My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Shield

Yan Buwens sudden appearance shocked everyone in the vicinity. They all subconsciously took a few steps back from the pure viciousness he radiated. Yang Chen was surprised at his sudden appearance as well. He had only noticed Yan Buwen after looking up!

What did he do to himself with Gods stone?! How on earth did he manage to conceal his presence so well?!

"Yan Buwen, you have finally come. And here I thought you would stay a coward for the rest of your life. You will pay for your sins today!"

Cai Yuncheng raised his hands and the special fighters from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade started to close in on him.

Yan Buwen snorted. "Yellow Flame Iron Brigade? Did you really think you could defeat me? Youd better think twice before going into this suicide mission."

"Death is inevitable in a war."

Yang Chen chuckled, seeing how righteous Cai Yuncheng looked. "Alright, Father-in-law, you should stop them. His powers are far greater than any human so theres no need to sacrifice the soldiers. We have to think about their family members too."

Li Moshen was amused. "You still have the time to be considerate?"

Yang Chen sighed. "I get it now, old man Tang must have talked to this crazy bastard beforehand. They had planned out this entire meeting."

"Bingo, you guessed it correctly." Yan Buwen cackled and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, a big group of buff men appeared from different parts of the mansion.

There were thirty of them and ten of them were holding some kind of silver bazooka.

The fact that they were even dressed in servants outfits showed that this was a planned ambush!

"Damn it! They cant all be modified with Yang Chens genes right?!" Li Dun grimaced.

Yang Chen couldnt be bothered if they were. Right now, he had to worry about the multitude of bazookas facing him!

"Deputy Prime Minister Li, General Cai, you dont look scared. You must be calm because you assume Yang Chen would be able to handle it, right?"

Yan Buwen let out a mocking smile. "Ill give it to you straight. All of you will die here with Yang Chen today. My plan for today was to kill him once and for all!"

"You said you wanted to kill me last time, but you ran away didnt you?" Yang Chen chuckled.

"But I was able to injure you." Anger flashed across his eyes. "You must be curious to know what I did with Gods stone, to the point that I can harm you. Dont worry, Ive unlocked its true potential! Ill be using a power thats ten to a hundred times greater than the previous one!"

Yang Chen glanced at the silver bazooka. "Did you really think you can hit me with those silver scraps?"

"No, Im not that dumb to do that." Yan Buwen snapped his finger again.

The next thing they saw was a flashing silver light on the bazooka which was held by one of the men on the balcony!


With a deafening boom, something silver shot out of the bazooka and went through some of the servants bodies!

They were shocked at first but after being shot by the beam, their body started to dry up and twist around. Finally, their body disintegrated rapidly until there were only clothes left.

The silver beam went through them and landed on the ground. It dug past the soil and rock layers, forming a deep hole in the ground!

Yang Chen widened his eyes at the familiarity of this energy!

Yan Buwen used it to hurt him last time but he managed to suppress it with Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy since his cultivation was much higher than Yan Buwen.

But somehow, he was able to compress it well enough to make it a weapon!

If these bazookas were fired towards anyone, they wouldnt survive unless they avoided it in time!

Cai Yuncheng and others started to realize the danger. They didnt expect Yan Buwen to show up now, let alone an ambush.

Tang Zhechen was furious. "Yan Buwen! You can test your weapon but dont use it on my people! There are so many enemies here to fire at instead!"

"Alright, old man. Those three were too unlucky to be nearby," Yan Buwen replied nonchalantly before facing Yang Chen. "What do you think? Beautiful isnt it?"

"Lunatic" Tang Wan looked at the clothes and she couldnt stop herself from cursing at him. "Youre a heartless lunatic! A madman!"

Yan Buwen frowned. "Hey, Miss Tang. I heard youre Yang Chens lover too. What do you think Yang Chen would do if I made them shoot you"

"Thats enough!" Tang Zhechen was enraged. "Were supposed to annihilate them, dont you dare scare my granddaughter!"

Tang Wan shrieked at his defensiveness towards her. "Grandfather, why are you working with this lunatic if you want to protect us!?"

Tang Zhechen snorted. "I only want the people who can benefit my clan."

"Alright, Im getting impatient." Yan Buwen looked around him and grinned when he saw Cai Ning. "Isnt this Miss Cai, interesting"

At the end of his sentence, the bazookas aimed towards her and fired!

Yang Chens heart fell. "Ning Er! Be careful!"

The moment Cai Ning jumped up to avoid the beam, four silver beams flew past her original position!

Two of them went through the agents brought by Cai Yuncheng, and just like the three servants, they too dried up and disintegrated!

"Hahahaha! Ive forgotten that Miss Cai is skilled. Perhaps I should pick a new target, say, your father?"

It was like he had controlled his men with his mind. Just by saying that, four more men raised their bazookas, prepared to shoot at Cai Yuncheng!

Yang Chen knew that he would definitely die and was about to rush over when he felt a surge of True Yuan coming downwards!

Just when four silver beams were shot out of the bazooka, a bronze shield formed right in front of Cai Yuncheng! Gold lights sparkled and odd-looking runes twisted into existence in front of him.