My Youth Began With Him Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Worst Fear Came True 2

Most people only cared about how high you flew, yet not many cared whether you were tired or not

Huo Mian was grateful that Su Yu cared.

“I’m great.”

“Don’t worry about all this. If you can withstand defamation, you’ll be able to withstand compliments.”

Was Su Yu quotingChicken Soup for the Soul?

Huo Mian smiled

“Don’t worry, I have a great state of mind. I knew that this might happen when our relationship went public.”

“What Qin Chu did seems really brainless. Isn’t it better to keep your marriage a secret? By announcing it, he’s basically asking for people to hate on you.”

Su Yu didn’t understand why Qin Chu would do what he did; did he love Huo Mian or was he trying to push her off a cliff?

If he wanted to protect her, then he shouldn’t have announced their marriage. Why would he broadcast it?

“It’s good that it’s out in the open, we won’t be able to keep it a secret forever I walked the red carpet the day GK Film and Television initiated, and the media have all been looking into it. I’d rather admit it first than let the others expose us.”

“Okay, if you need anything, remember to let me know.”


Then, their conversation ended

Huo Mian copied and pasted what she said on Weibo to her WeChat friend circle.

Zhu Lingling immediately liked her post

“I support you forever, my beautiful bestie.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Qin are pros at making single people feel bad. Haha, that’s all you guys do.” Gao Ran continued teasing them.

“Sis I support you, you can do it.” Zhixin commented.

“Senior Sister you can do it, you’re the best! Mua!”

“You can do it, Head Nurse”

“Head Nurse, we love you”

“Our head nurse is the best in the universe”

Below were comments from the nurses at South Side

Just then, she saw another comment

“Sister Mian remember that no matter how you live, we only have one purpose, and that is to follow our hearts and live with no regrets. Oh, and screw the people and screw the gossip. F**k them all, do what you want to.”

This was Ni Yang’s comment

That depressed superstar actually swore for the first time

The good thing was, only Huo Mian could see his comment

“I’m fine, don’t worry. I, Huo Mian, am an unkillable cockroach,” Huo Mian commented.

After Qin Chu finished with work and came out from the study, he received a phone call

“President Qin, I found that person’s IP. It was at an old residential area in the north of town, but when we got there, whoever it was had already ran away. I think they were well prepared.”

“Okay, keep looking for the IP. If you can’t find this person, try to find whoever’s commanding the online netizen army”

Then, Qin Chu made some calls to a few influential media outlets.

They all issued articles that helped straighten out Huo Mian’s reputation

However, at this moment, something else pushed this incident back into high waters

Mrs. Qin accepted an exclusive interview with a small newspaper outlet

She announced that Huo Mian wasn’t an ideal daughter-in-law and said that she didn’t think their marriage would last. She also claimed that her son was just temporarily out of his mind and would never admit that Huo Mian was a part of the Qin Family.

Her interview caused yet another giant ripple

What Mrs. Qin said was extremely hurtful; after all, she held high esteem and status.

Qin Chu’s face turned green with anger when he saw this exclusive interview

He immediately called his mother, but her phone was off

So, he called the Qin Manor

The housekeeper picked up the phone

“Young Master”

“Where’s my mom? Put her on.”

“She isn’t home. She went out and isn’t back yet.”

What about my dad?”

“He’s upstairs.”

“Put him on.” Qin Chu tried hard to suppress his anger.

His mother causing trouble for him at a critical time like this completely infuriated him

He was not about to let Huo Mian endure even a little bit of grievance

“Dad what’s going on with my mom?”

“I think she was provoked that you announced your marriage. She kept saying how it was a slap on her face, and that she couldn’t explain herself to the other rich mistresses.”

“Where is she?”

“She went out and isn’t back yet.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Then, Qin Chu hung up the phone

Wei Liao and the others quickly saw this exclusive interview, and said, “Mrs. Qin has really slapped her son on the face. I can’t believe she would act out this coupe de gras. This is really troubling for Huo Mian.”

Her mother-in-law’s unwillingness to accept Huo Mian caused her status within the Qin Family to drop to an all-time low

“Su Yu what do you think about this?” Wei Liao glanced at Su Yu.