My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Dont Bother

"Its too late. I have achieved what I have set out to do, albeit not exactly according to plan. It doesnt matter if you arrest me now, though I highly doubt you would be able to anyway," Tang Zhechen sneered while speaking.

Yang Chen let go of Tang Wan and walked towards Tang Zhechen with a faint smile. "I admit that I misjudged your involvement in this incident. Despite really wanting to kill you now, I am amazed by your bravery. I never suspected that you were in on it because you really were poisoned when we met. I never wouldve imagined that you would put your life at risk for my blood."

"Oh, you guessed it?" Tang Zhechen relaxed his face slightly, feeling kind of proud of himself.

Cai Yuncheng and those who knew about it were surprised. "Yang Chen, are you saying that he provided your genes to Yan Buwen so that he could perform his experiments?!"

Yang Chen nodded. "I was quite puzzled about how he managed to obtain my blood. Not many people could harm me given my abilities. Even if they did obtain it, storing it securely would be another issue entirely. So, it wouldve been impossible to obtain my blood. Ive thought about it and the only time Ive ever given my blood freely was when I treated my women. But they would never betray me. Now I understand. You must have listened to Yan Buwen and decided to take advantage of my relationship with Tang Wan. You found an opportunity to poison yourself and let it worsen over time."

"When the time came, you wouldnt lose your sanity completely, but you would still look unstable. You acted crazy and came to Zhonghai in hopes that I would treat you with my blood. Unfortunately, you assumed wrongly. Your condition wasnt as critical as what Tang Wan had said since you tried to keep sane in order to steal my blood. Therefore, Tang Wan hired Professor Andrea to treat you. When you realized I wasnt coming, you hired someone to murder Professor Andrea. Obviously, Yan Buwen sent them over, leaving you free of liability. After Professor Andreas death, I came but did not dare treat you. So, I asked Jane to help me and you wanted to kill her. But you failed since you didnt know that I arranged Chinin elites from Yamata Sect to protect her."

Tang Zhechen clapped his hands. "Youre right, I didnt think you would let Princess Jane treat me in Zhonghai. I couldnt attempt an assassination because of her identity. But I could tell you cared about Xiaowan a lot, seeing how you didnt dare to treat me rashly."

Everyone was taken aback to hear how relaxed he sounded.

"Thosethose tapping devices and the mess in our clanwas it" Tang Xin couldnt bear to continue her sentence.

Yang Chen sighed. "Thats right, the tapping devices, assassins, and the mess, it was all a diversion to cover up his tracks. I remembered that Tang Wan told me everyone hoped for her and Tang Huang to fight over the inheritance when old man Tang was sick. But it looks like it was just their assumptions. I dont think Tang Huang is an irrational person. I doubt the Tang clan would suffer much even if they did fight over the inheritance. So, I figured things wouldnt be that easy, but I did not know that it was all a diversion."

"Does it mean that I was poisoned in order for him to get your blood?" Tang Wan had already calmed down. Her eyes were still red when she asked that question.

Yang Chens heart wrenched when he looked at her. He nodded and said, "Thats right. He learned from his past mistake and injected the poison into your body. The dosage he used was enough to kill you within two to three days. He did this so that I wouldnt have time to wait for Jane and since my blood can be used as an antidote. If I recall correctly, you were sent for a blood test after the treatment. My blood cells were definitely still in your circulation system at that time. As long as he stored it well, it can be purified to be used in the experiments."

"I remember it now!

Tang Xin covered her mouth. "I was next to grandfather at that time. He was the one who said that she should do a blood test!"

"Hmph! What a stubborn child." Tang Zhechen sneered, "Xin Er, even though youre not the culprit, I know everything about your relationship with Yan Buwen. I bet the Li and Cai clan, including Yang Chen, knew about it too. You think youll be fine just because Im the real culprit?"

Tang Xins face fell. Her lips trembled, unable to utter a single word.

"Oh yeah, I might as well tell you another thing while were at it." Tang Zhechen spoke slowly, "You cant blame me for sending the assassins over to kill you. Blame the child growing in you. Its Yan Buwens after all."

"Yan Buwens child?!"

His words stirred up the clan members, especially Tang Xins father who widened his eyes in shock.

Tang Xin held her belly and she stiffened up nervously.

"Yan Buwen must have told you long ago that he didnt want the baby. Your existence is no longer needed now that youre pregnant. So, I seized the opportunity and tried to send you to jail. If youre lucky, you might still survive after an abortion. Its a bummer Xiaowan called Li Dun to take you away. But it makes things easier since Ill have a better reason to have everyone here. I was going to keep this act up but having it out in the open isnt too bad either. We can end it once and for all!"


Tang Wan shrieked, "How can you talk to Xin Er like this! She has been taking care of you all these years! Shes your granddaughter! Why did you do this?!"

Tang Zhechens gaze sharpened. "Why?! Isnt it obvious I did this so that our clan can be the greatest clan in China?! I did this to avenge my dead son, your father!"

"Myfather?" Tang Wan mumbled.

Yang Chen frowned. He was reminded of the time when Tang Zhechen mentioned Tang Wans father when he was still mentally ill. Her father was called Tang Lun and was Tang Zhechens favorite son. He lost his mind because of mental illness and committed suicide after killing Tang Wans mother.

Was there more to the story than he let on?

The pain of the past was evident on Tang Zhechens face. "My Lun Er, he was so young. He wouldnt have died so early if it wasnt because of the so-called protectors of China!"

Yang Chens heart dropped. "You mean Hongmeng?!"

Tang Zhechen glanced at him. "I dont have anything to say to you. Now that Ive been exposed, I have no way out anymore. Only one of us can get out of here alive!"

"I dont care how and why your son died. You have no reason to escape from the crimes that youve committed," Li Moshen said.