My Youth Began With Him Chapter 665

Chapter 665 The Means Of A Calculating Btch 5

“Stop wasting time, okay? Are we drinking or not?” Jiang Xiaowei glared at Wei Liao.

“It’s not a problem, I don’t care since I’m not going to lose anyway.” Wei Liao had drunk his way through thick and thin; when he was in his early teens, he and Su Yu already began stealing their parents’ alcohol to drink. He was invincible in the face of alcohol. One kilogram of baijiu was nothing to him.

Two grams was what, just six or seven glasses?

Plus, Jiang Xiaowei had already drunk so much, so she was bound to crash soon.

Although he wasn’t actually going to do anything to Jiang Xiaowei he still wanted to subdue her arrogance.

Since Jiang Xiaowei was a woman who already had too much to drink, Wei Liao announced that he would drink two glasses for every glass she drank.

Jiang Xiaowei was a straightforward person; she instantly picked up a glass of baijiu and downed it

Then, she waved the empty glass in her hand, as if she were provoking him

Wei Liao didn’t hesitate either and immediately drank two glasses.

Su Yu took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. He clapped for Wei Liao then, he picked up the lighter on the table and lit up his cigarette

He might’ve been sitting close to Huo Mian, so the cigarettes smoke floated her way

Huo Mian’s throat tickled, and she began to cough

At her third cough, Su Yu quietly pulled out the cigarette from his mouth, threw it on the ground, and smeared it with his foot.

Wei Liao looked at Su Yu as he attentively acted as Huo Mian’s knight in shining armor, a faint smile appearing on his face

Then, Jiang Xiaowei picked up another glass of baijiu and drank it all

Wei Liao immediately followed suit with two glasses

The battle was getting fiercer

Huo Mian was worried about Jiang Xiaowei’s health; she pulled on her wrist and said quietly, “You can’t drink anymore. I know them, they won’t actually make you do anything.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian confidently.

Then, she picked up the third glass of baijiu and downed it.

Wei Liao wasn’t feeling so hot; no one could stand drinking baijiu like that.

Plus, he had been drinking double that of Jiang Xiaowei.

After a moment of hesitation, he drank two more glasses of baijiu

Jiang Xiaowei had three glasses, while Wei Liao had six

Six glasses of baijiu wasn’t a lot, but they were all back-to-back shots and therefore really strong.

The alcohol shot up to his brain, and Wei Liao immediately felt a little dizzy

He thought that 3 glasses of baijiu were more than enough to knock Jiang Xiaowei out

But to his surprise, Jiang Xiaowei picked up a fourth glass and drank it all

Wei Liao swallowed and felt the taste of alcohol creeping up his throat.

However, he suppressed his nausea and drank two more glasses. The truth was, he was close to throwing up by the time he downed the second glass.

However, he was a man who needed to save face. Therefore, he couldn’t help but fight the urge to vomit

Su Yu realized that Wei Liao had reached his limit, but Jiang Xiaowei was almost done too.

Her face was red, and her breath reeked of alcohol

Even so, Jiang Xiaowei was still unwilling to back down and slowly picked up the fifth glass She then drank it down while everyone stared at her.

Huo Mian didn’t even have the heart to look at her anymore

Wei Liao watched her as she drank that last glass and immediately stood up. “Hey, I admit defeat. Tell me, do you want me to start on the first floor or the top floor?”

Wei Liao had obviously given up

If he kept drinking, not only would he throw up, he would also be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning

He would rather run in his underwear than risk his life

Jiang Xiaowei smiled proudly. “Whatever you like, as long as you’re wearing nothing but your underwear.”