My Youth Began With Him Chapter 685

Chapter 685 High Iq Kills 6

Qin Chu was silent for three seconds

“Not for the time being, just watch over her. If you find that she’s still defaming Huo Mian then ruin her.”

“Yes, President Qin.”

Qin Chu felt relieved upon hanging up the phone

Over these past few days, he had been searching for the person who defamed Huo Mian by posting that thread.

‘Huo Mian’s Ten Sins’, combined with his mother’s words, was very cruel to Huo Mian.

The slanderous talk was terrible but luckily Huo Mian was quite open-minded about this, or else she might have become depressed from all the gossip.

Qin Chu didn’t know who He Man was

He also couldn’t remember what grudges she had with Huo Mian

However, he only cared about one thing: he would never forgive those who harmed Huo Mian, no matter who it was.

Huo Mian received a WeChat message from Huang Yue on her way to the Huo Corporation

“Senior Sister good news, it turns out that even God himself couldn’t bear to see that scum, He Man anymore.”

“What happened?” Huo Mian put on her earphones and directly called Huang Yue.

“She was in a car accident last night, it was awful. The car crushed one of her legs she’s now receiving emergency operation at our hospital, and the driver responsible already ran off. The police couldn’t do anything about it, and she had to pay for medical expenses herself. I heard that her father came from their hometown in the suburbs; they even sold their old house, but they still didn’t have enough money That sugar daddy of hers completely ignored her when he saw that she broke her leg. However, Ning Zhiyuan visited her a few times, I think he left her with some money before he left.”

“I see,” Huo Mian said faintly…

“God is truly watching over us, He Man is such a despicable woman none of the nurses here want to take care of her, and her parents had to take turns, along with some relatives from her hometown. She had it coming.”

“Okay, I know.”

Huo Mian suddenly thought of something when she hung up the phone

When she went to visit Wu Xiaoxue a while back, the latter said that she wasn’t going to easily let her off the hook

Could this accident have anything to do with Wu Xiaoxue?

When Wu Xiaoxue got into that car accident, the driver also ran off, and she almost miscarried.

Now the exact same thing happened to He Man, was it really God’s will?

Of course not, Huo Mian believed that this accident was a purposeful orchestration

However, she didn’t think that Wu Xiaoxue did anything wrong

Call it an eye for an eye

She arrived at the Huo Corporation ten minutes left before the meeting.

Huo Mian originally wanted to wait inside the conference room

However, she saw Huo Yanyan come in

“During the meeting, remember to help my brother out Today, we’re making a decision to appoint him as the vice president We, including my dad, want to gradually strip Huo Siqian of his powers. You should know what to do, right?”

“I don’t need you to teach me what to do,” Huo Mian lowered her head and played the game on her cell phone.

“Huo Mian did you think that you can do anything you want, just because Qin Chu is around to support you?” Huo Yanyan walked towards Huo Mian as she loudly interrogated her.

“Yes with Qin Chu’s support, I feel like the entire world is under my feet. Do you have a problem with that? Is there anything wrong with that? You would do the same if you can. Don’t you like Su Yu? Then go for him, why are you wasting your breath here with me? What kind of tactic is that?”

Upon hearing what Huo Mian said, Huo Yanyan was so pissed that her face turned pale

“I really want to rip that filthy mouth of yours off Dad told me not to degrade myself to the same level as a bastard child like you. I won’t talk to you anymore, let’s just wait and see.” Huo Yanyan really wanted to throw a tantrum, but this was the conference room, and the board of directors meeting was beginning in ten minutes, so she didn’t dare to do anything too inappropriate.

Shortly afterward, people gradually walked in. There were a dozen or so director members, along with Huo Zhenghai, Shen Jiani, Huo Siyi, and Huo Yanyan.

Huo Siqian was the last to come in

After he sat down in the middle, he began to look around

Finally, his eyes landed on Huo Mian’s face

“Little Sister Mian, your lipstick color sure is beautiful.” He smiled.

All the board members were thrown off by what he said What strategy was President Huo using this time…