My Youth Began With Him Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Fame Comes With Trouble 8

Chapter 648 Fame Comes with Trouble (8)

“Ah you pervert.” Huo Mian screamed out in fear.

This was too much; they haven’t slept together in days and jumped right into it in such a stimulating way as soon as Mr. Qin returned.

Were they going to do it in the shower?

Qin Chu was truly too impatient because he knew that Mian’s period was coming soon.

So he had to hurry up and get a taste of her this time, to satisfy his cravings

Luckily, they occupied the top floor, so it had good soundproofing. Therefore, he didn’t have to worry about neighbors hearing Huo Mian’s alluring moans.

The truth was, Huo Mian was a little embarrassed, but she was actually quite happy to go along with Mr. Qin.

Apparently, sex happens when there’s love, and once you really loved someone, you couldn’t help but feel the urge to possess them.

There were no exceptions, male or female

The warm water blew onto the ceramic tiles, and dense fog rose up

Their bodies intertwined together, gracefully and gently

Everytime Qin Chu kissed her and embraced her, Huo Mian felt that her mind was going blank

She couldn’t think of anything else and followed along to his rhythms. She enjoyed this, and searched for the peak of her happiness

Huo Mian was shy, so even when she enjoyed the pleasure with great joy, she only bit onto her lips and moaned quietly

She would never scream out loud

However, this restrained embarrassment increased Qin Chu’s addiction and fascination for her

He never seemed to get enough of her

In the end, they were both exhausted and out of breath

The two of them lied on the wide bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms

Tonight was another beautiful night

Ever since the accident happened in T City, Huo Mian hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep

It was because she kept thinking about Qin Chu, and she found it hard to sleep alone.

Now that Qin Chu came back, he held her in his arms as she greedily took in the unique scent of his masculine pheromones.

She was filled with happiness

The truth was, Huo Mian was someone who was extremely insecure. She often wondered if she deserved such a happy life. But whenever she lied beside Qin Chu, her insecurities would completely melt away.

She was already in deep sleep

However one of her hands still tightly held onto Qin Chu’s hand

Qin Chu’s palm already began to sweat, because Huo Mian held him too tightly

However, he didn’t want to let go, because he knew that she was insecure

Qin Chu quietly held his beloved wife, as he then slowly fell asleep as well.

After Huo Mian got off work the next day, she directly drove to GK.

Then she got into Qin Chu’s Maybach and arrived at the television station. GK’s stylist picked out her outfit and did her makeup.

She didn’t look flashy but had a low-key but luxurious look, which just happened to match both their personalities.

“Honey, should we rehearse?”

“We don’t need to.”

“Then what if I say something wrong?” Huo Mian had never appeared on such an important show, so she was quite nervous.

She wasn’t even this scared when various media outlets interviewed her when she came first place in her high school entrance exams.

“Don’t be scared, you have me.” Qin Chu tightly held onto Huo Mian’s hand in encouragement.

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded.

Just then, the television station staff walked into the VIP waiting room.

“President Qin, Mrs. Qin, we’re ready to begin.”


Qin Chu stood up. He held Huo Mian’s hand as they slowly walked out towards the studio

To get the best effects for the show, there were several hundred people present in the studio.

Huo Mian and Qin Chu were both wearing casual suits; Qin Chu’s was black, and Huo Mian’s was white.

Both were luxuriously custom-made in Italy and were simplistic yet graceful

Huo Mian’s hair was held up in a bun, which was rare, but it gave her a very intelligent and experienced look

She had on nude makeup, and with it, she looked extremely gorgeous.

Her aura was no weaker than Qin Chu’s as she stood beside him, and they looked like a very compatible couple

“Next, let us give our warmest welcome to today’s guest, Mr. Qin Chu, president of GK, and his wife, Huo Mian.”

Then claps filled the space

Qin Chu held Huo Mian’s hand as they walked into the studio, facing the audience

The Legend Column was broadcasted every Sunday at noon, and because of the amazing time slot, viewership was extremely high.

It was live broadcasted across the country

– Inside the president’s office at Imperial Star –

The 60 inch LCD TV simultaneously broadcasted the show live

Huo Mian’s breathtaking appearance surprised both of them

“President Su lunch is ready now.”

“Wait.” Su Yu waved his hands and sent off the secretary. Then, he went straight back to staring at the TV.