My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 973

Chapter 973 You Are Not A Woman

Chapter 973 You Are Not A Woman

Cai Yuncheng sounded calm as ever. His passive temperament made him seem like an unlikely candidate for a general.

The traps Id placed according to your orders have yielded results. Though analysis took some time, we have definitive proof.

Those around them couldnt understand their conversation, except for Li Moshen.

Yang Chens eyes lit up. Were my assumptions in line with it?

Almost identical.

In that case, lets proceed. Yang Chen motioned them to move.

However, Mo Feng was displeased. Deputy Prime Minister Li is here, what makes you the leader?

Yang Chen glanced over at the tall slender man. He contemplated for a while and said, Youre Zeng Xinlins cousin right? I remember meeting you in Zhonghai once. Youre still here?

Youyou should still respect your elders even if youre from the Yang clan! Mo Fengs face was flushed with anger.

The Zeng clan had fallen apart ever since Yang Chen killed Zeng Xinlin mercilessly.

Mo Feng wasnt affected since he was a member of the Group of Eight. But not having familial support made things more difficult for him.

Even though Cai Ning was the one who killed Zeng Mao, he still blamed it all on Yang Chen.

Under normal circumstances, he would never have dared to approach Yang Chen like this. But now that Li Moshen was present, he wouldnt miss the chance to humiliate him.

However, Mo Feng was only a fighter, so his mind wasnt really bright.

Cai Yuncheng and Li Moshen frowned at his words. They were here to solve an issue yet this idiot took it as an opportunity to humiliate Yang Chen.

Was he asking for death?

Just as they predicted, Yang Chen scanned him up and down before throwing a kick towards his chest!

Mo Feng couldnt have seen it coming since his skills were considered average amongst the other members of the Group of Eight.

With a loud crashing sound, Mo Feng flew in the sky like a black projectile and landed against a large tree!

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Yang Chen really did as he wished around here!

Cai Yuncheng shook his head while frowning and ordered two guards to carry Mo Feng to the hospital to treat his wounds.

Yang Chen only inflicted internal bleeding in Mo Fengs body. After all, he still had to be mindful of his father-in-laws feelings.

I absolutely despise people who assume I need the support of the Yang Clan. Looks like I have to play an advertisement on television, with a line that says I own the Yang Clan, but the Yang Clan does not own me.

Yang Chen made a face and turned around to continue his way into the Tang mansion.

The servants avoided them. None of them remembered to greet them.

Cai Yuncheng glanced over at Cai Ning who was standing next to him. Ning Er, why do you even like him? I dont see any likeable qualities in him.

Cai Ning pursed her lips and smiled. Dad, youre not a woman.

Cai Yuncheng shook his head helplessly before making his way into the Tang mansion with his subordinates.

The members of the Tang clan were prepared to face them.

Once they walked near a pavilion, they could see the core members standing inside it. Except for those who were overseas, most of them rushed back to deal with Tang Xins case.

Tang Zhechen sat in a wheelchair since he wasnt feeling well and the person pushing his wheelchair was Tang Wan who had rushed back here from Zhonghai.

Her face was filled with worry, unable to hide her fatigue on her beautiful face.

She immediately looked at Yang Chen with a questioning gaze when she saw him coming in with Tang Xin along with the Li and Cai clan members.

Tang Zhechen was more familiar with Li Moshen than Cai Yuncheng. He exchanged pleasantries with Li Moshen before greeting Cai Yuncheng.

May I know the reason for your visit? Tang Zhechen asked with a calm face.

Li Moshen chuckled. Old Tang, Im here for the case. Weve got a lead for the poisoning case. General Cai and I came together since he participated in the investigation too.

We discussed this matter with Yang Chen before and we had tried to trace the culprit down. The results are out so were here to crack the case, Cai Yuncheng said.

The members of the Tang clan immediately directed their gaze towards Tang Xin who was standing beside Li Dun.

Hmph. A middle-aged man said in disdain, What else is there to talk about? Weve already found the poison in Tang Xins room. She is the only one who had the opportunity to do so, it must be her!

This whore, shes even pregnant with some guys baby now. I bet shes involved with shady people too! Someone added on.

Tang Xins eyes reddened at their accusation. She shook her head and denied it. It wasnt meit really wasnt me.

But her pleas flew over their heads and out the window. They were dead set on her as the culprit.

Being filled with sorrow, she looked towards her father who was standing behind Tang Zhechen with despair.

But her father just sighed and avoided her gaze.

Tang Xin paled at her fathers reaction.

Tang Wan cut them off sternly. Keep quiet, all of you! How can you be so sure Xin Ers the culprit? The head of Li and Cai clan are here to crack the case so wait till the truth is out before making any more comments.

Tang Xin almost cried when she heard that Tang Wan was defending her.

Honestly, if Tang Wan hadnt informed Li Dun about her predicament, she wouldve been suffering in jail.

Li Dun was upset to hear their accusations, but his father stopped him before he did anything rash.

Yang Chen, werent you having a wedding overseas? Why are you back so soon? Tang Zhechen asked with a smiley face.

Yang Chen looked at the Tang clan members who were showing different kinds of facial expressions. It wasnt by choice that I had to end my night early. Li Dun and Tang Xin were almost killed earlier tonight and I am here to catch the culprit.

What?! They almost got killed?!

Everyone else was shocked, even Li Moshen and Cai Yuncheng had just known of this incident.

What happened exactly, tell us all about it, Li Dun. Li Moshen ordered.

Li Dun quickly regaled their near-death experience just moments ago before their arrival. He jumped past Yang Chens arrival since he didnt know how to explain it.

Heh. Li Moshen laughed mockingly with a dark expression. Li Dun is the only heir to our clan and he was almost killed by those five monsters. It looks like my trip here today was not entirely wasted. Those who were involved with this incident have to pay the price!

Li Dun cheered on. Thats absolutely right old man! It wouldve sucked to die in the woods before getting married and having kids!

No one asked for your opinion! Li Yunpeng scolded him.

Li Dun pouted and moved away whilst still sticking close to Tang Xin.

Miss Tang Xin was accused as the culprit and somehow, someone tried to kill both of them. Im sure theres more to this incident, Cai Yuncheng said. Id like you guys to calm down and listen to the results of our investigation before putting all the blame on Miss Tang Xin.

Tang Huang who had been quiet this whole time spoke up. General Cai, why dont you just tell us who the culprit is.

As one of the heirs to the Tang clan, Tang Huang spoke on behalf of Tang Zhechen who wasnt feeling well.

Cai Yuncheng nodded and said, Do you guys remember the cameras we set up around the mansion to catch any potential spies and traitors to the clan?

Of course, we do. The security cameras are still here! But there are no security cameras in the room, so we wouldnt know it even if she bought the poison from outside and hid it in her room! Someone pointed out.

Cai Yuncheng smiled lightly. Although we did tell you guys where we will be placing the security cameras, there were a couple of other places that we installed them without prior notice

The Tang clan members facial expression changed at his words.

What do you mean?! Even if the Li and Cai clan are powerful, this doesnt give you the right to do that in our house without our consent! Are you trying to pry into our personal family matters?! Someone started yelling.

Yang Chen grinned, finally speaking up after a bout of silence. I was the one who requested it.