My Youth Began With Him Chapter 687

Chapter 687 High Iq Kills 8

Huo Mian laughed upon hearing what he said

“How could you blame the innocent? I wasn’t helping him I was helping you indirectly After all, you were the one who silently allowed him to become the vice president.”

“Oh? When did I silently allow that?” Huo Siqian continued to smile with uncertain depth.

“Did you think I didn’t know that aside from the old man, his wife, and his children, everyone else on the board of directors was on your side? He received ten approvals, but I don’t think it’s what they wanted, so it could only mean that you wanted things this way. You allowed Huo Siyi to become the vice president, so how could you blame me? I was also only going with the flow”

“Whoa, whoa you’re really something. What a smart girl No wonder you wanted to be the last to vote, you were watching the others’ reactions. What if my people disagreed, then what would you do?”

“Are you dumb? If your people disagreed, then it would be pointless for me to agree. After all, majority wins, and I don’t plan to burn bridges with them just yet It’s not time yet, but I do like to help my enemy’s enemy so helping you out wasn’t too bad this time”

Huo Mian saw through Huo Siqian’s intentions and even did Huo Zhenghai a favor

Huo Mian even made Shen Jiani and the others think that she was on their side

However, what was the truth? She already knew that the board of directors meeting was only a gimmick.

Huo Siqian implicitly allowed Huo Siyi to become the vice president, which could only mean that he was about to deal with him.

Sometimes the higher one flies, the more painful it would be once they fell

Not everyone understood this…

The old man might still think that the board of directors still cared about his authority and reputation.

He never realized that Huo Siqian had already gained control over the entire company

So, the Huo Family was doomed to fail No, only that old man’s side was doomed.

The four of them were no match against Huo Siqian

Jiang Hong raised a ferocious wolf over these years

However, Huo Zhenghai always saw him as a weak lamb

Huo Mian even felt a bit bad for those who couldn’t see through the situation

“Fine Mian you’re too smart I like you too much.” Huo Siqian’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Huo Mian really thought of everything, and it wasn’t like the mentality a 24-year-old girl should have.

“But I don’t like you. If you want to take action, then hurry up That way, I won’t have to” Huo Mian reminded impolitely.

“Don’t you worry he won’t be happy for long If God wants you dead, he’ll make you go mad first Let that dumb Huo Siyi parade around for a few days, and once the time comes haha his happy days will be over Do you know what my favorite game as a child was? Every time I caught a bug, I wouldn’t immediately kill it by stepping on it Instead, I would torture it to death, bit by bit because I realized that the process of torturing someone filled me with great joy”

“That’s because you’re all weird and twisted”

“This society is a mess, I’m not the only one who’s twisted. Everyone has twisted thoughts in their heads, they just won’t admit to them.”

“Fine, then that’s your problem, but we’re only fighting a common enemy Remember that I will never be your ally, and you won’t be able to use me Once this all ends, I will immediately leave Huo Corporation, and I won’t take a cent from you.”

Huo Mian walked out right after she spoke

“Mian, you’re welcome to come home whenever you’re free” Huo Siqian added.

“That won’t happen again.” Huo Mian then walked out without looking back

If she wasn’t desperate to help Qin Chu last time, she would never make a deal with the devil, Huo Siqian.

Even though she stayed the night at their house and nothing terrible happened, but

Huo Mian still felt unsafe as well as hints of unease.

It felt like a bad sign that couldn’t be put into words

“Mian let’s grab food together, I booked a restaurant to celebrate for Huo Siyi.” Huo Zhenghai stopped Huo Mian in the lobby.

“No thanks, I’ve got stuff to do.”

“Have you arranged a meeting with Qin Chu for me yet” Huo Zhenghai hesitated and spoke.