was still morning in Beijing which made the search easier. It wasnt crowded since it was located in the suburban area.

Yang Chen stayed hidden out of plain sight while using his divine sense to search the area. He kept looking around for signs that led to Tianming lake, mumbling as he did so. Li Dun, you better be alive

At the same time in the woods east of Tianming lake, a fight was taking place!

Li Dun had torn his eye patch off and his uniform was completely soaked in blood.

Blood was oozing out of his wounds but he did not seem to care. His eyes were fierce like a tiger who had lost its mind!

Next to him was Tang Xin who was covered in dirt. Her eyes were swollen and her body was trembling. She stood behind Li Dun, hiding from her assailants.

Tang Xin was holding onto her stomach with one hand and the other hand was on her bleeding right calf. She was injured too!

Weirdly enough, her stomach seemed especially bloated!

Five muscular men circled them. They were dressed like normal people, but their gaze was filled with bloodlust and excitement.

All of them were injured but it only seemed to fuel their rage and bloodlust!

Li Dun gripped his fists tightly. True Qi wrapped around his body and his demeanor looked especially threatening!

But it didnt scare them off.

Instead, they launched an attack together, hoping to take him down!

Their reflexes were so fast it couldnt be considered human!


Li Duns faced all of them head-on!

His True Qi might be powerful, but it hardly affected those five men!

They cornered Li Dun after a round of unyielding attacks!

Under normal circumstances, Li Dun could have escaped on his own. He might not have been able to face them off but he could very well escape on his own.

But he couldnt leave Tang Xin and run off!

Just then, a scrawny man twisted his body by an unimaginable angle and managed to land a kick on Li Duns stomach!

They were as strong as Li Dun, perhaps even better!

But as of now, Li Duns True Qi was weakening. He couldnt hold it any longer!


Li Dun coughed out blood and flew backward. He rolled on the ground a few times, clouds of dust flew.

Li Dun!

Tang Xin yelped, worrying about his safety. Tears formed in her eyes.

But Li Dun didnt have time to respond!

Two of the men charged at Tang Xin once again!

Li Dun quickly threw himself at them!


His roar was filled with anger and firm resolute!

He threw his head at one of the mans chest and hugged him. With a twist, Li Dun managed to land a kick on another mans chest!

He immediately wrapped his legs around his neck!

Go to hell!

One of the men rushed forward and elbowed him when he saw Li Dun was about to break his partners neck!

Ugh, Li Dun groaned.

Li Dun spat out another mouthful of blood. He was experiencing a fate worse than death itself!

He lost all the strength in his legs and rolled down to the floor!

At the same time, the man who was in his grasp raised his legs again!

Li Dun flew back like a broken kite and he landed on a tree!
Li Dun cowered under the tree while blood was profusely spilling out of his wounds.

Tang Xins face turned pale. She quickly crawled over to him to see how he was doing.

Tears flowed down her cheeks and it stained her face further because of the dirt on her face.

Li Dun! Li Dunare you okayplease dont diehow could you be so silly.I told you to leave me here!

Li Dun widened his eyes, he tried to smile but it looked worse due to the excessive bleeding. Xin Erdontdont be afraidIIll protect you.

At the end of the sentence, he summoned another surge of True Qi and forced himself to stand up. He strained his muscles and pulled Tang Xin behind him. He was protecting her as if his life depended on her existence!