My Youth Began With Him Chapter 684

Chapter 684 High Iq Kills 5

“What’s with you?” Tang Chuan opened his mouth wide as he looked at Wei Liao.

Even though Wei Liao was never an expert at picking up girls amongst the three of them he never failed, not even once.

He finally came across someone he liked, but now he was forced to attend her engagement party?

“What is with this?” Wei Liao helplessly laughed.

“Uhm have you two slept together yet?” asked Tang Chuan.


“What then I frown upon you.” Tang Chuan thought that girl was a sure thing that managed to run off.

That day at Seductive Fox, they

However, she getting engaged What was worse, she hadn’t even slept with Wei Liao.

“Maybe we’re not meant to be” Wei Liao actually still had bits of feelings for Jiang Xiaowei.

However she didn’t share the same thoughts.

Plus, she was about to be engaged, and the fiancee-to-be was a seemingly perfect match, so he shouldn’t intervene.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. You’ve to learn from our Mr. Su his target is already married, but he still won’t give up.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Su Yu asked innocently.

He was truly put on the spot

“No, what I meant to say was that Mr. Wei just so happens to find a decent, unfussy, un-scheming, and un-self-righteous girl, and we all thought that his time has come I’m just shocked that things ended before they even started.”

Tang Chuan felt unfair for Wei Liao

“I can’t do anything about it It’s my fault for meeting her one step too late.” Wei Liao shrugged.

At this topic, Su Yu became depressed again

“So what if we’re a step late? Since we have met, then that’s meant to be I think otherwise. I won’t pester Huo Mian, but I refuse to give up” Su Yu said with resolve.

“Look at Mr. Su, then look at you”

Tang Chuan looked at Wei Liao with disdain.

Wei Liao only chuckled

His wasn’t as short-tempered, as straightforward as Su Yu

Even though he felt bad that he missed his chance with Jiang Xiaowei it wasn’t something he couldn’t accept.

After all, he hadn’t had much contact with her

So he didn’t feel too bad, just a bit of regret

– The next morning –

Qin Chu woke up fairly early to have breakfast with Huo Mian.

Even though it was the weekend, because of the preparations for GK’s thirty-year-anniversary party, Qin Chu had to work overtime at the office.

Huo Mian originally wanted to go with him, but sadly, the Huo Corporation was holding a board of directors meeting as well, so she had to go there first.

“Honey come back early today.”

“What’s in it for me?” laughed Qin Chu.

“There’s definitely something in it for it I’ve already prepared a leather whip and candles at home for your return,” Huo Mian joked.

Qin Chu laughed, “Okay, then I’ll come back early today, and please you until you beg for mercy.”

After breakfast, Qin Chu drove off

Huo Mian also headed to the Huo Corporation

Halfway along, Qin Chu received a call, “President Qin, I found the IP that was used to slander the young madam. It was from a woman named He Man.”

“Okay, do you know what to do?” Qin Chu asked coldly.

“I do but.” The person on the other end seemed to want to say something but stopped.

‘Go on.”

“But something already happened to that woman, and she’s currently hospitalized. She was just in a car accident yesterday and broke a leg they said that the driver responsible fled the scene, and the security cameras around the scene were tampered with I think that she might’ve offended other people, so what should we do now? Should we directly?” The person on the other end stopped once again, but his intentions were very clear.