My Youth Began With Him Chapter 694

Chapter 694 Lets Make A Little Human 5

“No, I like it here.” Then, Su Yu took a few giant steps and sat down on a small wooden table.

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan followed behind him

Qin Chu tilted his head to see Su Yu and nodded at him; he at least had to say hi.

Su Yu was also a polite man, so he nodded back at Qin Chu’s greeting

Huo Mian was laughing when she saw Su Yu sitting down on the table across from theirs. She immediately tucked away her laughter, turned around, and sat obediently by Qin Chu.

She really didn’t feel much towards Su Yu, but

Su Yu’s gaze was one that made the entire world jealous of her

Whether she cried, laughed, or caused chaos

He loved to look at everything she did, and his gaze was always filled with deep emotions

Huo Mian couldn’t stand Su Yu’s gaze and felt very pressured by it.

Therefore, most of the time she always tried to avoid looking directly at him.

Wei Liao, on the other hand, walked up to them and smiled, “Huo Mian, Jiang Xiaowei’s getting engaged tomorrow, right?”


“Okay, I got it.”

“Are you going?” Huo Mian looked at Wei Liao curiously.

“Yeah, but I’m there to steal her away don’t worry.” Wei Liao seemed to know how Gao Ran was related to the man getting engaged to Jiang Xiaowei. Therefore, he made this profound remark before heading back to his table.

He just wanted to make sure that he got the date right

“Jiang Xiaowei? Don’t tell me you guys were talking about my cousin Du Jianan’s tigress fianc.”

Gao Ran knew Jiang Xiaowei and Du Jianan; he also knew that they were getting engaged tomorrow.

He was just curious as to why Wei Liao would know Jiang Xiaowei.

The truth was, Gao Ran really didn’t like Su Yu and the others

To him, they were just money-burning playboys.

Although Gao Ran was also the son of a rich official, he put a lot of effort into getting to where he was today.

“Yeah, her”

“How did she meet Wei Liao?” Gao Ran said after taking a sip of his beer.

“I don’t know” Huo Mian didn’t want to talk too much about how they met, because that night seemed like a giant prank.

It might affect Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao’s reputations.

Gao Ran wasn’t stupid; he stopped asking upon seeing that Huo Mian didn’t want to go into any details

“Who’s Jiang Xiaowei? How is she related to you? Have you been screwing around again?” Zhu Lingling wasn’t sure what they were talking about, so she asked sourly.

Before Gao Ran had the chance to explain, Huo Mian said on purpose, “Yeah, Gao Ran’s liked her for a while now.”

“Sh*t Huo Mian you just threw your husband under the bus, and now me. You should change your name to ‘Huo Throws’.”

“Hahaha” Huo Mian couldn’t help but burst into laughter again.

Su Yu also couldn’t help but gaze at her direction

He wondered why a girl like Huo Mian would be able to laugh without a care in the world, without any disguise.

Her laughter was magical and she never cared much about maintaining her image

She was so real

No wonder Qin Chu liked her so much; he did as well

Su Yu quietly picked up the beer on his table and took a big sip

“Su Yu take it easy, the dishes haven’t even been served yet. This place has the best pig feet,” Tang Chuan ranted on with his introduction.

However, Su Yu was in no mood to listen

All of his attention was on Huo Mian

C City was so big, and he had been lucky enough to bump into her, more and more

Because Qin Chu announced who Huo Mian was, she would soon appear on many occasions as GK’s Young Madam.

Did Su Yu want chancing encounters with her under such circumstances?

Every time he saw her, she was with another man.

Every time he saw her, she would be holding that man’s hand Were they doing it just to make him miserable?

Just then, the pig trotters were served

There were too many pig feet on the plate, and one of them accidentally fell and landed right by Huo Mian burning her pinky.

“Ah” Both Qin Chu and Su Yu’s expressions changed upon hearing Huo Mian’s shriek.